We are the Animals

We all love Animals, many of us want to help the Animals; however, we want to instill Laws and demand good treatment.

However, as Abraham stated,  “Laws are to make one feel better about what the other person is doing”…….it does not bring about true and lasting change.

What really happens is an unconscious feeding of anger and hostility, by those who feel their “rights” have been stepped on.

For real change, it must come from inside one’s own Heart, when we begin to FEEL that what is happening to the other Animals.

Basically, What is happening with the Animals is really what is happening within our OWN Consciousness……our OWN minds.  Even plainer, “If we see it, we got it.”

I teach and demonstrate how what we think, feel, and most of all, BELIEVE is what is mirrored to us throughout the Animal Kingdom…….including all the Human Animals. 

My own experience of transforming my Canine Bed and Breakfast and Animal Rescue through learning and putting into action Spiritual Principles is the foundation of AHOWAN and APITHAN.

The numerous Animals around me literally saved my Life, by demonstrating what I REALLY believed…..non-human Animals cannot lie or hide anything… Their lives transformed, as I changed my thinking. I changed my beliefs from the Human Competitive Mind to the Creative Peaceful Truth.

As I traveled the 50 states on my Harley Road King during the first and second Peregrination, this further demonstrated throughout the USA in every Ceremonial Workshop, in every Campground, Gas Station, in every State. I could not stop there, Spirit sent me to India. 

So after a second Peregrination, these Truths completely transformed a several thousand Animal Rescue or “Animal Ashram”  in less than 6 months in Lucknow, India while volunteering as the Animal Chaplain and Ashram Consultant. I provided consulting work on a 24/7 basis. I have witnessed it over and over again. Does not matter the age, race, species, country, religion……

The Spiritual Principles of  Life, or Divine Laws is the only true way to create lasting change and has been demonstrated over and over throughout Ahowan’s peregrinations across the USA, Canada, Costa Rica, India, Singapore, and Sri Lanka.

These Spiritual principles are applied and utilized throughout the Human experience by many highly respected Wisdom teachers; however, APITHAN chooses to challenge ALL Animal Lovers to put these Laws into action with ALL Species and in their work.

APITHAN chooses to show, worldwide, how when we open and accept within our Hearts the energy, behavior, and characteristics of the Animals before us…..HONESTLY, WITH FULL INTEGRITY…..Peace can and will reign.  A level of respect, gratitude, and love brings harmony into the relationship.

It is through Conscious Awareness of these Spiritual Laws being applied in a positive, uplifting way that we can all live in Peace or Peacefully Encompass All Creations Energies.

It becomes hard to deny our Oneness with any Animal when we awaken to the realization what they are mirroring to us……It IS coming from our own minds, our own beliefs.

What is really awesome……is WE HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE THE MIRROR!! Just imagine how this changes the LIVES of ALL the Animals in a LOVING and PEACEFUL way.

As each one of us awakens to our Oneness, we automatically begin healing the Animals, in a lasting permanent way that propels us into the Golden Age…… “WE ARE THE ANIMALS” LIFTING THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE WORLD…………Each One of US!! 

Indigenous Wisdom in the Modern World brings Peaceful Oneness for All

Rev MyShell Howler of http://www.ahowan.org

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