My Best Partner

There is one thing I believe I know for sure, our relationships are a reflection of our relationships with our Higher Power, and I can say I am quite grateful and feel blessed with mine.

My Daymon is my closest ‘Partner’ and has become over the years the One and only ‘co-pilot’ for me with the Traveling Sanctuary. If He can’t go, I won’t go.

Jumanji, the Iron Pony, could be considered the Pilot 😂 well because, if She is not gonna run or something, there is no going right?! And well, I am along for the ride wherever that may be.

So, over the course of the years, the Iron Pony has changed makes and models… and Daymon has been there through other ‘Partners’ sometimes when needed; however, what I can say is, there has been a consistency.

The Iron Ponies have been amazing machines, seeming to do the impossible sometimes… I could definitely share some stories 😉 (inanimate object you say? Lol, I do not believe so) Just about every motorcycle rider out there will attest they each have their own spirit.

Well then, back to my Little Man Daymon…my one Partner who has never failed me, asked me to leave, or left me, and even when I have left Him, He has done this translocation through other Animals, never holding a grudge, (that was before the promise of not leaving him behind again). He is always happy to see me, never tries to ‘fix me’ or gets angry… He just loves me, just the way I am.

My Daymon comforts me without judgment or advice, picks up the pictures in my mind of what I want and does them without commands, most the time. Many times He knows exactly what I need or want even before I do.

He is always in a peaceful state, compassionate, alerts me when necessary, is an excellent ‘judge’ of character and is the healthiest little Cat/Dog I have ever known… (yes, He thinks He is part Cat) and when he has been ill, He recovers so quick, it is a miracle.

He is a born rider and traveler, making himself at home wherever we are summoned to go, will climb just about any Tree with me.

We will, do, and are leading and following each other anywhere together. He is my Sai Babi.

Ya know, When I named Him, I named Him after a Dragon that seduced a Goddess, I cannot remember the book/story it came out of 14 years ago, but I am so glad I did because He has lived up to it, over and over…

So… Who is your closest Partner?

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