Began by going  to India, and then returning to USA to honor “Promises” in the USA and travel 39 States
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The Year began with selling the Honda Element, and acquiring a Time-out Camper. MyShell, Ron and Two Dogs, all on the same vehicle now, with Myshell allowing Spirit to drive…….it could not have happened any other way, especially with many of the “obstacles” that Harley Road King named ICrow seemed to “float” through.
A flight to India for Oneness Blessing Trainers program, which also facilitated a “Medicine Wheel”  journey through India, laying the groundwork for what is yet to come………MyShell just knew she was returning.
Here, our “tour” of Lucknow brought us to the RaceTrack, which WAS closed; however, is getting ready for an “Opening Day” Myshell found herself offering a Blessing Ceremony to the Manager, who emphatically said “YES, God has sent you here. Please bless us, our last opening was a disaster with Horses collapsing during the first race.”
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During this facilitation of the Pets as Oneness; a lady realized how “laid back” her Dog “Sweetness” is, then when we turned it “inward” she realized how laid back she is…..now that she is retired. A complete shift from her previous “life” and Dog.
The entire Class got in touch with their “prejudices” and preconceived beliefs of the “Pit Bull” breed.
STATE       Workshop Dates         City & Center
SC                 2/10/13                      Charleston Unity Church  
SC                 2/13/13                     SPCA North Charleston
SC                2/13-15/13                Myrtle Beach Unity Church
AL           2/22-27/13               Dothan Spiritual Enrichment Center
A long held dream of community coming together to construct a Inipi Lodge on this land, comes true.
The coming together in prayerful, mindful way of constructing……IS more of a Ceremony, than the Ceremony itself.
Adults, Elder’s, Children, Animals, Unseen, and all make themselves known throughout the day, and into the Night’s Ceremony. 
An honor to HEAR from this little human Girl  in Metairie that
she completely FEELS  and understands how her new
puppy is mirroring her, and how the Older Dog is mirroring
her parents!! Wisdom from our Children!! 
FL           3/1-3/13           Monticello One Earth Center
MS          3/5/13       Picayune Spaymart (Cat Sanctuary)
LA       3/8/13             New Orleans NOLA City Bark
LA       3/9/13                    Metairie Unity Church
LA       3/10/13                    New Orleans  LA- SPCA
TX      3/15-17/13                     Unity by the Sea
TX        3/25/13             Brownwood  TR Havins Unit
We have all chosen to walk a Fire…..It is called
our Lives. A Ceremony such as a Fire Walk is
about being called to fully step out, as who you 
are meant to be, and fully coming to understand
the Divine Urge, versus the Ego urge. There were 
here who walked the Fire and had no intention to 
at the beginning………others who thought they 
would, did not……….The magic of Spirit was 
demonstrated here when the Firemen came and 
asked us to put out the Fire, after discussing what 
we were doing, they said,  “Please proceed”
The “put out” Fire suddenly became a blazing
Fire again, and the FireWalk proceeded!!
OK       3/2813                       Tulsa SPCA 
OK      4/4/13    Oklahoma Animal Resource Center
 OK  4/6-7/13     Oklahoma City  United Life Spiritual
AZ      4/14/13       West Valley CSL (near Phoenix)
AZ       4/20-21/13                 Flagstaff CSL
CA    4/26-27/13           Berkeley  Launching PAD CSL
AZ        5/3-10/13                     Sedona CSL
The Animals in Camarillo, demonstrated the 
Joyous Love of all the participants. One lady
discovered how her previous Dog demonstrated
her “Lack of Joy” with Diabetes. She is now 
accepting, and her new Dog is reflecting how
much Joy she takes now in “grooming herself!”
AZ               5/5-5/13               Sedona Humane Society
CA            5/11- 5/14/13             Camarillo CSL
UT            5/14-5/19          St George Unity, CSL, & Launching Pad
NV            5/20-6/2/13               Elko,  CSL
SD           6/7-6/11          Rapid City Agape Spiritual  Center
WY       6/12-6/14/13       Lusk, Wyoming Women’s Prison
SD         6/14-6/19/13         Canyon Calm, SpiritualW oodstock
Looking into the Eyes of this Elder Human Animal
after watching her demonstrate Peaceful, Loving Joy
with the Animals that migrate to her so naturally and 
have her ask me “I want to feel Oneness!” As we continue
to gaze and begin to tear, she states, “I understand.”
MT      6/20-6/23/13       Helena, Center Creative Living
MT         6/24-6/26/13       Basin, Earth Angel Mine
MT      6/27-7/1/13                 Billings, Unity
NE           7/2-7/8/13                   Grand Island
MO      7/9-7/12/13    Unity Village International Youth
AR          7/13-7/15/13             Fayetteville, Unity
AR          7/16-7/21/13                 Rogers, Unity
As I hand this young Lady a Vulture Feather after
Animal Spirit Drumming, she reveals to me how this
is the first time she feel understood, and can feel how 
She is the Raven that can shapeshift her life with Love
She had me in tears!!
AK            7/23-7/29/13                       Anchorage
OH             8/2-8/ 4/13                      Dayton, CSL
OH              8/9-8/11/13                   Columbus, CSL
VT           9/17 – 9/18/13         UU Church Burlington
VT           9/18 – 9/23/13          Heron Brook Haven
During an Animal Intender’s Circle, we begin realizing HOW we continuously SEE the Animals as “suffering,” and thus we keep recreating their suffering. We shift the awareness to “seeing” the Animals as free, living in their natural environment, peacefully. The main focus was on Bears……..We all Feel them, free and power the Ceremony up with a Deeksha Oneness Blessing. The NEXT DAY, it is revealed that China had shut down and released the Bears in a Bile collecting “farm!!” 
MA         9/23 – 9/29/13          Unity Church Greenfield
VT          10/4 – 10/8/13           Maya Center Isle La Motte
NY           10/9 – 10/11/13         CSL Charleston, NY
MA          10/12 – 10/13/13     Joyful Living Center 
DE      10/ 14 – 10 /20   Awakened Heart Spiritual Center
MD   10/21 – 10/27/13    Unity Church in Frederick   
VA   11/4 – 11/10/13       CSL Virginia Beach
NC      11/ 11 – 11/14/13   Unity Wilmington, NC
VA    11/15 – 11/16/13    CSL Falls Church, VA
One lady, through sharing with me about her Great Danes, got to “See” how she utilizes her “Feminine Side” and her “Masculine Side.” The Ah-ha’s that this creates, especially when one is SO “in-love” with their Animals, it really does prompt an even Deeper Love for what the Animals share with us, and if needed, can prompt within oneself, especially if One is wanting the Animals to demonstrate something different……
SC        11/18 – 11/20/13         Myrtle Beach, SC
SC     11/ 21 – 11/24/13       Unity Charleston, SC
FL       11/25 – 12/3/13      Unity Panama City, FL
AL     12/4 – 12/8/13      Dothan  Vision Quest Ceremony
AL    12/10 – 12/16/13       Unity/CSL Dothan, AL