22 Oct/Fruit Bat and Ebola

The Bat, maneuvers through the darkness without sight. The Fruit Bat, or Megabat is the largest of all Bats. It feeds on the Fruit of Life. The Natural Sweetness. Metaphysically speaking, is about transformation, using the Sweetness of Life that It ingests to fuel Itself.
Many of the illnesses that have come through the human race have been localized, or special in their transmission, targeting certain groups, or transmitted in special ways, for special reasons. Many of the disasters that have happened, are also local, though they affect all of us, in some way, they are still very local.
This particular disease, has the potential to reach us all worldwide very quickly. Crossing borders of all countries, all classes of people. This makes Ebola having the potential to be a worldwide phenomenon. The potential to create a worldwide response.
The fact that a Fruit Bat, affected a child first, the innocence of Life, and created a worldwide response makes It a very special Life Transforming call to our Oneness with all of Life. The Animals have always been a pure example of how Consciousness effects us all. The Animals have always been the message givers if we but listen to them.
The Bat, demonstrates how going through the Darkness of the Night, when One uses their Inner Hearing for the way of Truth, one can navigate into the Rising Sunrise.
The Darkness of this Illness will pull all of our resources as a World Consciousness together to remind us that loving and caring for each other, no matter the country, no matter the race, is the Sweetness of Life, the Love, we need with each other, to survive as One Planet, as One Loving, Compassionate Consciousness. This is very auspicious in a time of the Golden Age, a time of a Oneness Global Consciousness. May we all, not as separate ourselves in isolation as races, or countries, come together in our Oneness and demonstrate the Purity of our Hearts and use the Fruit in our Hearts to be Earthlings of Love in this World.
Rev MyShell Howler, RScP, OAC

One thought on “22 Oct/Fruit Bat and Ebola

  1. Thank you for expressing a phenomenon which brings such horror in a way that really gives us food for thought and reminds us of the truth of connectedness. The disease is not conscious In the usual way in which we consider the word; our responses to it can be.

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