So, imagine with me being told that you have 48 hours …….

You must leave by a certain date. You must re-home your rescue dog. Your vehicle is at the mechanic’s shop awaiting parts, and awaiting, and awaiting, as if the parts are on a slow boat in the ocean somewhere. And you have tried every thing that you know to do, all the calls, flyers, postings and contacts that are possible in a town you barely know.

That was me, just fresh out of India about four years ago. I was practically given Napoleon from an Animal Shelter. He had a horrible skin condition and quite the attitude; however, in just a short 2 months He is like a whole different Dog. (See blog, Napoleon and I)

So, here comes the ‘Monkey Mind” and as much as I know the Truth of keeping the mind focused on ‘what you want’ knowing that the Universe provides and answers perfectly… I cannot stop those thoughts of doubt,  all those what now’s and what if’s!

I have done everything I know to do … the gear is all configured for the motorcycle, Napoleon is rehabilitated. So, I do the only thing that I know to do and quiets the ‘Monkey Mind” and keeps me in a peaceful, trusting space. I pray and meditate. Not just any prayer but one of gratitude, expectancy, faith and trust.

and awaiting for the motorcycle’s installation of the parts. The night before I am to leave….the motorcycle is finally ‘fixed.’ No time for a test ride with all the gear.

The Bullet (motorcycle) is loaded up. I stay in trust and I pull out along with one of my Hosts. There is a most gorgeous, joyfully orange Sunrise.

I go to turn on the GoPro and realize I had forgotten a Bluetooth microphone in the helmet I left behind. My first heart throb was to turn around; but my brain says….”you can have it mailed;” however, as if on auto-pilot, I find myself turning around.

I retrieve the microphone and launch out a second time……whoohoo!

I reach the edge of town and a loud shebang, like a gunshot happens. The engine of the Bullet stops and I coast to the side of the road. She refuses to start back up. At that moment, I bow in gratitude that I had turned around; otherwise, I would have been way out in the countryside of who knows where.

I remember the mechanic sharing with me about the kickstand switch; however, I am unable to figure it out. I call roadside assistance, swallowing my pride in not figuring out the switch and having to be returned to mechanic.

After two hours of waiting for the shop to open, the mechanic comes back to say, “Mam, I have really bad news for you. I believe the engine threw a rod and it is beyond what we can do here……and then there is how long or even where to get these parts.”

So, I spent the first day of this Compassion Ride for Animals at the mechanic shop, without knowing where I was going to stay, how I was going to get there, what is the full damage of the motorcycle, how much will this cost, what about the Compassion Ride, and who is even going to want to fix the Bullet, and how long will THIS getting parts take? I share with Creator….I am so done with this, where is this ‘new ride’ I keep hearing?

I have numerous moments of …..”Please excuse me, I must go outside and have a moment!” Which was completely understood. Everyone was compassionate, helpful, and quite apologetic. Including when I contacted my previous Hosts to ask if I can return.

By the end of the day, I am picked up and returned to Hosts’ apartment…..”Of course you can come back!” (I am even brought some of my most favorites for dinner!! with a statement, “Dinner for the prison cell number 18” LOL) The perfect mechanic, in the pouring rain, offers to tow the Bullet. “I am not making any promises lady; however, I will take a look and call you tomorrow with the report.”

I get the call the next day, “Mam, it does not look good….your gonna need a new head, two valves, gaskets, and spark plug….at least.” I said…..”I need a new motorcycle!” He says, “Mam, I believe that would be a good idea!”

I place the order in the ethers…..”Spirit, you have brought several offers, they have been retracted…..the time is now, bring on the new ride and the abundance to do it with!”

I spend numerous hours the next couple of days looking at makes and models, being clear on my intention…..even go to see several, which made the intention even clearer. The abundance needed to do so, also is offered! and I am given a dollar amount to work with.

When I go to see the last one I had ‘picked out’ from what I could find on the internet in this area… was not even running! I hear my Inner Voice say, “Just go to the mechanic’s shop, it will all work out there.”

As we discuss the Royal Enfield’s demise, and the motorcycles I have been looking at and what I need, a motorcycle comes roaring in. It is one of the mechanics that actually work there….”Mam, I hear you are looking. What do you think of this one?” I go to sit on Her and She feels perfect! I share the extra things that I would need, “no problem, mam.” The price is perfect, and She is completely serviced, ready to go.

The shop decides they will take the Bullet’s title and see what they can do with Her, and give me some money out of Her to get me back on the road!! OMG! Thank you! And even on the 4th of July’s long weekend/week.


This motorcycle is free to go on highways, backroads, a full size tank, completely serviced, great seat, powerful, fully balanced and light. For me, it is like having a perfect mix of all the motorcycles in my past as one.

Now comes all the logistics of getting the monies transferred, titles, re-configuring all the gear once again. I will not go into all the specifics; however, let us just say that working with three states, internet money transfers, tags, and one title with a wrong VIN number. The Grace of the Divine has worked what I call Magic!! It is not fully complete; however, we are all taken care of for the time being and for that I am so grateful.

Even more so, none of this would have taken place without everyone’s compassionate generosity! From the tow truck driver, to the first mechanic, to the second mechanic, to my Hosts, to the generous donater, to the Uber drivers, and those of you who supported in prayer…the list could go on…

I have been on my knees in tears of gratitude over and over as each piece revealed. There are no words for how grateful I am and feel there is no amount I could ever give to repay.

I am grateful to go from the ‘ICrow Bullet’ to this new motorcycle who wants to be called ‘Jumanji RavCon.’ (Yes, I talk to Iron Ponies!)

I want to thank everyone who was part of Great Spirit’s Magic demonstrating this week for the ‘relaunch’ of this Compassion Ride for Animals……..first stop, Asheville to launch the website for URI’s Compassion for All Living Beings CC.

Animals are Mirrors

When I was operating the “Doghouse” I shared earlier, before I had my breakdown there would be 7-15 dogs in my care at any given time. Many times, especially with certain the female dogs, I would have to have muzzles on some or keep them seperated in different yards. When I began my healing path, I took a look at myself, my beliefs around females. Am I the one who wants to fight other women? Yes.

Taking an honest look at my family history, beliefs, and even treatment which reinforced those (by Law of Attraction) I could see where these female dogs were absolutely mirroring my beliefs and perspectives which I was taught.

Taking a look at these female dogs wanting to fight from this different angle, gave me an opportunity to heal and change my beliefs. When I admitted that ‘yes, I want to hurt other women because of how they hurt me,’ and that this is not who I want to be, nor is it the truth of who I am, and this is certainly not what I believe the Great Mystery to be, and especially not Mary, Quan Yin, or any other Divine Feminine representation. I believe in peace, compassion, harmony, and the nurturing presence of our Divine Feminine.

As I began feeling this within myself, trusting the Great Spirit more, and the innate goodness of the Christ Spirit within each of us, I began noticing not only my own relationships with women beginning to heal, but those female dogs at the ‘DogHouse’ began healing too. It was not long that I had 15-30 dogs I began caring for at any one time and there were no muzzles to be found. I threw them out. There were also no locked gates seperating the dogs or yards.

This Truth held true in every workshop, behavioural session, and even consulting program in the United States. So, I took it to India, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and Costa Rica. It still holds true. The non-human animals mirror the human. Heal the human, heal the non-human animals. Change the behavior of the human, the animal companions behavior changes naturally. Simple, not always easy.

The other side of this is just as simple. All that unconditional love, being in-the-moment, playfulness, joy, faithfulness, dedication, and all those other qualities we love about our fellow animals is also within us to connect with. If we see it, we got it.

Synchronized Blessings

I am sitting in a meeting with a homeless organization called Silver Deming Linings (which is an inspiring story in itself) when a volunteer comes walking in a bit late sharing how over 170 asylum seekers have been dropped off at a local McDonald’s 24 hours ago. A group of volunteers have been setting up an emergency shelter for them at the local fairgrounds. Deming, NM is in what is considered the poorest county in the poorest state, and now will be receiving hundreds of ‘houseless’ on a daily basis, along with the ones who already live on the streets of this city, not to mention the numerous Veterans needing assistance. What I will say is that I have witnessed some truly rich hearts in this city!

After unloading a semi full of donated clothing, our volunteers reach the 5 pallets of 32,000 meals weighing in at 7,500 lbs

Now, as a motorcycle-riding Animal Chaplain, I get posts from motorcycle groups, and ‘just happened’ to receive one from a group of motorcyclists in Las Cruces who delivered thousands of “Pack Away Hunger” meals to Asylum Seekers there. My thought was, Las Cruces has many resources than Deming! What about little known Deming!?

A majority of the meals even showed up in reused boxes

My nonprofit (Apithan Ministries/AHOWAN Sanctuary) reached out to “Pack Away Hunger” … How can we get meals sponsored and delivered here? And, because of the concerns (rightfully so) that we need to care for those that are already in our town, as well as the Asylum Seekers, can we get meals for them as well because resources have been stretched considerably due to accommodating the Asylum Seekers. They responded generously and eagerly. This is how it goes…

32,000 meals! These 5 skids reach from top to bottom!

Pack Away Hunger is a nonprofit who packs emergency nutrient rich meals that are sponsored by individuals or organizations. Within a week, we got sponsored by another nonprofit (an anonymous church) for our 32,000 meals (estimated at $9,000)!! All my organization needed to do was to come up with the shipping costs, which we were told the shipment to NM was about $550. So we (Apithan Ministries/AHOWAN Sanctuary) put out a fundraiser and raised $600, a little over just to be safe.

The meals get packed. They are ready to ship. We have raised the funds; however, upon contacting shipping companies, even with their ‘so-called’ discounts, we were looking at $2000 to ship them to us! Pack Away Hunger said, “Let us look into some other options and see what we can do. Rest assured, we will get these meals to you somehow.”

Once on the UHaul reaching Deming, all the boxed meals had to be unloaded one-by-one by these three dedicated volunteers!

The next nonprofit organization steps up within a week. The Orphan Grain Train has a semi coming to El Paso (to another nonprofit missionary church) and will gladly put our 5 pallets on the truck; however, we must pick up the meals on the morning the semi-truck arrives. The missionary church has nowhere to store them to await our arrival. AND Pack Away Hunger had already checked on how much we can rent a UHaul for. It is within the $600 we raised! Now to schedule/rent the UHaul, find a driver and some loading/unloading assistance! The call is put out, and three enthusiastic volunteers step forward! All the arrangements are made. The recipients are contacted.

The skids are divided up between the 4 nonprofits, approximately 2,600 meals each to Deming Silver Linings, Healing House, and Veterans Assistance, and the remaining 24,000 to the Asylum Seekers

So, the morning of the Orphan Grain Train’s semi-truck arrival, 3 men and UHaul truck meet up at the missionary church. After unexpectedly assisting unloading a semi-full of donated clothing there in El Paso to reach the 5 pallets of meals destined for Deming, NM, they load up 5 pallets of meals and drive to Deming, NM several hours behind schedule to unload and distribute these 7,500 lbs worth of vegan MRE style meals. (Yes, they are vegan, which for my nonprofit is a huge bonus of integrity! These meals are compassionate for ALL Animals)

Animal friendly ingredients too! A

They reach Deming, NM and are quite determined to fulfill the promise of delivering these 32,000 donated meals to all 4 of the destined nonprofits that day! The recipients: Helping Hands in care of the Healing House (domestic violence women’s shelter), Veteran’s Assistance, Deming Silver Linings (homeless assistance), and the Asylum Seekers. And they succeeded and still made the deadline of the 5:00 PM return of the UHaul truck! What a team effort! One of the volunteers stated, “Wow! I have met so many wonderful people today, from the semi-driver, to the helpers in El Paso, to all of the folks in Deming!”

THANK YOU to all the organizations and people that made this possible for the community of Deming, NM … a city that may be considered the poorest; however, is definitely rich in heart and well-deserving of such a generous donation for its citizens,

AND what a team effort of all these ‘not-so-well-known nonprofits’ coordinating through this series of events to benefit the souls all these nonprofits are serving … and they are all strictly volunteers (non of these nonprofits have paid employees that I am aware of and if so, I am sure it is quite minimal.)

What a Godsend, a series of synchronized events and dedicated people which brings tears to my eyes, hope to my heart, awe to my Soul, and a renewed faith in our humanity. I feel so gratefully blessed to have gotten to witness this generous web of nonprofits and heart-centered people that was weaved by our One God, which truly is the only one that could have synchronized all this with such Grace.

My Best Partner

There is one thing I believe I know for sure, our relationships are a reflection of our relationships with our Higher Power, and I can say I am quite grateful and feel blessed with mine.

My Daymon is my closest ‘Partner’ and has become over the years the One and only ‘co-pilot’ for me with the Traveling Sanctuary. If He can’t go, I won’t go.

Jumanji, the Iron Pony, could be considered the Pilot 😂 well because, if She is not gonna run or something, there is no going right?! And well, I am along for the ride wherever that may be.

So, over the course of the years, the Iron Pony has changed makes and models… and Daymon has been there through other ‘Partners’ sometimes when needed; however, what I can say is, there has been a consistency.

The Iron Ponies have been amazing machines, seeming to do the impossible sometimes… I could definitely share some stories 😉 (inanimate object you say? Lol, I do not believe so) Just about every motorcycle rider out there will attest they each have their own spirit.

Well then, back to my Little Man Daymon…my one Partner who has never failed me, asked me to leave, or left me, and even when I have left Him, He has done this translocation through other Animals, never holding a grudge, (that was before the promise of not leaving him behind again). He is always happy to see me, never tries to ‘fix me’ or gets angry… He just loves me, just the way I am.

My Daymon comforts me without judgment or advice, picks up the pictures in my mind of what I want and does them without commands, most the time. Many times He knows exactly what I need or want even before I do.

He is always in a peaceful state, compassionate, alerts me when necessary, is an excellent ‘judge’ of character and is the healthiest little Cat/Dog I have ever known… (yes, He thinks He is part Cat) and when he has been ill, He recovers so quick, it is a miracle.

He is a born rider and traveler, making himself at home wherever we are summoned to go, will climb just about any Tree with me.

We will, do, and are leading and following each other anywhere together. He is my Sai Babi.

Ya know, When I named Him, I named Him after a Dragon that seduced a Goddess, I cannot remember the book/story it came out of 14 years ago, but I am so glad I did because He has lived up to it, over and over…

So… Who is your closest Partner?

Love Keeps Us Alive

After seeming to drive in circles, I arrive at a local Animal Shelter, have a Noon Animal Deeksha in the parking lot and go inside to volunteer with either walking some Dogs or gathering some info for a program (Homeless and Animals) in development… or so I thought. I have 30 minutes before the car is to be returned.

As I start to ask a few questions, a Homeless Lady walks in the door. She asks, “May I go get my Cat, Patches?” The Shelter worker states, “We do not have Patches here.” And so I begin witnessing a conversation of where and what happened to her Patches. Then, it is realized…Patches was in the care of a friend while the Lady went to the hospital. It seems Patches herself was also extremely ill, found to be contagious, and once she began sneezing blood was brought to the Animal Shelter having to be euthanized.

This Homeless Lady has just gotten out of a week long stay in the hospital, walked numerous miles to get to the Shelter to see Her beloved Patches and has just learned that She is gone. She is in shock, then in denial asking clarifying questions, and it briefly shifts to anger.

It was admirable how calm and ‘gently firm’ the Shelter workers were at doing their best to explain what happened and the grace that was bestowed upon Patches because of Her condition; however, Patches was all this Lady’s Animal Companion. She was what got her back from the hospital, and what motivated Her to come all the way to Shelter.

She is not here. There is no body. There is no burial site, no closure. it was becoming evident, no will to move forward. She is grieving and lost.

The words begin muttering out of my mouth, ‘What is your name, please?’ She responds and I share, “I am an Animal Chaplain and it would be an honor to pray with you, for Patches. We can have a little Ceremony for Patches, if you would like.” I will not forget those sorrowful eyes looking up at me from that chair, as seeming spark of glitter as She sputtered through Her tears, “Yes, please.” So, I ask if we can go to the pet cemetery.


We walk together past Her grocery cart, which only had 2 small empty yogurt containers, a cup of coffee and a bouquet of flowers. I ask if She would like to offer the flowers to Patches.

Honestly, I was not sure what I was gonna say or do; but I knew that if this was me, my Animal Companion, I would be in need of a compassionate hand to help me move forward. So, I took Her hand. She had Flowers in the other hand and as we walked, I asked Her to tell me about Patches.

She shares with me the last time She saw Patches before entering the hospital. How faithful Patches was all these years. How She promised She would be back for Her. And even how sorry She was for many things.

We entered the cemetery, and stood before an Altar of Cat statues, took turns speaking our prayers and found a safe place for the Flowers to be honored in Patches name. I fell in Love with Patches. I fell in Love with this Lady. And even more so, I fell in Love with the Love they shared.

As we walked back out, She stated, ‘I don’t know what I would have done if you were not here and I surely don’t feel like going to this 4 o’clock appt I have to be given a little permanent place. It is supposed to be a little apt for Patches and me to stay. I have no reason to go now. What am I going to do now.”


It was as if Patches was speaking through me next. It went something like: “You did come back for Patches. Patches loves you so much that She made sure you found Her so you would not be worrying about what happened. You are such a strong and brave woman to make it out here where this Shelter is. Don’t you believe that Patches would want you to go to that appt? Get that place? She wants you to get that apartment so you have a good place for Her to come back to you through another body. Patches will bring you another heart to love, and to love you as much as She loves you.”

I recall sharing with Her that it is by no accident that our Higher Power orchestrated us meeting to honor Patches and what our Animal Companions do for us in our lives.

As we make it back to our ‘vehicles,’ She asks for a ride, willing to leave the cart behind and states, “I’ll be right back. I must go inside and apologize to the Ladies.” I waited in admiration, once again for her kind thoughtfulness and willingness to ‘keep things right’ even in a moment like this. This is definitely one who has worked a 12-step program.

As we reach the parking lot in town where we go our separate ways, we share our gratitude with each other. And while holding hands we make a few promises…promises of hope for the days ahead, promises to the ‘Patches’ we carry in our hearts, and promises of another Animal blessing our lives as we keep our hearts open to accepting the Love that Animals know we are all worthy of….Thank you Great Spirit for our Natural Guidance and synchronizing together so eloquently for exactly what all of our hearts need, when we need it, and how we need it. 


Deming Animal Compassion Ride

Apithan Ministries is so grateful for the opportunity to work with the  compassionate, generous, and dedicated human Animals on behalf of our non-human Animals and one wonderful community!; for what turned out to coincided with the International Golden Rule Day.

Apithan Ministries organized a motorcycle (or Iron Pony) ride with a grant from The Awesome Project to benefit the Deming Luna County Humane Society, while planting the seeds of compassionate awareness by extending the Golden Rule for the treatment of animals in our food system.

We gathered a ‘Pack of Iron Ponies’ at MotoTech for a blessing on the morning of April 6th, chose a dog or cat to ride for, and saddled up for 158 miles as a single herd with a motto, “leave no animal behind,” up and through the Emory Pass where we were greeted by a herd of Deer as we entered.

We made our full pass arriving at the Deming Animal Shelter for a Shelter tour, an opportunity to meet & adopt the animal we rode for, a food and animal shelter blessing, and an inspiringly delicious Vegan meal and music! Not to mention the fun and laughter we had with 3 different Auctions!!

We are extremely grateful for all the sponsors, volunteers, and riders who helped make this successful event happen! We could not have done it without YOU!

The first Annual Deming Animal Compassion Ride raised $470 dollars! And we raised $60 for seeding a brand new program that Apithan Ministries introduced to Deming Silver Linings called the “Homeless’ Animal Companion Emergency Fund!”

PS Everyone was refilling their Vegan Chili bowls 2 and 3 times!!

Thank you MotoTech, Copperkettle, High Desert Veterinarian Clinic, Sunshine Grooming, Grow Your Tree Yoga, Pepper’s Supermarket, Tractor Supply, Al B’Jammin, Awesome Project, Deming Silver Linings, American Legion Riders, Busy Bee, Art on Wings, and Stoned Creations. (We surely hope we did not miss anyone!)

We are also happy to announce that the remaining food and supplies from the event was donated forward to Deming Silver Linings’ food pantry! And I was told those Homeless Humans loved the meal too!!

Check out that Vegan sausage being munched on and the vegan chili bowls do not have a drop left!

One last thing … Some gratitude and advice from a fellow rider:

“Do unto all Animals as one would have done unto oneself”

Please feel free to contact Apithan Ministries or the AHOWAN Traveling Spiritual Sanctuary for an Animal Compassion Ride to benefit an Animal facility or cause close your heart 💜

Navigating Oneself

There’s a few things I have learned about myself… and I am remembering once again.

I am one totally loyal dog, a quite independent cat, a stubborn mule with the determination of a badger. I have set out on a journey with my pathfinding wolfheart, and have circled around several times, the world included a few times.

I can feel those around me so much, wanting only the best, praying for the Highest Good to reveal all our desires and dreams. Many times I begin to chameleon myself and the dreams merge with no boundaries of whose is whose. Even though I know this takes place, I am like a Salmon heading upstream in a passionate fury.

I can leap like a Goat, and soar like an Eagle… I am resilient like a cockroach, and when a stream is complete having laid the seeds for now, the Eagle within me plucks me out, moving me to a new stream.

The Monkey Mind goes wild with all the buts, shoulda, coulda and what if’s.

There’s gratitude, there’s grief, and then there’s the ‘Well, what’s next? now what?’ as I dive in assessing my new stream and the continuance of a vision like some kind of mission.

One would think by now that I would have learned! There is a part of me that knows this, that understands and can ‘see it;’ however, I have not been able to hear the words to share it, because it is a feeling, and feelings or ‘knowings’ do not always have words.

Like a Giraffe, I can see the higher, bigger picture.. However, I am most vulnerable when I lower my head. So, I get caught up sometimes, and I get entangled in the material world with all the rules, protocols, and capitalism we have created. Living from the heart it feels as if all those obstacles we have created are just not necessary.

I believe this is one of my superpowers… especially when I pull out the Elephant in me to clear the way.

I have what I realize is my unique gift … Sometimes the Ant colonies got to get stirred up…I got this Anteater in me that does just that when I get a call saying, “Yes, we want something new, or we want to do differently, or please come help us, pray for us.”

I always bring in ritual or ceremony with Natural Law, bringing it back to the basics of our Universal Laws. So, it is like a portal is opened up, energies are shifted, beliefs revealed, vibrations raised. It can send some into an aha! And some into a scurry. Once this happens and shifts are made, this is where the ‘little ego me’ can get caught up, when my ‘monkey mind’ can start entangling me, and my heart is filled with so much compassion… well, there is just something I gotta do…

My ministry and the groups I am working with’s ‘visions’ are actually One as the Law of Attraction provides in many levels; however, when I personally get too involved on the human level to ‘make it happen,’ that seems to be when I ‘get plucked out!’ And moved to the next stream to plant more seeds while those germinate and grow without my personal interference… ‘my work here is done’ at least for now as the team of Ants put all the new details together.

What I love is that there really is nothing ‘to do’ there is just to ‘be.’ Be the Ant that we are, it Fish, or even …

Let’s just say we all have our specialties, those things that makes us go ‘Mmmm.’ When we be them, when we share them, allowing others to be theirs, we all get to live in our ‘Mmm-fully.’ We mutually benefit from each other and with all living beings.

I am grateful for ‘being’ my hearts vision. Thank you so much for being yours.


Rev Ahowan ICrow

“The Black Dog”

It is like cruising through a sauna with the air so dry and hot as I travel to a home on my Jumanji, a 2004 Yamaha V-Star motorcycle, the nonprofit’s ‘Iron Pony.’  Her name is Jumanji because, well, that is a story for another time.

We pull up to a home in Phoenix, Arizona following the GPS on my iPhone to an address given by a Dog walking app.


All I know is I am here to walk a Great Dane. When I am greeted at the door, the Great Dane sniffs me, the eyes shift, and she lunges to snap at me. What a blessing the owner is home and has her on a leash! 

You see, I have this “Black Dog” who shows up. The aggressive one. First time at an Animal Sanctuary in India. The ‘Black Dog’ was forgotten in a back corner chained, starved and ignored in a kennel. When I found him, I felt compassion for him. I sat with him, offering food and treats, and I got to pet him… briefly. He tried to bite me. I prayed with him asking for his suffering to end. He died that evening.

2014-03-09 15.25.27

The ‘Black Dog’ shows again in India at a second Animal Ashram. This time ‘Blackie’ accepted treats, and let me pet him one brief time, then bit me and a good one! An elder befriended Blackie. He got controlled outings, was loved, well-fed, healthy and being rehabilitated. I will never forget ‘Blackie’ standing on the porch gazing at me when I left the Ashram that day. It was like He was saying, “We are not done yet.”


I return to the USA and am gifted a little Chihuahua. He had skin conditions and an attitude. The words “Anyone who is willing to take a chance with him, we are willing to take a chance on you. Good luck. He’s all yours,” as he is handed over to me.


I remember the moment I turned to look at him and said, “OMG, you are the ‘Black Dog,’ and you are in my bed.” His name was Napoleon. Let us just say, we all have a ‘Napoleon’ or ‘Blackie.’ Remember the story of the young native who asks his Grandfather about feeling like having two wolves living inside of him? One White, One Black. The young native asks, “Which one wins?”

Well, it seems I starved mine once, turned ‘it’ over and now it is in my bed with me, literally…

I rehabilitated my Napoleon with a lot of love, understanding, reiki, meditation, spiritual mind treatments and compassion. The tools I have learned works miracles…within a two month period, Napoleon was ready for adoption. I got intimate with my own inner “Black Dog” inside me.


So now, here I am with this Great Dane…

The owner acts all surprised; however, as we talk I realize the owner knows her Dane is aggressive but is embarrassed by it. I share my compassion and experience, and that I am willing to work with them. We set up a schedule.

I begin treatments right away…not on the Great Dane, not on the owner, but I begin delving into me again. I am the one attracting “Blackie.”. I am the aggressive Great Dane.


As we do our two 30 minute walks each week, I notice when she begins to get aggressive, lunging and wanting to attack is when she gets unsure, frightened, or feels she needs to defend me. She would stop me frequently from walking by leaning into me, wanting reassurance that she is okay and loved…it was not long before I noticed She began emulating my confidence and enthusiasm ‘aggressively.’

I had 4 weeks with Dane. Interestingly enough She was harlequin…neither white or black…but both. Aggression itself is neither good nor bad, it is how we use it, constructively or destructively?  and where it is coming from…fear or love.

By the last week, we are trotting down the road enjoying our walking adventure, so I take off her muzzle. She is feeling free, confident, and I got the sweetest kisses ever! We were completely in love!  


Several months later I get a Dog that has been walked before by other walkers. There is a list of warnings for the walker. “My Dog is very shy, will act like she’ll bite, please take your time.” A Dogue de Bordeaux and there is no owner. I take a deep breath, affirm MY Truth, remember Dane, get the ‘Vibration’ going we had and walk in. The Dog comes running to me! Full of kisses!  


So, for me, instead of running away, starving, ignoring, turning over or even ‘blaming another’ for  “Blackie,” I made friends, no… I fell in love with my “Black Dog” and all ‘it’ has taught me…up until now.


Rev MyShell Howler aka Ahowan ICrow is an Outreach RScP, OAC, and Humane Minister. President, Founder, and Spiritual Leader of Apithan Ministries, AHOWAN Traveling Spiritual Sanctuary and the Rashini Centers for Spiritual Living Study Group.

Vegan…What does that REALLY mean?

I can give you the definition according to Wikipedia

I can tell you what the main World Religions say about ‘how to treat’ Animals…

I can also explain what the difference is between Vegan and Vegetarian…and be sure to take the time read here as well.

However, in honor of World Vegan Day, let me share with you the reasons I feel so passionate about ‘it ‘ (veganism and animals) in my heart and what lead my non-profit to join United Religions Initiative years back as I was becoming an Ordained Animal Chaplain and Humane Minister.

I had been on several ‘Compassion Rides for Animals” with my non-profit ( in numerous countries to share the message that if we want peace, we must honor the animals. The message for the Rides was, “The animals can live without the human; however, the human cannot live without the animals. What we do to them we do to ourselves. So, what if saving the animals, IS saving the earth.” (There is now a group called that!)


I have since joined a passionate group of “Animal Compassionistas” called the Compassion For All Living Beings CC and we are inviting others to join us!

Here is my deeper reasoning for being Vegan (besides loving animals, my health, and our Mother Earth).

The Golden Rule is present in every major religion and most cultures, each expressing it in their own words. Basically, it is, “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.” And each of tradition has a reference to include all living beings.

The original definition of animal comes from the Latin word ‘anima’ which meant “any living being.” We are all animals, we are all living beings. Which means the Golden Rule applies to us all, any living being.


So, when we put the Golden Rule and animal together with those things we say we all want: peace, freedom, equality, dignity, respect… at least we say we do…we must, therefore, want all of these for everyone.

What we want is a world that works for everyone, and for the Mother Earth to continue to support the lives of our children.

So, let’s take into account all that “being Vegan” is. It is a living practice of the Golden Rule, including the ‘animal tenets’ of all the major religions and cultures. It is covered in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, part of the URI PPP’s and definitely covers ALL of life… including, but not limited to: humans, soil, water, women, men, religions, hunger, cultures, children, the environment, and Mother Earth herself, by giving the very freedom, peace, equality, dignity, and respect to ALL living beings in a way that is sustainable for Mother Earth and all of us who reside.


Let’s face it…being Vegan adheres to all of it, even in the absence of religion, culture or a national boundary. It is a global ‘thing.’ It is about opening one’s heart to the realization of “What we give or do to any animal, human or not, we get it back in return.” And today’s world is absolutely demonstrative of how many of us have not been living with “e” for empathy towards animals, (knowingly or unknowingly) which is why the United Nations itself is calling for us all to switch to a plant-based diet or in other words to be ‘Vegan‘.


So, for me this term we use, ‘Vegan,’ incorporates so much more to me than the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and the products we use. For me, it is the Golden Rule “Do unto others as you would have done unto you” practiced with all living beings, including human Animals.

In practice, veganism has no real need for religious affinity… it is a human ‘thing, ‘ no more like a humane ‘thing.’ allowing the ‘e’ to be for empathy.

Being Vegan for me is a basic philosophy for treating all life with equality. When we teach our children that we eat these animals, and we wear these animals, but we pamper these other animals, it’s undeniable that we are teaching discrimination. Just like the undeniable connection science has proven when a child is abusive to an animal they will soon be abusive to other humans.

So, in honor of ALL these, and especially in honor of World Vegan Day, Apithan Ministries has taken a public stand with joining the “Prevent Year Zero Declaration.”

I hope something ‘vegan’ gets stirred in your heart, may you eat Vegan along with the Parliament of World Religions this November 1st and let us all unite to include ALL living beings, every day, with every meal, with every decision.

Join the Prevent Year Zero Declaration, here is a Vegan Starter Kit, and here is a beginning Environmental Toolkit, AND be sure to share your Declaration and experiences of the kits with Compassion for All Living Beings CC!

From my heart to your heart,

May we have Peace with all Animals,

Rev Ahowan ICrow, HM, OAC, RScP                   IMG_2341.JPG

On behalf of Compassion for All Living Beings CC, a cooperation circle of the URI Multi-Region  

“The motivation behind vegan living is the universal spiritual principle of compassion that has been articulated both secularly and through the world’s religious traditions; the difference lies in veganism’s insistence that this compassion be actually practiced. The words of Donald Watson, who created the term “vegan” in 1944, reveal this practical orientation and it bears repeating:

“Veganism denotes a philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practical, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing, or any other purpose; and by extension promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of humans, animals, and the environment.”

Will Tuttle “World Peace Diet”