What My Week Taught Me

Sunday, I definitely notice a shift in Napoleon…so grateful to witness, to experience how each day He is so much more lovey; and I notice now, how it is extending into longer loveys today, even laying on me every chance He gets today. I noticed the shift after returning from a wonderful Sisters’ gathering last week and taking Him to get His flea collar and putting on? Interesting.


Grateful to notice the underlying depression still lingering, and how sometimes it does grab me…….and when it does, I witness how I retreat within, and Napoleon retreats under the bed…….I am grateful today, like each day; I keep persisting. My question I find, placing on the Altar is, please bring to my clarity to this depression, as I am doing all I know to do, including ‘being with it.’


An opportunity to be of service arrives, helping clean off the mold….with a warning to not breath it in. This is the same mold I was living with in many of my rooms in India. I claim my Health and Wholeness, and for my families I love and miss in India.

I am graced, not only with Napoleon, but with Grey GosHawk coming to visit during the invocation for the night’s YogaChi. Thank you Great Spirit, as the inspiration and the Energy was such a blessing…….and to hear the second GosHawk sing out and join as YogaChi progresses.


on my normal Meditation Walk/Run with Napoleon, He points out a little Woman on my path for me to retrieve. She is Standing Tall and Strong in Her Power.

And as I pass back by the Church……the sign has changed….Hmmmm

Coming in the drive, there seems to be an overwhelming feeling of a fork in the road……and it is coming here now. The hopping back in forth will complete; however, the question of battling the depression seems to be the broken leg preventing me leaping.

So, it seems no surprise fleas are spotted on Napoleon again. He is still wanting more snuggles, longer, and stiller……and for the mirror it brings myself; Yes, I am grateful for being held, comforted, and accepting of assistance through these irritants. I am grateful He is with me, keeps me persisting, if for nothing else, His sake.

I am so grateful to keep focusing and now the first course of the Animals Spirit Connection module is complete!

I keep hearing “The Fork in the Road.”

Tuesday it is literally keep putting one foot in front of the other….. and taking a stand, or more appropriately a ride to the Food Assistance office, trusting the location I was given to go………Part of me, felt it odd to have to go to Quincy when in Tallahassee…..


I have Faith, and like the sign on a Church on the way to the office in Quincy……”P.U.S.H. Pray until something happens.”


Sure enough, It was a perfect ride, the correct office, magnificent help, sweet and easy.

I return to Napoleon for Napoleon’s Bow and super snuggles, and introduce Him to His special “come” treat! Finally I find it!


Grateful to follow my Inner Guidance and what I was reminded of from my Prayer partner…..”Do whatever it feels right and keep taking yourself to that happy place.”

So, I clear the Goddess mask, spray the camping gear,

img_2474-1 And, this evening as I am on a consult call, we share in the Truth of knowing, we are only responsible for learning, clearing and keeping our “side of the street” clear.

What others do with their side……that is between them and their Divine, as long as it is not endangering another sentient being.

Wednesday waking up in the t ent. First morning….so proud of Napilein. Ride back to Quincy; intuitional knowing to just show up, and wow that was simple! Forget the kindle and worked the gear. Keep it simple.

Thursday….grateful for a “Me” day! Turn on music and whatever comes…a naked day. Yet even went for a total uninhibited ride….complete with no hands. Even Napoleon totally relaxed and finds turtle….Two Black Havelina on walk

Friday Do Helmet, fix Dread tail, clear and look through Box

Saturday grateful to sleep in lunch and a movie “The Shack”

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