27 Oct 2014/Animal Healing

Today, I go to a home, an endearing home, where a little Human Animal is infatuated with looking into my eyes as I hum for her. She is getting her bandage changed for her 2 and 3rd degree burn. She is a very blessed little girl that carries the energy of a Swan. I actually gifted her a little golden one……I felt the need to pick it up from my altar before I even met her.
The family was lighting fireworks, the night of the Firework Diwali. Now, I have never met her before; however, the man I have been working in Reiki Healing, Spiritual MInd Treatment, Kundalini Meditations and getting ready to attune him to Karuna Reiki has. He was actually at the home when it happened.
This is the consciousness my husband and I felt when we were on the roof of our Homestay. We had just gotten up to the roof and stepped out. The daughter of the Homestay MadamJi yells, “look out!”, just as her friends begin to light a firework.
We hop back and move to the other end of the roof.
As we do, a flashing thought comes through my mind about a little girl, a dress, a fire, and our good friend. Immediately, I dismiss the thought to my Divine and ask for all Animals to be safe.
Later, my husband shares, he had a vision of a girl’s dress going up in flames.
The next day, at breakfast, this friend comes to table and says, “I got to go, my friend’s little girl’s dress went up in flames , I have to go change her dressing.” The absolute beauty that night is, he was the Calm in the storm, all the training he had been doing, paid off in a flash…….literally.
As the family is in panic, and the little girl goes into shock, his Reiki, and healing treatments went into full gear.
He asks me to come to help with the treatments; however, he has already done an incredible job. Just after 40 hours, there is no evidence of third degree burns. Then, today, there is no evidence of second degree burn.
The even greater beauty, is the girl is playing, resting comfortably, soaking up the energy, understanding without words, and the family is now open to embracing Spiritual Energy work beyond Western Medicine.
This little Human Animal was guided, and protected (It really could/should have been a lot worse) and is being the Swan Soul to heal the entire family.
Sometimes, what appears to be a bad situation, is actually a Golden Opportunity designed in the Mind Of God to bring about a Healing which ripples out to demonstrate the Power of God in so many ways, for many years to come. Just imagine, the Magic this family has witnessed, through her, and what she will do with this in the years to come!!
MyShell Howler, RScP, OAC

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