So, imagine with me being told that you have 48 hours …….

You must leave by a certain date. You must re-home your rescue dog. Your vehicle is at the mechanic’s shop awaiting parts, and awaiting, and awaiting, as if the parts are on a slow boat in the ocean somewhere. And you have tried every thing that you know to do, all the calls, flyers, postings and contacts that are possible in a town you barely know.

That was me, just fresh out of India about four years ago. I was practically given Napoleon from an Animal Shelter. He had a horrible skin condition and quite the attitude; however, in just a short 2 months He is like a whole different Dog. (See blog, Napoleon and I)

So, here comes the ‘Monkey Mind” and as much as I know the Truth of keeping the mind focused on ‘what you want’ knowing that the Universe provides and answers perfectly… I cannot stop those thoughts of doubt,  all those what now’s and what if’s!

I have done everything I know to do … the gear is all configured for the motorcycle, Napoleon is rehabilitated. So, I do the only thing that I know to do and quiets the ‘Monkey Mind” and keeps me in a peaceful, trusting space. I pray and meditate. Not just any prayer but one of gratitude, expectancy, faith and trust.

and awaiting for the motorcycle’s installation of the parts. The night before I am to leave….the motorcycle is finally ‘fixed.’ No time for a test ride with all the gear.

The Bullet (motorcycle) is loaded up. I stay in trust and I pull out along with one of my Hosts. There is a most gorgeous, joyfully orange Sunrise.

I go to turn on the GoPro and realize I had forgotten a Bluetooth microphone in the helmet I left behind. My first heart throb was to turn around; but my brain says….”you can have it mailed;” however, as if on auto-pilot, I find myself turning around.

I retrieve the microphone and launch out a second time……whoohoo!

I reach the edge of town and a loud shebang, like a gunshot happens. The engine of the Bullet stops and I coast to the side of the road. She refuses to start back up. At that moment, I bow in gratitude that I had turned around; otherwise, I would have been way out in the countryside of who knows where.

I remember the mechanic sharing with me about the kickstand switch; however, I am unable to figure it out. I call roadside assistance, swallowing my pride in not figuring out the switch and having to be returned to mechanic.

After two hours of waiting for the shop to open, the mechanic comes back to say, “Mam, I have really bad news for you. I believe the engine threw a rod and it is beyond what we can do here……and then there is how long or even where to get these parts.”

So, I spent the first day of this Compassion Ride for Animals at the mechanic shop, without knowing where I was going to stay, how I was going to get there, what is the full damage of the motorcycle, how much will this cost, what about the Compassion Ride, and who is even going to want to fix the Bullet, and how long will THIS getting parts take? I share with Creator….I am so done with this, where is this ‘new ride’ I keep hearing?

I have numerous moments of …..”Please excuse me, I must go outside and have a moment!” Which was completely understood. Everyone was compassionate, helpful, and quite apologetic. Including when I contacted my previous Hosts to ask if I can return.

By the end of the day, I am picked up and returned to Hosts’ apartment…..”Of course you can come back!” (I am even brought some of my most favorites for dinner!! with a statement, “Dinner for the prison cell number 18” LOL) The perfect mechanic, in the pouring rain, offers to tow the Bullet. “I am not making any promises lady; however, I will take a look and call you tomorrow with the report.”

I get the call the next day, “Mam, it does not look good….your gonna need a new head, two valves, gaskets, and spark plug….at least.” I said…..”I need a new motorcycle!” He says, “Mam, I believe that would be a good idea!”

I place the order in the ethers…..”Spirit, you have brought several offers, they have been retracted…..the time is now, bring on the new ride and the abundance to do it with!”

I spend numerous hours the next couple of days looking at makes and models, being clear on my intention…..even go to see several, which made the intention even clearer. The abundance needed to do so, also is offered! and I am given a dollar amount to work with.

When I go to see the last one I had ‘picked out’ from what I could find on the internet in this area… was not even running! I hear my Inner Voice say, “Just go to the mechanic’s shop, it will all work out there.”

As we discuss the Royal Enfield’s demise, and the motorcycles I have been looking at and what I need, a motorcycle comes roaring in. It is one of the mechanics that actually work there….”Mam, I hear you are looking. What do you think of this one?” I go to sit on Her and She feels perfect! I share the extra things that I would need, “no problem, mam.” The price is perfect, and She is completely serviced, ready to go.

The shop decides they will take the Bullet’s title and see what they can do with Her, and give me some money out of Her to get me back on the road!! OMG! Thank you! And even on the 4th of July’s long weekend/week.


This motorcycle is free to go on highways, backroads, a full size tank, completely serviced, great seat, powerful, fully balanced and light. For me, it is like having a perfect mix of all the motorcycles in my past as one.

Now comes all the logistics of getting the monies transferred, titles, re-configuring all the gear once again. I will not go into all the specifics; however, let us just say that working with three states, internet money transfers, tags, and one title with a wrong VIN number. The Grace of the Divine has worked what I call Magic!! It is not fully complete; however, we are all taken care of for the time being and for that I am so grateful.

Even more so, none of this would have taken place without everyone’s compassionate generosity! From the tow truck driver, to the first mechanic, to the second mechanic, to my Hosts, to the generous donater, to the Uber drivers, and those of you who supported in prayer…the list could go on…

I have been on my knees in tears of gratitude over and over as each piece revealed. There are no words for how grateful I am and feel there is no amount I could ever give to repay.

I am grateful to go from the ‘ICrow Bullet’ to this new motorcycle who wants to be called ‘Jumanji RavCon.’ (Yes, I talk to Iron Ponies!)

I want to thank everyone who was part of Great Spirit’s Magic demonstrating this week for the ‘relaunch’ of this Compassion Ride for Animals……..first stop, Asheville to launch the website for URI’s Compassion for All Living Beings CC.

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