Being Like Whale

“Affirmations are a way for the Human Animal to claim their Goodness, and feel It within their beingness.”  ICrow

“We cannot say that one thought is creative while another is not. We must say that all thought is creative, according to the nature, impulse, emotion or conviction behind the thought.” Ernest Holmes


When we speak with our voice, we are using vibrations. It is much like taking a pebble and dropping it into a pool of water. The Water creates a ripple goes out, then eventually ripples back toward us. The more we throw a pebble into the water, the more ripples that go out, and the more these ripples come back to us.

If we are standing in communion the Water, we can feel the ripples go out and come back to us. If, however, at the same time we throw a pebble into the Water, we move our body, the ripple becomes more of a Wave. If we throw our whole body into the Water, the more of a wave It creates, and the stronger the wave coming back to us.

The Water is the Creative Field, the Stone if our affirmation and movement of the Water is the emotional vibrations we feel when we think and speak our affirmation. As one can tell, the vibrations add to the waving action that will come back to us. This is how we need to speak our Truth of what it is we want to experience.

If, when we speak an affirmation of goodness and we are not feeling the goodness, then what is the vibration being sent out? It is much like tossing a stone into the water but not moving the body, or jumping in with it. The vibration is not very strong, it will ripple, but very weakly and it takes long time to come back us.

However, if we speak an affirmation of being joyous, and we feel that joy, then the vibration sent out is that of a stone and a moving body. The result becomes much stronger, and the ripple becomes a joyous wave that comes back much stronger.

Just imagine a Whale when it breeches the Ocean surface creates a huge wave that goes out. It uses Its entire body with full vitality. The stronger the breech, the stronger the wave. Be like a Whale and breech through your Consciousness to create the Wave of Life you want to come back to you.

This is how we speak our affirmations. We can choose to commune with Water, leap our entire body as the affirmation, and send tidal waves out of what we want to come back to us. Be the Whale, breeching through your Ocean with your entire body, and let the Ocean of Life bring you a Tsunami. Remember, the Ocean of Life can only bring you what you put in.


I speak my Goodness with my entire body vibrating at the Wave I wish to return to me.

MyShell #ICrow

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