30 Oct/Mosquito Messenger

In this wondrous world of Oneness, there seems to be One Creature that gives of Itself in a way like no other, that seems to a major pest. In the world of looking at all of Life as the gift, the Mosquito is no exception. This little flying Animal feeds so much of Life, food for so many like the Bat, the Swallow, the Hummingbird, the Flycatcher, the Nighthawk, the Frog, and the list can go on. At the same time, it seems to be the irritation that literally will take our Life Force, our Blood, and even make us ill. It is very symbolic of how we allow the irritations of other Humans and situations eat on us, and even make us ill.
As I was talking with a fellow Human that is staying at the very same Homestay I am. He shares almost every morning how the Mosquitos in his room keep him up all night feeding on him. He has several Mosquito repellent canisters going in his room, keeps the fan running all night to “blow them away”, However, he is still being pestered by them. As I converse with him, you can hear how the very irritation of the Dogs barking, the behaviors of the people irritate him, even though he tries to share, “It is just how it is.”
Now, my husband and I have only one canister going in our room with a fan as well. When I get a bite, I immediately take a conscious look at what it is I am allowing to irritate me. I come to an understanding within myself, what is truly bothering me. In doing this, I are using the Mosquito as a Messenger. In this way, the Mosquito becomes a tool for me to use for my greater growth. It allows me to be grateful for the Messenger.
If the Mosquito carries a dis-ease with It, it the not the messenger that is at fault. It is actually the avoidance of being irritated, and the fear behind the cause of the irritation that causes dis-ease. The more we resist our own irritations, the greater the ailment the messenger will bring until we realize we are the cause. However, the Human Consciousness considers irritations and disease a bad thing, so we continue to try to avoid them.
If we become like the Swallow that uses the irritations as fuel for their growth, giving them flight to be a Higher Vibration, a Higher Consciousness, then we transcend them and come to a Greater Peace. We do this by using the irritations, and the ailments to see the underlying belief of our judgments on good, bad, or otherwise.
My husband recently, was so irritated by his belief of filth, getting sick, and his judgments of his surroundings that he is now experiencing Malaria, contracted by the irritating Mosquito. Instead of condemning the Mosquito and the illness, he looked inside of himself to see how he created this dis-ease in himself. He became responsible instead of “pointing the finger” and being a victim. In doing this, he saw how he has been resisting what has been irritating him and allowing it to infect his blood, his very Life Force. As he transcended this, the illness has naturally healed Itself. This included the very resistance and irritation of needing help from his fellow companions.
We can see them as a diseased irritant that must be avoided. Let’s face it, who wants to be irritated? Which, like in this case, has actually caused even more dis-ease. Or we can see the Mosquito is actually a messenger of all that the Human Animal considers irritations, accept it as that which feeds the beauty of all Nature around us, and use them as Fuel for our growth.
As I mentioned this to our fellow houseguest, he states, “I will go into a mental furry if I looked at all of that!”; and unfortunately, that is how much of the Human Race has seen it for decades, hence the growth of Mosquito-borne illnesses.
So, the next time a Mosquito is flying around you and wants to irritate you, “Don’t kill the Messenger”, instead thank the Messenger and look inside of yourself at what you are judging and allowing to irritate you. As each one of us does this, the Mosquito will naturally begin to transcend Itself, and we will no longer be affected. Our Higher Consciousness is the Natural Repellant.
MyShell Howler, RScP, OAC

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