One with All

“In the beginning, God” Bible

“There is One Infinite Mind which of necessity includes all that is, whether it is the intelligence of man, the life in the animal, or the invisible Presence which is God. In it we learn to have a spiritual sense of things.”  Dr. Ernest Holmes

There is only One Power, One Presence, One God. Every major religion agrees on this. God is not a person, a place, or a mountain top experience. God is the energy, the Intelligence that animates through and as all of Life. God is the perfect guidance of both the Owl and the Mouse and the experience of the catch. God is every planet, God is the Sun, and God is the experience of all of them rotating around. God is the Intelligence that is orchestrating it all.

Now, with all that being said, we can all agree on this and the beauty of feeling the Oneness. Now, what happens within you when I share that God is also the Spider, the Cockroach, the Flea or a blood-sucking Tick. God is also the hurricane, the tornado, the burglar and the drug addict.

There is only One Life, and that Life is Love, Life, and Spirit within each and every Animal, which includes the Human and non-Human Animals. God does not distinguish Itself from any living Animal whether we consider It Good, or Bad, whether we like it of dislike it or Love it or hate it.

What I ask you now is, what is it about the Animal that is making you feel uncomfortable. What I find is that is a part of yourself that you have not embraced and seen the True Beauty in. Do not get me wrong, I did not say you had to like it; however, I did say that you have not seen the beauty in it, or come to a full compassionate understanding of the demonstration of God that it is.

So, going back to the Cockroach, when I asked on lady, “What is it about the Cockroach that makes you uncomfortable. I hear, “They are dirty, and you can never seem to get rid of them” I ask her if she ever gets dirty? does she ever allow herself to get dirty? I ask her if she has embraced how resilient she truly is. Basically, I share the true Divine characteristics of the Cockroach, and asked her to take them inside of herself and become One with them.

If it is all God, and God does not exclude any part of Itself, then that is what Oneness is all about.


Please affirm with yourself: I am One with all of LIfe, I embrace all parts of myself, loving the beauty of what it demonstrates.

MyShell Howler RScP, OAC

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