Animals are Mirrors

When I was operating the “Doghouse” I shared earlier, before I had my breakdown there would be 7-15 dogs in my care at any given time. Many times, especially with certain the female dogs, I would have to have muzzles on some or keep them seperated in different yards. When I began my healing path, I took a look at myself, my beliefs around females. Am I the one who wants to fight other women? Yes.

Taking an honest look at my family history, beliefs, and even treatment which reinforced those (by Law of Attraction) I could see where these female dogs were absolutely mirroring my beliefs and perspectives which I was taught.

Taking a look at these female dogs wanting to fight from this different angle, gave me an opportunity to heal and change my beliefs. When I admitted that ‘yes, I want to hurt other women because of how they hurt me,’ and that this is not who I want to be, nor is it the truth of who I am, and this is certainly not what I believe the Great Mystery to be, and especially not Mary, Quan Yin, or any other Divine Feminine representation. I believe in peace, compassion, harmony, and the nurturing presence of our Divine Feminine.

As I began feeling this within myself, trusting the Great Spirit more, and the innate goodness of the Christ Spirit within each of us, I began noticing not only my own relationships with women beginning to heal, but those female dogs at the ‘DogHouse’ began healing too. It was not long that I had 15-30 dogs I began caring for at any one time and there were no muzzles to be found. I threw them out. There were also no locked gates seperating the dogs or yards.

This Truth held true in every workshop, behavioural session, and even consulting program in the United States. So, I took it to India, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and Costa Rica. It still holds true. The non-human animals mirror the human. Heal the human, heal the non-human animals. Change the behavior of the human, the animal companions behavior changes naturally. Simple, not always easy.

The other side of this is just as simple. All that unconditional love, being in-the-moment, playfulness, joy, faithfulness, dedication, and all those other qualities we love about our fellow animals is also within us to connect with. If we see it, we got it.

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