Today I Learned 

Just start, the surrender is now natural and the energy takes over.

I hear, “Volunteer at shelter? Check into a once a week opportunity”……… On my morning meditation run into foggyness. As I continue my mantra, running, the feeling and clarity and endless possibilities of this statement comes.

“Let’s build our web higher and denser, like a cup to fill up and extra support.”

I recognize the feelings of hesitation due to starting relationships and then leave, failure and blah, blah.

However, I let that float on by and feel the excitement, what can be created, the possibilities.

I also take notice of how I feel so abundant, even though I am flat busted broke. Been affirming abundance…..and yet, I learn a fraud payment got reversed….. Hmmmm.

As I go into YogaChi…”Keep the Dragon flying……

Let me know when you are done looking at all the Angles……

Just do what you love….

As I walk to see Luna…..My Nickel came back which had been missing since the Beach. The message of “That is where the real abundance comes…..

And utmost deepened feeling of respect, and dignity for my hosts came through while doing YogaChi, especially with this most perfect place to stay…..

And Napoleon, his muscles returning, his voice more focused and only scratches when I am irritated and obsesses to creating a hot spot when I am obsessing on a thought pattern.

Go figure…..

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