2 Nov/Hanuman Monkey

Hanuman, the great, powerful, protective Spirit. This Spirit is known as a bachelor, not “normal” for a woman to do; however, in my Soul, it has been coming to me to do. This “Monkey-God” has been coming to me for quite awhile, so I have embraced it. It came to me the first time I came to India as I was mesmerized by a Tribal Brass ornament, I purchased it and gifted it to a friend back in the States. The second time I came to India, I visit a Hanuman Temple. Then the Third time, I am befriended by a real Monkey who begins seeing me as his “mother”. It teaches me so much, as I am teaching and nurturing him, while doing volunteer work at an Animal Ashram.
It is time to release this Monkey, names “Spock” at a Wildlife Sanctuary, which upon our arrival, we find a Hanuman Temple. We do a ceremony for his release into the wild. This Hanuman is now in my heart forever.
As time goes on, I find myself wanting to learn this Hanuman Chant, I am gifted a Hanuman token by a “Brother”. Then the realization that I am getting ready to do a journey through India, performing Blessing ceremonies at Animals Ashrams, and children’s school is brought before me, and I must do it alone. My husband cannot come with me. So, I begin looking up this Chant, I realize the little stuffed animal I have been carrying with me since the USA, is a Monkey, and I have placed it on my Altar. I begin chanting to it, asking for protection for this journey, for the voice it carries to be mine.
Then, as if by Magic, Hanuman answers. The Brother who gifted me the Hanuman token, agrees to be my escort for the journey, he exemplifies the Hanuman Spirit, he is always been there with the right and perfect answers, a devout bachelor, and is eager to take the journey.
All the pieces fall into place, all the signs have been there. Thank you Hanuman, for you have known all along.
As I ponder how I am going to carry this man on the motorcycle with me, Hanuman reveals before me, another man who is willing to put me through the training that I am going to need.
Prayers are always answered, if we know and affirm our Good, listen and trust all the steps that are laid out before us.
It may seem odd to use Animal Energy as if it is a God; however, It is the Energy of the Spirit that we are really connecting with. It is our Own Energy, our Own God within us we are really listening to, that is guiding us on our Good and Right path. So I give my gratitude to this Divine Energy, My God, as this Hanuman for being with me, as me, in all the ways it shows Itself to me, for its journey, as me.
So, If an Animal comes to you, follow it, for the journey it takes you on, is once in a lifetime!
MyShell Howler, RScP, OAC

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