Gratitude Heals Peacefully

International Day of Peace, 8 representatives, on what is believed the oldest set of Petroglyphs in Deming, NM. A SouthWest High Desert which has seen many conflicts years ago. The Gathering was planned; however, the rest was “An Open Space Ceremony.” Our intention, honoring the Animals (both human and non), honoring the sacredness of these lands, which have been abandoned, turned over to the Bureau of Land Management for Cattle and been desecrated by looters. This is what came through us…


APITHAN Ministries brought together a representative of several cultures for honoring Mother Earth, Her Waters, and Creatures. Each of the 7 representatives, (Indigenous, Spanish, Pioneer, Military, Miner, Missionary), all spoke gratitude for what ‘they’ brought these lands.



Ahowan ICrow, the Ceremony leader, finished the gratitude (8th representative) with the non-human Animals which labored, traveled, taught, fed and supported Humans, then and now.



The Sacred Directions Invocation and gratitude organically started us drumming a meditation, followed by a chanting blessing, and some storytelling. A rich Indigenous Creation story, how a Spirit Animal presented itself, WWI and cattle ranching.



Our Ceremony ended honoring the Sunset and Moonrise with a personal Eagle Song, singing John Lennon’s ‘Imagine,’ and voicing one word, “One.” 


Rev Ahowan ICrow OAC, RScP, OHM

Founder and Spiritual Leader of APITHAN Ministries, Co-founder and President of AHOWAN Traveling Sanctuary



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