Creating Dogs, Kittens and Deers

“That which you have will save you if you bring it forth from yourselves.”  The Gospel of Thomas


“There is the manner in which Nature creates-It contemplates. As a result of Its contemplation, It lets fall the seed of its thought into the Universal Subjective which being Law, produces the object thought about.”  Ernest Holmes

In the realm of Nature we live in, there are many Laws which govern us. For some, this can be overwhelming, so they choose to just live as if they are victims of these Laws. Many of us have for years, thought to ourselves.”This is just the way it is,”

It is true, it is the way it is; however, we were not created to be victims, we were created to be co-creators. All the Laws work equally no matter who we are.

We have the Law of Arithmetic, we use this Law either in a good creative way, or we can misuse it, it can be destructive. Have you ever “misused” it and found your checkbook a mess? We have a Law of Gravity, we use it every day and yet, if we misuse it, it can be destructive. The Law of electricity when used correctly is useful and if we misuse it, it is destructive. You get the idea.

There is a Law of cause and effect. Just like all Laws of Nature, we can use this Law to be a victim or a creator. It is our choice of Freewill we have been given. However, when we notice our lives are not where we want them to be, we can take a look at how we are using this Law. What are we giving the Universe to bring back to us. What are the primary thoughts, beliefs and feelings we are “dropping as seeds.”


Using an analogy of the Animals, let us say a Dog is pregnant and the seeds inside of her are growing. She has been nurturing them, feeding them, watering them, and allowing them to grow inside of her. She is ready to give birth. Will she give birth to a litter of Cats? No. Similarly, a pregnant Cat is not going to give birth to a Deer. What is placed in the Law is what is birthed

So, if you are walking around your life worrying or fearing something, what do you expect the Universe to bring to you? It is like impregnating a Dog and expecting to get Kittens.You are placing seeds of what you fear into the womb.

Our thoughts are the seeds of our life, If you do not like what you are harvesting, let us try using different thoughts, and send some different seeds into the womb, into the soil, into the Universe. It is a Law, we are using it everyday, we can choose to be creative, or destructive.


I choose to use the Creative Process wisely with thoughts of positive growth

MyShell #ICrow

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