AHOWAN Peregrination #4

what revealed as the “Figure 8” Peregrination
This ride began in Indiana/Ohio upon returning from India/Sri Lanka in March of 2016.
The first thing……find a Royal Enfield!! A motorcycle that can definitely handle ANYTHING!! as proven in India during the Compassion Ride for Animals.
With SO MUCH GRATITUDE for the Blessed Secretary (Ron) who, with Divine Guidance, finds the PERFECT “dealer,” and Ahowan’s absolute knowing It is there, 
This Father/Son shop, Heidle Engineering in Eaton, Ohio had ONE Royal Enfield 500…..and in the PERFECT Heart Chakra color, stripped in Gold.
AND….they happen to do custom welding work……fitting all the needed extras to make it “ready” for cross country travel……AND at the perfect price! This particular Motorcycle is not “MyShell’s” (like the Harley’s or Thunderbird in India) 
This is Ahowan’s First Official Motorcycle, titled to Ahowan…….. 
After visiting with family, gearing the Royal Enfield, MyShell and Ron head straight for the SECOND thing……..Tallahassee, Florida to retrieve MyShell’s Daymon!! A whole year he has been fostered by the most PERFECT family!!

Centers for Spiritual Living Tallahassee
Rev Phyllis Weis, “I am so ETERNALLY Grateful for the BEAUTIFUL hosting of Daymon while in India. Daymon pickup a little weight (as I lost it in India) and was returned to me balanced, loving, and with such Grace.”
Daymon was SO ready to be back on the Motorcycle with his “Mommy” and has never left my side since!!
Ron returns to Indiana while Myshell, Ahowan…… begins the “Solo” (with Daymon) Figure 8 Peregrination beginning with Dothan, AL connecting with many women who are now being called out…..Solo…..to Claim and Facilitate their “God-Calling” Ministry of the Heart……..and re-connecting with the United Religions Initiative. It is time for Ahowan, myself, to take full claim with my Unique Ministry.
The Ahowan Bullet, the Community Animal Blessing Prayer Pipe, and Its Carrier moves to Fayetteville, AR for a Message with the Unity of Fayetteville and a Special Ceremony for a Silent Retreat honoring those Companion Animals that have left us physically.
The Pipe led the group to the VERY SPOT where the Dog of this “hosting family” of the Silent Retreat, had made her transition of Ultimate Healing.
WHAT AN HONOR to be a part of this amazing Energy Healing Group for their “Silent Retreat.” (completely spontaneous invitation!) I could FEEL the “sadness” lifting, the Full Moon greeted us just as the Ceremony concluded inside, in a meditation led by Bonnie Boyle, the Spiritual Leader of this Healing Group…..The Beauty is there was NO “practice,” it was all spontaneously Spirit led.
From Fayetteville, the Ahowan Bullet heads to Baldwin City, KS
Here in Baldwin, Ahowan was BLESSED to be a part of a “Fairie Weekend” where it began with constructing an Inipi Lodge, (auspiciously and unplanned) it was done with ALL women. After the Children and Animals visited, 13 women entered this Inipi Lodge for a birthing of of our Sisterhood, and the “New Masculine” Energy.

What a wonderful “Fairie Day!” where the Human Animal Children, all the Four Leggeds, and all the “Unseen Spirits” of Nature all around us.
We paint, we blow bubbles, we “rescue” some Rabbits, construct some Fairie Gardens, and while in this Healing Energy with Children…….
The Ahowan Logo that has been wanting to be birthed, that had been seen in a meditation back in 2010………It finally “came through!”

We (Daymon, Pipe, Bullet, the Spiritual Leader) take a seven day journey to Deming, NM. This Ahowan Bullet only travels “Two-lane” roads, 200-250 miles per day. As with EVERY Peregrination, a Medicine Wheel Blessing is facilitated every 50-75 miles, offering and grounding the weaving of the Golden Thread.
Almost arrived in Deming NM; however, the Perfect Mechanic arrives “magically” at a fueling station to help “rechain” the Bullet…….and only 50 miles from a Royal Enfield Dealer for a complete “checkup.” While she is being serviced, The Deming Host proves to be Auspicious for returning to prepare for the N/S Peregrination to come!!
Then it is off to Sun City, Arizona where “lodging” or a host had not presented itself yet. However, THE NIGHT BEFORE arriving, a perfect Host home for 6 weeks in silence, and claiming the Animal Spiritual Connection Ministry……..formally. AND being a part of the FIRST Emerson Theological Institute’s Animal Ministry Conference.
Ron has geared up, and at the end of the Six week Silent Journey of Claiming Animal Spiritual Connection Ministry….(formally)
The magical journey together towards Black Hills begins July 19th. Ron stays in Chadron, and the Bullet takes me to facilitate numerous Ceremonies, including the Lusk Wyoming Women’s Prison, Agape Spiritual Center, Canyon Calm, and Hill City (with all the Sturgis motorcycles roaring in!)  
After leaving Black Hills, it is back towards Baldwin City for the “Luminous Soul” Native American Weekend! Ron returns to Indiana. This is when I realized that the Ahowan Bullet is creating a Figure 8 Golden Thread through the USA and how auspicious it is that the “Indian” (Hindu) Medicine Wheel is making its completion.
And during this Peregrination, I have been gifted items for the N/S Medicine Wheel Animal Blessing Ceremonies……
After Baldwin City, the Figure 8 is completed, bringing Ahowan, the Spiritual Leader back to Ohio, through a three day journey……and the India/North America Medicine Wheel is completed……..
East to West is completed…the last of the “Medicines” are gifted 50 miles outside of Dayton, Ohio.
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