16 Oct 2014

I arrive at the Rodell Middle School, near the Parag Dairy in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. I come here on a weekly basis to volunteer an hour of my time teaching to the students. My teaching comes from the book, “I Crow Speaks”. A meditative spiritual Truth book written in English with contemplative Pictures.
Each week I get to share with a different class, and this week it is with the 5-6 graders. They normally only get one class actually taught in English, so to have “guest teacher” is a real treat.
Each week I begin class with turning to a random page, and we look at the picture, and I begin telling a story. This, for me, is a practice of letting go, and turning inward to my Divine, to share a story that is simple, entertaining, and has a good spiritual moral at the conclusion.
Now, most of the students know me as the medicine woman who rides a White Motorcycle, or as I called it, an Iron Pony, and told the story of how I pray every morning to my Divine and offer a plate full of food to the Crows to guide me and protect me.
So, this week, the picture is a Horse, and as I share the story of how a woman hears a Horse calling out in the distance for help, she keeps looking for it but cannot find it. She begins to give up, and calls out to her Divine to help her. She gets quiet, and begins listening for what to do. Then, I ask them, “Do you remember the story I told you the last time about my Divine?” And one boy speaks up saying, “Cawa!!”
Just then, a Crow lands outside of the classroom and calls out, “Caw, Caw!” I say, “Yes!” and point to the door! They are all amazed! And I share, “When you communicate with Nature, Nature communicates with you! And Yes, the Crow came to the women, landed in front of her, and then began leading her to the Horse in need. Just then, tow more Crows came by the classroom, and called out to us again. Each I I acknowledged the Crows, and my Divine, the Crows called out to us. So, the moral of the story became getting quiet, and asking the help of your Divine when you cannot find something, and then listening to follow your Divine when It calls you, however, your Divine shows up for you.
I shared, as I followed the Crow flying in front of me, It led me to the Horse that was injured, and in need of assistance. The Horse in the picture is now healthy, and happy.
I am so grateful for my Divine, demonstrating perfectly with a class full of young, eager to learn, students, ready to be filled with the Awe of Nature.
MyShell Howler, RScP, OAC


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