WE feed the Oil Companies

I have been watching the posts…I have been in prayer myself; for many years now. Personally, I remember the time when I began awakening. I used to curse the electric bill, the electric company….and then I realized; I fed it. So I began feeding it less, being extremely mindful of exactly HOW much I was wastefully using.

I cursed the Oil companies, the prices of the fuel, how they were spilling and killing the Waters and Animals……then I looked at my vehicle I was driving, where I was driving. Exactly how much I was feeding the very thing I was cursing…..before that, I felt like a “victim” of the “grid”….I am not a victim, I asked for it, I paid into it, I allowed it. 

So, not only did I massively reduce my usage of electric, I went from a “gas hog” vehicle, Honda Element to a large motorcycle, Harley Road King then to an even more fuel friendly one.

If I am unable to load groceries onto it….wherever I am, I do a “ride share” where we do all of our errands at the same time, using half the fuel….and the side benefit is, we help each other out and have a really good time in the process!

Now, I realize, not everyone is able to ride a motorcycle, or a scooter, and neither does the weather allow it in all areas……however, we DO have the choice of ride sharing, we do have the choice of the vehicle we purchase..

I read and hear so many cursing the Oil Companies, the big businesses, not to mention the factory farms and the list could actually go on…..however, “they” are giving us the “supply” that we are actually demanding by WHAT WE PURCHASE. I am not saying that “they” are right in what they are doing; however, I am saying they have given us a HUGE lesson in many ways, that many of “us” have blindly followed and for that, at least for myself, I am grateful.  

Each one us has a responsibility to really take a look at how we are “fueling” or feeding the industries that we are “cursing.” Thank them for “waking you up!” And then decide what changes YOU need to make to stop “feeding” the demand. Make the changes yourself. What all have you got plugged into the wall? Is it necessary? And all the time? What vehicle are you driving? Is it truly necessary? Or is it actually an “ego” thing? Where are you driving to? Are you purchasing products tested on Animals? That chops down forests? Or comes from factory farms? 

These are just examples….just remember, that which you curse about….is that which you need to take a long look inside, and around you at how you are playing a part in it. 

We all have hypocritical behaviors, and we all have the ability to come in full integrity with ourselves. Once you do that, you’ll be grateful for those you have cursed, the changes that come into your life, and the big business, oil companies, factory farms, Ect will disappear because there will be no demand, you will not be feeding it anymore.

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