6 Nov/Dachshund Distemper

This is a belated story; however, one I feel the pulsating desire to share. This Dachshund was brought to an Animal Ashram I was volunteering at in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. It was surrendered by an owner with illness called Distemper. This disease unfortunately is very prevalent here. Many of those affected do not survive; however, this particular Ashram has a very good success rate. They give very good compassionate care, check on the Animals very frequently, giving not only what is necessary for the physical body, in all ways, they also give what is necessary for the emotional body. They are very much at service to the Animals, and the Love radiates from them all.
I have even noticed, how when they catch the Dogs for Spay/Neutering, they offer a prayer and mark their third eyes with a blessing. This means they are even connecting with the Spiritual body. They are very tender, caring, compassionate Souls………and this plays out in the Animals they receive there, as well. There are very few that are attracted here that ever get aggressive.
That includes this one, even while it was receiving treatment.
As an Animal Chaplain, going in to pray and offer healing sessions to the Animals, I noticed this particular one healed very, very quickly, just as all of them do here. Distemper is a neurological disease that quickly effects the nervous system. So what does this mean about the Human Consciousness it is mirroring? And why does this particular Animal Ashram have such a high success rate in treating?
For me, it means they are very well balanced in their understanding of their own emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies. They do not allow the beliefs of the world to effect their nerves, and create disease in their neurological thinking, that in turn, can effect their brain to function their bodies.
In being fully balanced themselves, they have the capabilities to correct any imbalance quickly and give what is properly needed right away, not only to themselves, but those around them.
This means, when we are centered and balanced within ourselves, in all of our needs, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, we have the ability to see and hear our Divine for what is needed to help those around us without getting caught up in the Dis-ease process and provide the care needed for our fellow Animals, be it human or non-human.
I challenge every Animal Ashram to provide this type of training care to their staff, so that all the Animals win, and the suffering is eradicated in such a timely and humane way. In this way, we truly can, and will end suffering.
MyShell Howler, RScP, OAC

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