AHOWAN’S 3rd Year Peregrination

“The Compassion Ride for Animals”
is 13 months in India, and 3 weeks in Sri Lanka with a return flight via Singapore, China, through California to Honor the Community Pipe Bundle’s request to complete a full circle around the entire Globe.
The Year began with the Spiritual Leader, MyShell travels to The Oneness University for a 28-day Mona (Silence) Deepening Process,

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Ahowan ICrow (click for direct link to photo album and story)
followed by 2 months in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India following Spirit in a groundwork laying process while volunteering at 2 Children’s Schools and 2 Animal Ashrams.
One Lucknow Animal Ashram, it is feeding time.
I noticed how the “aggressive” feeding time became more and more peaceful each time I visited offering prayers, Reiki, and Oneness Blessings.  
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The Second Animal Ashram, Jeev Aahsraya/KanhaUpvan
is numerous acres, with thousands of Animals, including Cows, Bulls, Horses, Water Buffalo, Dogs, Monkeys, Cats, Horses, Mules, Humans, and whatever else is in need.

I walk into the Little Stars School in Varanasi, India to find 32 Hostel Girls circling a Mouse……… and the first lesson on the Five Elements of Life begins……and this is how our relationship began as different Animals appeared during the weeks.
Before leaving, MyShell had the a two-year Volunteer Work Visa (there are many still there after 7-8 years who are still on “tourist” visas). I knew I was in full alignment with “Shiva”
Everything in USA is sold, Dogs put into Foster Care, and Ahowan begins the commitment with Jeev Aashraya at Kanha Upvan.
Starting with a Dual Ceremony……..Native American Prayer Pipe with Deeksha Smoke Blessing and Hindu Arti Ceremony 
Link to Jeev Aashraya Community Blessing video (to be set)

 ICrow Thunderbird is purchased; however, MyShell begins learning the “Flow of the Traffic” with a Bicycle first; while rehabilitating a Rues Monkey……..or actually, “Spock” trains MyShell about the ways of the “Monkey Mind.” As “Spock” trains MyShell’s Monkey Mind, he completely heals from his Electrical Burns, and learns from his “seregote mommy” how to peel and open fruits.
We graduate to riding ICrow Thunderbird
and as the work completes at Jeev Aashraya’s Kanha Upvan
Spock is released and the preparations for 
Ghandi’s Birthday Greatness for Animals Ride begins.
This ride organized by Ahowan, brought Jeev Aashraya and Royal Enfield organizations together, for a Greatness for Animals Ride through the City to bring awareness to Caring for the Animals.
That ended at the Kanha Upvan Animal Ashram with an obstacle Course unlike any other!! and the commitment with Kanha Upvan was complete…..though Myshell’s  heart will always be committed with Jeev Aashraya.
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as well as check back for the Book of the Animal Stories and Healings.
Rashini Center for Spiritual Living Study Group is established, with nightly meditations and ceremonies at the Lucknow Homestay with Buddhist Leader, Naheed Varma.
Weekly teachings from “ICrow Speaks.” take place at the Rodell Middle School…..where one story touched a young boy so much, that he confessed the following week….”I took what I stole back to the stall owner. Will that keep my Karma good?”
and visits to the “Small” Animal Ashram also take place.
In Dec, it is “Boot Camp” preparing for the Compassion Ride for Animals that began at the Nepal Border all the way to the Southern Tip of India.
“Spock” is replaced with a “Hanuman Brother” who rides “Bitch” and ensures the safety of  the Spiritual Leader and Community Animal Blessing Pipe.
And his payment is the GIFT of receiving the Royal Enfield Thunderbird upon completion.
Every 50-70 Kilometers, an Animal Medicine Wheel Blessing is offered to ground the Golden Thread, and the Community Pipe gifts Puja at Animal Ashrams all along the way.
Watching Gautam Singh’s World open up during this Compassion Ride WAS one of the BEST Golden Gifts EVER!!
This is the Youth of today…..taking ACTION voluntarily to clean up the environment and care for the Animals!!
It was SO awe-inspiring to see these YOUTH in Action!!
These facilities shared with Ahowan, over and over, how grateful they are for a “Holy Person” to arrive for the Animals and bless them,”They are God to us; however, no Holy Person wants to come, and if they do, they want us to pay them. That does not seems “godly” to us…..it should not be about the money, it should be about Loving God.”
After reaching Kanyakumari. India, it is back to Kochi for a flight to Sri Lanka to work with DogStar Foundation, Millennium Elephant Sanctuary, and solo trip to Jaffna, Battacaloa, and Matara.