Serving an "Energy Shift"

I have been in one of the “longest,” and what could be considered the most “trying” Ceremonies in quite some time, probably since my work in Lucknow India. The reason is because of my Heart tug with the Animals…….and not just the non-human Animals this time, the Human Animals caring for them. This time, I am working and living much more intimately with the workers, their children, and with a Leader who IS dedicated, honest, full of integrity, and truly wants change. Unlike Lucknow, there is no “governmental bureaucracy;” however, there is the clear reflection of the Animals with our beliefs and perspectives. 

My first 9 days was going in, feeling everything happening with my feet on the ground from am to pm, seeing what is taking place, what needs and improvements for to change are needed, and preparing for a shift. 

I return to Pune to gather supplies, “recover” and to share and consult with the “Leader” of this mini-world.

I return….for little did I know at the time… 18 day fasting, working the field Ceremony. As I work each day with the Animals (Humans and non) at the Shelter facilitating Puja (prayer) Ceremony, Healing Energy Sessions, feeding and work schedules….I feel what is happening, and the belief or perspective behind it…..and then affirm the real Truth of God.

The challenge part of this “Ceremony” is there are times when I as the Human may not like what I see or feel; however, the Divinity in me can understand. There are times when others may not like what I say or do; however, I know there is part of them which can understand. The communication gaps of “learning each other’s way” of language, and coming to a mutual understanding. And then there is the concept of patience, baby steps for us all, and holding to my own integrity of “doing what you say, and saying what you do,” and keeping my human judgment in check so that Divine Grace reveals Itself, and then holding the Faith, Trust, and positive moral that God always comes through. 

In many ways, it was actually easier than Lucknow because there is a clear and honest integrity of everything being for the Animals, not the greed or “money laundering” of the bureaucracy. 

A huge surrender came through for a big shift to take place from the “I” to “We.” The full support of the Divine through a support group of humans moving forward as a real team began being FELT. The Greater Cause and the Abundance came flooding through, synchronistically on the “World Day of Service” at the last 18 day main portion of the Ceremony. 

My gratitude for “BE-ing” a part of this time, for the Animals, including the humans, and for witnessing the Divine Grace and Magic, feeling strength, courage, and a “knowing” I have dreamed of….but got to really experience.. through it all. I’m truly looking forward for what is to come flooding in the days, weeks and months areas. The full story and pictures are available soon on Ahowan ICrow Facebook page.

Rev MyShell Howler, OAC 

Aka Ahowan ICrow

Spiritual Leader and President of AHOWAN 501c3 Traveling Spiritual Sanctuary currently in Mapoli, Maharashtra,India

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