What I Learned 

Today, I learned I am grateful to hear the Owl hoot out this morning during my early morning pray-in….She spoke this morning after what seems like a long silence and after a long first night in the new apartment configuration. It was night full of lucid dreaming states filled with positive affirming prayer work.

I listen to Her and as I began my morning practices, I am reminded to just be, relax, be gentle with myself, follow and feel the flow through this unknown time.

Meditation and spiritual practices becomes a time of platonic cuddling, just being held, which …. I am reminded. From my Inner Heart, is a beautiful healing practice in itself….nothing involved, just a willingness to hold and be held…..no strings attached.

So grateful for the ability to have Lemon Ginger water begin…..it is definitely time! Cleansing,   hydrating, alkalining, and disperses energies in the body…..besides tasting super nice.

I get a package delivered….so grateful to receive!!  Definitely more than I imagined.

Wow!! I had been asked by a special Friend “”What do you need?”…..Then a message, “There’s a package on its way.”

There was SO much more, and extremely thoughtful items I knew I need, but did not list….Spirit knew, and it arrived in abundance!

Grateful the large “Spine” gift from the Beach has got a team of Ants working it….to do anything alone is but impossible;  however, if you got a team with your Spirit….and you recognize your Spirit, through us all, now there is  a built-in team……

Grateful for a few more firsts today…..The song which plays on my Flute, turns out to be a mixture of the Moola Mantra and Navajo invoking prayers…..today, It asks to be recorded at the Noon Deeksha.

Apparently the Lucid dreaming work processed some energy within me……and I have been in and out of a nauseated state…..

One thing I have learned is, I acknowledge it, thank the sensation for what it is teaching me and as I keep affirming my health, and focus on whatever I am working on…..it seems to fade in the background.

I am grateful for my health, I am grateful for my guidance, I am grateful to hear my Heart and the Wisdom it shares with me.


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