Deming Animal Compassion Ride

Apithan Ministries is so grateful for the opportunity to work with the  compassionate, generous, and dedicated human Animals on behalf of our non-human Animals and one wonderful community!; for what turned out to coincided with the International Golden Rule Day.

Apithan Ministries organized a motorcycle (or Iron Pony) ride with a grant from The Awesome Project to benefit the Deming Luna County Humane Society, while planting the seeds of compassionate awareness by extending the Golden Rule for the treatment of animals in our food system.

We gathered a ‘Pack of Iron Ponies’ at MotoTech for a blessing on the morning of April 6th, chose a dog or cat to ride for, and saddled up for 158 miles as a single herd with a motto, “leave no animal behind,” up and through the Emory Pass where we were greeted by a herd of Deer as we entered.

We made our full pass arriving at the Deming Animal Shelter for a Shelter tour, an opportunity to meet & adopt the animal we rode for, a food and animal shelter blessing, and an inspiringly delicious Vegan meal and music! Not to mention the fun and laughter we had with 3 different Auctions!!

We are extremely grateful for all the sponsors, volunteers, and riders who helped make this successful event happen! We could not have done it without YOU!

The first Annual Deming Animal Compassion Ride raised $470 dollars! And we raised $60 for seeding a brand new program that Apithan Ministries introduced to Deming Silver Linings called the “Homeless’ Animal Companion Emergency Fund!”

PS Everyone was refilling their Vegan Chili bowls 2 and 3 times!!

Thank you MotoTech, Copperkettle, High Desert Veterinarian Clinic, Sunshine Grooming, Grow Your Tree Yoga, Pepper’s Supermarket, Tractor Supply, Al B’Jammin, Awesome Project, Deming Silver Linings, American Legion Riders, Busy Bee, Art on Wings, and Stoned Creations. (We surely hope we did not miss anyone!)

We are also happy to announce that the remaining food and supplies from the event was donated forward to Deming Silver Linings’ food pantry! And I was told those Homeless Humans loved the meal too!!

Check out that Vegan sausage being munched on and the vegan chili bowls do not have a drop left!

One last thing … Some gratitude and advice from a fellow rider:

“Do unto all Animals as one would have done unto oneself”

Please feel free to contact Apithan Ministries or the AHOWAN Traveling Spiritual Sanctuary for an Animal Compassion Ride to benefit an Animal facility or cause close your heart 💜

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