Going to India; need help funding!


After traveling all 50 states, sharing our Oneness with all the Animals. I went to India to deepen my own Spirituality! I was amazed at how in a country renowned at their spirituality there could be a need for someone to share blessings, the Love of Spirit. Being there and blessing the Animals, sharing with the Children and demonstrating how compassion broadens our hearts and brings joy to the Souls, deepened my own Gratitude for Life! I have brought this back and shared it amongst the States that we have travelled back to. I will continue to do this upon my return. I know that what happens here, ripples out to the Universe, and what happens there ripples back to here. We are Oneness, and if there is suffering anywhere, it effects us all.
I am going back as my heart has called me to deepen in a 28 day silent process at a Oneness Ashram. It is after that I will spend 6 weeks at an Large Animal Ashram that mainly been set up for Cows in just the past two years. I will also spend time at a Dog Ashram that is mainly set up as a trap, neuter, release program similar to our Cat programs here in the US. This as my specialty in the Rescue work I did for 18 years. I am grateful for the opportunity to bring my two world together now! In addition to the two Animal Ashram I will be spending time in an Indian Medium School volunteering to share American stories, and of course I will talk about our Oneness with the Animals!!
Please help me help them! I know that everyone has it in their heart to volunteer and not everyone get the opportunity to go. It is through me that you can go, and I can share my experiences with you! Every little bit is extremely helpful!!
Thank you and please enjoy the holidays as I travel to be of service!!


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