Navigating Oneself

There’s a few things I have learned about myself… and I am remembering once again.

I am one totally loyal dog, a quite independent cat, a stubborn mule with the determination of a badger. I have set out on a journey with my pathfinding wolfheart, and have circled around several times, the world included a few times.

I can feel those around me so much, wanting only the best, praying for the Highest Good to reveal all our desires and dreams. Many times I begin to chameleon myself and the dreams merge with no boundaries of whose is whose. Even though I know this takes place, I am like a Salmon heading upstream in a passionate fury.

I can leap like a Goat, and soar like an Eagle… I am resilient like a cockroach, and when a stream is complete having laid the seeds for now, the Eagle within me plucks me out, moving me to a new stream.

The Monkey Mind goes wild with all the buts, shoulda, coulda and what if’s.

There’s gratitude, there’s grief, and then there’s the ‘Well, what’s next? now what?’ as I dive in assessing my new stream and the continuance of a vision like some kind of mission.

One would think by now that I would have learned! There is a part of me that knows this, that understands and can ‘see it;’ however, I have not been able to hear the words to share it, because it is a feeling, and feelings or ‘knowings’ do not always have words.

Like a Giraffe, I can see the higher, bigger picture.. However, I am most vulnerable when I lower my head. So, I get caught up sometimes, and I get entangled in the material world with all the rules, protocols, and capitalism we have created. Living from the heart it feels as if all those obstacles we have created are just not necessary.

I believe this is one of my superpowers… especially when I pull out the Elephant in me to clear the way.

I have what I realize is my unique gift … Sometimes the Ant colonies got to get stirred up…I got this Anteater in me that does just that when I get a call saying, “Yes, we want something new, or we want to do differently, or please come help us, pray for us.”

I always bring in ritual or ceremony with Natural Law, bringing it back to the basics of our Universal Laws. So, it is like a portal is opened up, energies are shifted, beliefs revealed, vibrations raised. It can send some into an aha! And some into a scurry. Once this happens and shifts are made, this is where the ‘little ego me’ can get caught up, when my ‘monkey mind’ can start entangling me, and my heart is filled with so much compassion… well, there is just something I gotta do…

My ministry and the groups I am working with’s ‘visions’ are actually One as the Law of Attraction provides in many levels; however, when I personally get too involved on the human level to ‘make it happen,’ that seems to be when I ‘get plucked out!’ And moved to the next stream to plant more seeds while those germinate and grow without my personal interference… ‘my work here is done’ at least for now as the team of Ants put all the new details together.

What I love is that there really is nothing ‘to do’ there is just to ‘be.’ Be the Ant that we are, it Fish, or even …

Let’s just say we all have our specialties, those things that makes us go ‘Mmmm.’ When we be them, when we share them, allowing others to be theirs, we all get to live in our ‘Mmm-fully.’ We mutually benefit from each other and with all living beings.

I am grateful for ‘being’ my hearts vision. Thank you so much for being yours.


Rev Ahowan ICrow

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