Deming Animal Compassion Ride

Apithan Ministries is so grateful for the opportunity to work with the  compassionate, generous, and dedicated human Animals on behalf of our non-human Animals and one wonderful community!; for what turned out to coincided with the International Golden Rule Day.

Apithan Ministries organized a motorcycle (or Iron Pony) ride with a grant from The Awesome Project to benefit the Deming Luna County Humane Society, while planting the seeds of compassionate awareness by extending the Golden Rule for the treatment of animals in our food system.

We gathered a ‘Pack of Iron Ponies’ at MotoTech for a blessing on the morning of April 6th, chose a dog or cat to ride for, and saddled up for 158 miles as a single herd with a motto, “leave no animal behind,” up and through the Emory Pass where we were greeted by a herd of Deer as we entered.

We made our full pass arriving at the Deming Animal Shelter for a Shelter tour, an opportunity to meet & adopt the animal we rode for, a food and animal shelter blessing, and an inspiringly delicious Vegan meal and music! Not to mention the fun and laughter we had with 3 different Auctions!!

We are extremely grateful for all the sponsors, volunteers, and riders who helped make this successful event happen! We could not have done it without YOU!

The first Annual Deming Animal Compassion Ride raised $470 dollars! And we raised $60 for seeding a brand new program that Apithan Ministries introduced to Deming Silver Linings called the “Homeless’ Animal Companion Emergency Fund!”

PS Everyone was refilling their Vegan Chili bowls 2 and 3 times!!

Thank you MotoTech, Copperkettle, High Desert Veterinarian Clinic, Sunshine Grooming, Grow Your Tree Yoga, Pepper’s Supermarket, Tractor Supply, Al B’Jammin, Awesome Project, Deming Silver Linings, American Legion Riders, Busy Bee, Art on Wings, and Stoned Creations. (We surely hope we did not miss anyone!)

We are also happy to announce that the remaining food and supplies from the event was donated forward to Deming Silver Linings’ food pantry! And I was told those Homeless Humans loved the meal too!!

Check out that Vegan sausage being munched on and the vegan chili bowls do not have a drop left!

One last thing … Some gratitude and advice from a fellow rider:

“Do unto all Animals as one would have done unto oneself”

Please feel free to contact Apithan Ministries or the AHOWAN Traveling Spiritual Sanctuary for an Animal Compassion Ride to benefit an Animal facility or cause close your heart 💜

Navigating Oneself

There’s a few things I have learned about myself… and I am remembering once again.

I am one totally loyal dog, a quite independent cat, a stubborn mule with the determination of a badger. I have set out on a journey with my pathfinding wolfheart, and have circled around several times, the world included a few times.

I can feel those around me so much, wanting only the best, praying for the Highest Good to reveal all our desires and dreams. Many times I begin to chameleon myself and the dreams merge with no boundaries of whose is whose. Even though I know this takes place, I am like a Salmon heading upstream in a passionate fury.

I can leap like a Goat, and soar like an Eagle… I am resilient like a cockroach, and when a stream is complete having laid the seeds for now, the Eagle within me plucks me out, moving me to a new stream.

The Monkey Mind goes wild with all the buts, shoulda, coulda and what if’s.

There’s gratitude, there’s grief, and then there’s the ‘Well, what’s next? now what?’ as I dive in assessing my new stream and the continuance of a vision like some kind of mission.

One would think by now that I would have learned! There is a part of me that knows this, that understands and can ‘see it;’ however, I have not been able to hear the words to share it, because it is a feeling, and feelings or ‘knowings’ do not always have words.

Like a Giraffe, I can see the higher, bigger picture.. However, I am most vulnerable when I lower my head. So, I get caught up sometimes, and I get entangled in the material world with all the rules, protocols, and capitalism we have created. Living from the heart it feels as if all those obstacles we have created are just not necessary.

I believe this is one of my superpowers… especially when I pull out the Elephant in me to clear the way.

I have what I realize is my unique gift … Sometimes the Ant colonies got to get stirred up…I got this Anteater in me that does just that when I get a call saying, “Yes, we want something new, or we want to do differently, or please come help us, pray for us.”

I always bring in ritual or ceremony with Natural Law, bringing it back to the basics of our Universal Laws. So, it is like a portal is opened up, energies are shifted, beliefs revealed, vibrations raised. It can send some into an aha! And some into a scurry. Once this happens and shifts are made, this is where the ‘little ego me’ can get caught up, when my ‘monkey mind’ can start entangling me, and my heart is filled with so much compassion… well, there is just something I gotta do…

My ministry and the groups I am working with’s ‘visions’ are actually One as the Law of Attraction provides in many levels; however, when I personally get too involved on the human level to ‘make it happen,’ that seems to be when I ‘get plucked out!’ And moved to the next stream to plant more seeds while those germinate and grow without my personal interference… ‘my work here is done’ at least for now as the team of Ants put all the new details together.

What I love is that there really is nothing ‘to do’ there is just to ‘be.’ Be the Ant that we are, it Fish, or even …

Let’s just say we all have our specialties, those things that makes us go ‘Mmmm.’ When we be them, when we share them, allowing others to be theirs, we all get to live in our ‘Mmm-fully.’ We mutually benefit from each other and with all living beings.

I am grateful for ‘being’ my hearts vision. Thank you so much for being yours.


Rev Ahowan ICrow

“The Black Dog”

It is like cruising through a sauna with the air so dry and hot as I travel to a home on my Jumanji, a 2004 Yamaha V-Star motorcycle, the nonprofit’s ‘Iron Pony.’  Her name is Jumanji because, well, that is a story for another time.

We pull up to a home in Phoenix, Arizona following the GPS on my iPhone to an address given by a Dog walking app.


All I know is I am here to walk a Great Dane. When I am greeted at the door, the Great Dane sniffs me, the eyes shift, and she lunges to snap at me. What a blessing the owner is home and has her on a leash! 

You see, I have this “Black Dog” who shows up. The aggressive one. First time at an Animal Sanctuary in India. The ‘Black Dog’ was forgotten in a back corner chained, starved and ignored in a kennel. When I found him, I felt compassion for him. I sat with him, offering food and treats, and I got to pet him… briefly. He tried to bite me. I prayed with him asking for his suffering to end. He died that evening.

2014-03-09 15.25.27

The ‘Black Dog’ shows again in India at a second Animal Ashram. This time ‘Blackie’ accepted treats, and let me pet him one brief time, then bit me and a good one! An elder befriended Blackie. He got controlled outings, was loved, well-fed, healthy and being rehabilitated. I will never forget ‘Blackie’ standing on the porch gazing at me when I left the Ashram that day. It was like He was saying, “We are not done yet.”


I return to the USA and am gifted a little Chihuahua. He had skin conditions and an attitude. The words “Anyone who is willing to take a chance with him, we are willing to take a chance on you. Good luck. He’s all yours,” as he is handed over to me.


I remember the moment I turned to look at him and said, “OMG, you are the ‘Black Dog,’ and you are in my bed.” His name was Napoleon. Let us just say, we all have a ‘Napoleon’ or ‘Blackie.’ Remember the story of the young native who asks his Grandfather about feeling like having two wolves living inside of him? One White, One Black. The young native asks, “Which one wins?”

Well, it seems I starved mine once, turned ‘it’ over and now it is in my bed with me, literally…

I rehabilitated my Napoleon with a lot of love, understanding, reiki, meditation, spiritual mind treatments and compassion. The tools I have learned works miracles…within a two month period, Napoleon was ready for adoption. I got intimate with my own inner “Black Dog” inside me.


So now, here I am with this Great Dane…

The owner acts all surprised; however, as we talk I realize the owner knows her Dane is aggressive but is embarrassed by it. I share my compassion and experience, and that I am willing to work with them. We set up a schedule.

I begin treatments right away…not on the Great Dane, not on the owner, but I begin delving into me again. I am the one attracting “Blackie.”. I am the aggressive Great Dane.


As we do our two 30 minute walks each week, I notice when she begins to get aggressive, lunging and wanting to attack is when she gets unsure, frightened, or feels she needs to defend me. She would stop me frequently from walking by leaning into me, wanting reassurance that she is okay and loved…it was not long before I noticed She began emulating my confidence and enthusiasm ‘aggressively.’

I had 4 weeks with Dane. Interestingly enough She was harlequin…neither white or black…but both. Aggression itself is neither good nor bad, it is how we use it, constructively or destructively?  and where it is coming from…fear or love.

By the last week, we are trotting down the road enjoying our walking adventure, so I take off her muzzle. She is feeling free, confident, and I got the sweetest kisses ever! We were completely in love!  


Several months later I get a Dog that has been walked before by other walkers. There is a list of warnings for the walker. “My Dog is very shy, will act like she’ll bite, please take your time.” A Dogue de Bordeaux and there is no owner. I take a deep breath, affirm MY Truth, remember Dane, get the ‘Vibration’ going we had and walk in. The Dog comes running to me! Full of kisses!  


So, for me, instead of running away, starving, ignoring, turning over or even ‘blaming another’ for  “Blackie,” I made friends, no… I fell in love with my “Black Dog” and all ‘it’ has taught me…up until now.


Rev MyShell Howler aka Ahowan ICrow is an Outreach RScP, OAC, and Humane Minister. President, Founder, and Spiritual Leader of Apithan Ministries, AHOWAN Traveling Spiritual Sanctuary and the Rashini Centers for Spiritual Living Study Group.

Vegan…What does that REALLY mean?

I can give you the definition according to Wikipedia

I can tell you what the main World Religions say about ‘how to treat’ Animals…

I can also explain what the difference is between Vegan and Vegetarian…and be sure to take the time read here as well.

However, in honor of World Vegan Day, let me share with you the reasons I feel so passionate about ‘it ‘ (veganism and animals) in my heart and what lead my non-profit to join United Religions Initiative years back as I was becoming an Ordained Animal Chaplain and Humane Minister.

I had been on several ‘Compassion Rides for Animals” with my non-profit ( in numerous countries to share the message that if we want peace, we must honor the animals. The message for the Rides was, “The animals can live without the human; however, the human cannot live without the animals. What we do to them we do to ourselves. So, what if saving the animals, IS saving the earth.” (There is now a group called that!)


I have since joined a passionate group of “Animal Compassionistas” called the Compassion For All Living Beings CC and we are inviting others to join us!

Here is my deeper reasoning for being Vegan (besides loving animals, my health, and our Mother Earth).

The Golden Rule is present in every major religion and most cultures, each expressing it in their own words. Basically, it is, “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.” And each of tradition has a reference to include all living beings.

The original definition of animal comes from the Latin word ‘anima’ which meant “any living being.” We are all animals, we are all living beings. Which means the Golden Rule applies to us all, any living being.


So, when we put the Golden Rule and animal together with those things we say we all want: peace, freedom, equality, dignity, respect… at least we say we do…we must, therefore, want all of these for everyone.

What we want is a world that works for everyone, and for the Mother Earth to continue to support the lives of our children.

So, let’s take into account all that “being Vegan” is. It is a living practice of the Golden Rule, including the ‘animal tenets’ of all the major religions and cultures. It is covered in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, part of the URI PPP’s and definitely covers ALL of life… including, but not limited to: humans, soil, water, women, men, religions, hunger, cultures, children, the environment, and Mother Earth herself, by giving the very freedom, peace, equality, dignity, and respect to ALL living beings in a way that is sustainable for Mother Earth and all of us who reside.


Let’s face it…being Vegan adheres to all of it, even in the absence of religion, culture or a national boundary. It is a global ‘thing.’ It is about opening one’s heart to the realization of “What we give or do to any animal, human or not, we get it back in return.” And today’s world is absolutely demonstrative of how many of us have not been living with “e” for empathy towards animals, (knowingly or unknowingly) which is why the United Nations itself is calling for us all to switch to a plant-based diet or in other words to be ‘Vegan‘.


So, for me this term we use, ‘Vegan,’ incorporates so much more to me than the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and the products we use. For me, it is the Golden Rule “Do unto others as you would have done unto you” practiced with all living beings, including human Animals.

In practice, veganism has no real need for religious affinity… it is a human ‘thing, ‘ no more like a humane ‘thing.’ allowing the ‘e’ to be for empathy.

Being Vegan for me is a basic philosophy for treating all life with equality. When we teach our children that we eat these animals, and we wear these animals, but we pamper these other animals, it’s undeniable that we are teaching discrimination. Just like the undeniable connection science has proven when a child is abusive to an animal they will soon be abusive to other humans.

So, in honor of ALL these, and especially in honor of World Vegan Day, Apithan Ministries has taken a public stand with joining the “Prevent Year Zero Declaration.”

I hope something ‘vegan’ gets stirred in your heart, may you eat Vegan along with the Parliament of World Religions this November 1st and let us all unite to include ALL living beings, every day, with every meal, with every decision.

Join the Prevent Year Zero Declaration, here is a Vegan Starter Kit, and here is a beginning Environmental Toolkit, AND be sure to share your Declaration and experiences of the kits with Compassion for All Living Beings CC!

From my heart to your heart,

May we have Peace with all Animals,

Rev Ahowan ICrow, HM, OAC, RScP                   IMG_2341.JPG

On behalf of Compassion for All Living Beings CC, a cooperation circle of the URI Multi-Region  

“The motivation behind vegan living is the universal spiritual principle of compassion that has been articulated both secularly and through the world’s religious traditions; the difference lies in veganism’s insistence that this compassion be actually practiced. The words of Donald Watson, who created the term “vegan” in 1944, reveal this practical orientation and it bears repeating:

“Veganism denotes a philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practical, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing, or any other purpose; and by extension promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of humans, animals, and the environment.”

Will Tuttle “World Peace Diet”

Whose Animals, Whose Way

“My way is the right way.”

Oh, how funny is that?!

It may be right for the one speaking it, and that is all. We all have “our right way.” Saying that one is right or one is wrong is like saying the Creator is wrong.


That being said, I share my ‘Vegan’ perspective now and then, or other animal-related, environmental, or otherwise now and then… (OK, you probably know I have and I will) … because I feel passionate about Peace, Animals, and Life. My passion is my life….. always has been, always will be. For me, it is what makes life worth living. Animals do that for me…including those Iron Ponies called motorcycles.





I trust my family of Human Animals will remember I am not telling you I know it all, that either of us is right or wrong, or attempting to change your mind….because you are one of those Animals, I do not intend to tell you what your truth is: I can only share you mine, and know that you may find something in it that brings you closer to yours.

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Rumi says: “out beyond ideas of right or wrong, there is a field…I will meet you there”.

Just as the non-human Animals are who they are…I am who I am, and you can be who you are. If our views do not appear to align with one or the other, we can just move along our lives, peacefully, to our next experience…Hakuna Matata


Just remember, I love you…

We are all Animals of the One Animal so remember the Golden Rule

“Do unto others as you would have done unto you.”

Rev Ahowan ICrow RScP, OAC OHM

Founder and Spiritual Leader of Apithan Ministries, Co-founder and President of 501C3 Ahowan Sanctuary



Gratitude Heals Peacefully

International Day of Peace, 8 representatives, on what is believed the oldest set of Petroglyphs in Deming, NM. A SouthWest High Desert which has seen many conflicts years ago. The Gathering was planned; however, the rest was “An Open Space Ceremony.” Our intention, honoring the Animals (both human and non), honoring the sacredness of these lands, which have been abandoned, turned over to the Bureau of Land Management for Cattle and been desecrated by looters. This is what came through us…


APITHAN Ministries brought together a representative of several cultures for honoring Mother Earth, Her Waters, and Creatures. Each of the 7 representatives, (Indigenous, Spanish, Pioneer, Military, Miner, Missionary), all spoke gratitude for what ‘they’ brought these lands.



Ahowan ICrow, the Ceremony leader, finished the gratitude (8th representative) with the non-human Animals which labored, traveled, taught, fed and supported Humans, then and now.



The Sacred Directions Invocation and gratitude organically started us drumming a meditation, followed by a chanting blessing, and some storytelling. A rich Indigenous Creation story, how a Spirit Animal presented itself, WWI and cattle ranching.



Our Ceremony ended honoring the Sunset and Moonrise with a personal Eagle Song, singing John Lennon’s ‘Imagine,’ and voicing one word, “One.” 


Rev Ahowan ICrow OAC, RScP, OHM

Founder and Spiritual Leader of APITHAN Ministries, Co-founder and President of AHOWAN Traveling Sanctuary



Is Anger "Spiritual?"

We have all heard it, “You are a Spiritual person, you do Yoga, meditate and pray right? Then why do you get angry? Why you get angry with me? Why you show your anger with me?”  Maybe you have not; however, I have heard this myself.  For me, I have even heard the comparison (because I am an Animal Chaplain, a Humane Minister, ‘a holy person.’) “You say your a minister, a holy person, but Jesus never got angry…” Really? Yes,  Jesus and other holy people got and get angry and showed it. I get angry, raise my voice, and even ‘get depressed,’  I’ll give you an example, a story of my own.

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I am in India, three of the 5 times I went as a consultant for several Animal Ashrams. An Ashram is defined as ‘a hermitage, monastic community, or other place of religious retreat.’ These were Ashrams for Animals, where the Animals are considered part of the Divine. I am asked to help them organize the hospitality of the Animals, to define jobs, to ‘get good schedule’ for the Animals, to oversee these jobs and schedule and to get the Animal care ‘to more compassionate standards’ and ‘help us get more orderly.’ So I do, I watch what is taking place, make suggestions, and am told to instill or oversee them.

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When I first arrived in India, admittedly I was confused, angry, and most definitely a bit of sadness. I had some judgments about how I saw the Animals being treated, I was  angry and disappointed…a controlled wrath almost. I learned quickly my anger was my own judgment, especially from seeing the overwhelming misery and having expectations about what I heard or what is considered the “spiritual capital of the world.” I learned that standards of care are relative to the environment, religious beliefs, knowledge and caste systems. This is where I also learned a deepened sense of compassion and understanding not only for what the non-human Animals were demonstrating to us, but the human Animal as well. The words, “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do,” kept resounding through my mind.

I became no longer angry with the ‘other human,’ but a sense of gratitude and compassion deepened, for both the human and non-human. Just like me, they are all wanting to be better. That first consulting experience ended, and though I learned to speak, demonstrate, and witness some changes in the Ashram, the Animals and the people; when I returned for my next Ashram’s consultation, the anger from that point became an anger I directed at myself for feeling as if I have not ‘done enough,’ spoken up loudly and clearly enough. How come this message is not broadcast everywhere?

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You see, in all my visits I spoke up for the Animals’ care, how the Animals demonstrate what is going on in the human consciousness and by using the Golden Rule that is present in all religions, cultures, and faiths. I could see how it changed lives! Not just the non-human Animals, but it began with the human Animals’ lives.

With each instruction I gave, it was taken…”Yes, mam. Will do, mam;” however, not always implemented, or fully understood. Sometimes, Animals lives were at stake, or they were ‘suffering.’ I spoke harshly the second time I had to share, and if there was a third time I had to repeat myself, it came from a ‘not so pretty place,’ or resorted to doing/demonstrating myself. My justification was the Animals cannot speak for themselves. Then, I would get angry at myself for getting angry, and several times it took me to getting depressed. Sometimes, I would spend hours, days, or even weeks feeling as if there was ‘something wrong’ with me, my spirituality. One thing is for sure, a majority of the people I have met are angels who have taught me that their goodness, their determination that they want only the best for the Animals, and they want to be educated to do better to, and how we both can be better when we are willing to communicate openly from the heart,  setting our own judgments, assumptions, expectations and ‘shoulds’ aside.

Sometimes though, communication would stop. One of the humans would stop communicating with me. I would feel like a messenger who ‘got shot.’ Well, Jesus got crucified and Jesus did get angry . Actually, there are 7 moments when Jesus acted unlike what we call “Jesus” or “God-like.”  In an article written by Rational Christianity it states:

“Is such anger wrong? To say “God is never angry” or “God should never be angry” is to say that God shouldn’t be angry when innocent people are hurt or killed, or that he shouldn’t be angry that the Holocaust took place. There are different kinds of anger, as described in the Merriam-Webster dictionary:

ANGER, IRE, RAGE, FURY, INDIGNATION, WRATH mean an intense emotional state induced by displeasure. ANGER, the most general term, names the reaction but in itself conveys nothing about intensity or justification or manifestation of the emotional state <tried to hide his anger>. IRE, more frequent in literary contexts, may suggest greater intensity than anger, often with an evident display of feeling <cheeks flushed dark with ire>. RAGE suggests loss of self-control from violence of emotion <screaming with rage>. FURY is overmastering destructive rage that can verge on madness <in her fury she accused everyone around her of betrayal>. INDIGNATION stresses righteous anger at what one considers unfair, mean, or shameful <a refusal to listen that caused general indignation>. WRATH is likely to suggest a desire or intent to revenge or punish <rose in his wrath and struck his tormentor to the floor>.

Indignation, as described above, is what could be called righteous anger – anger at wrongdoing. This is Jesus’ anger, for Jesus is angered by wrongdoing. Clearly some forms of anger (such as fury as defined above) are wrong, and this is the anger that Jesus spoke out against in Matthew 5:22 – anger that is destructive and unnecessarily demeaning.”

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So, here is another statement I heard several times, “Give us the instructions, you are holy person. Let us get angry with them, you be like a Mother Teresa who never got angry…you just pray and give the instructions” Well, did she get angry? Yes, she did. And it is also noted she spent many years conquering her darkness.

As I read her story, even watched her movie, I can feel relate to her feelings, and this whole experience has brought me to a deeper awareness of myself, to what many of us who have come to an understanding of ‘letting go’ of what we believe it should be, and have faith in the “Power that be.” In other words, we ARE doing the will of our Inner God and if we have Faith in the one God that is leading us all, it is all good and as it shall be.  For who am I or any one of us to say, “What is good or bad, right or wrong.” It is these judgments and expectations that stir up our anger, rage, fury, and wrath.

So, What about the Buddha? Did the Buddha get angry? Yes, Buddha got angry, reprimanded, and even kicked a basin. Buddha’s anger was if you mistreat others, and though it was anger, it was shared constructively in a stern fashion, just as with Jesus and Mother Teresa, in a stern fashion so as to be heard.

So there is anger when we ‘do not get our way,’ our feelings are hurt, something touches our fear places, or we ‘think’ something should be different. These are ‘angers’ from our human ego. And, for myself, I will say that I felt that when I first went to India. However, when one is angry from a compassionate and empathetic place, a place from the heart while still authentically loving who they are working with, passionate about who they are working for, is it really anger? or is it more like Jesus, and Mother Teresa, an indignation and being a stern voice? However, does that make it right? Wrong? Spiritual? Non-spiritual? None of the above…it makes us compassionate humans.


So, just as St Francis…who, YES, also got angry, we all are learning to be aware of our emotions, where they are coming from, how to share our ‘indignation’ peacefully from a place within our hearts and with what calls our hearts.

I know for myself, the two most powerful emotions or feelings are gratitude and anger, and yet, at the core, they both are Love. This is the place I deepened into during that first consultation job. It grew with each consultation, and has continued to grow where I can I recognize it and transform it to a place of ‘compassionate apathy’ almost immediately. It is simple; however, it is not easy. However, the more you practice and surrender, the easier it can be.

Everything is what it is and it will be what it will be. Let your Heart lead the way.




World Religions and Animals

In honor of International Golden Rule Day…

Ahowan Speaks ICrow


by Ahowan ICrow
Though all religions and cultures do not have specific tenants which uphold a purely Vegan diet; they do uphold ethical, compassionate treatment of our fellow sentient beings, with full recognition all creatures are part of and created by our One Divine Power. For those religions or cultures which do acknowledge partaking of our fellow creatures, they are specific in the treating them with utmost sacredness and with the least amount of pain and/or suffering. All statements and commentary are direct quotingsfrom where they were referenced. The references for further information and reading is listed on the last page.

World Animal Religion

Official Statements on Animals
Human “dominion” is a call to serve creation as Christ serves us
Although the Bible states that humans have “dominion” over animals and the earth, this statement is not intended as “a license to dominate and exploit,” according to the…

View original post 4,130 more words

World Sentient Bill of Rights

For ALL Sentient Beings, not just human beings.

Until he extends his circle of compassion to include all living things, man will not himself find peace.” – Albert Schweitzer

I was introduced to a Global Bill of Rights. (follow link to see original)

When I heard of this Global Bill of Rights, I got excited. When I read the Global Bill of Rights, I was a bit disappointed that it did not extend to ALL Sentient Beings, for I know that what we do to others, we do to ourselves. Every religion, tradition, and culture at the core of their tenants has this “Golden Rule” and shares that it extends to all life forms.

There have been several countries which have extended “Rights” to Mother Earth and all Her creatures…Bolivia, Ecuador, New Zealand, to name just a few…

The CELDF (Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund) has introduced a Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth

I found myself writing, “I agree and believe in human rights; however, I believe and agree with the countries which have extended these same rights to all sentient beings and Mother Earth itself. These laws they have put into place are fostering and nurturing a degree of compassion and makes them mindful of the decisions they make to be beneficial not only to humans but the environment and non-human animals.”

So, I took the liberty to rewrite this Global Bill of Rights. Here is what came through… at this time…

I welcome your thoughts…


Article 1 Sentient Dignity

Sentient dignity is the source of all Universal rights, and every sentient being has the right to have enforced in court the rights stated herein, whether they are in their homeland, or any foreign land.

Article 2 Freedom of Speech and the Media

Every sentient being, through the media by the human, has the right to freedom of speech and their expression to be shared; this right includes freedom to see, receive and share information and ideas on public property, or private property that has been opened to the public such as shopping centers, wildlife sanctuaries, and zoos or private property which is in use for public inheritance such as animal agriculture, prisons, or laboratories, whether the ideas are popular or not, and to freely criticize government, religious or business leaders through any media and regardless of borders.

Article 3 Education

Everyone has the right to education, from preschool through college, for free or low cost, as defined by law. Parents have the responsibility to enroll their children in school, unless comparable schooling is offered at home.

All sentient beings have the right to nurture and care for their young they have born free of interference unless deemed harmful or neglective for the young, and has the right to compassionate help when deemed necessary.

Article 4 Freedom of Assembly and Association

All sentient beings have the right to gather and travel peacefully, in small groups or large ones, without weapons or the threat of weapons, be it for migration, watering holes, feeding, to hold meetings, rallies, demonstrations, marches and pickets on public lands and other public places. The Earth itself is a public land for all sentient beings.

Article 5 Health Care

All sentient beings have a right to free or low cost health care, including prenatal, vision, dental and mental care, as well as sufficient food necessary for good health as deemed by their species through scientific knowledge.

Article 6 Life

Nations may not practice capital punishment with any sentient being, and given that weapons of mass destruction entails a grave threat to the right of all sentient beings, the use of weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear, chemical, biological or other similar
types of weapons, is prohibited.

Article 7 Physical Integrity

Torture, cruel and degrading treatment of any sentient being is prohibited.

Article 8 Freedom of Worship

Every sentient being has the right to choose his or her own worship beliefs, way of life, or culture. For the human, government
and religion shall remain separate.

Article 9 Equality

Every sentient being is equal before the law and entitled to equal protection of the law, no sentient being shall be prejudiced or favored because of his or her species, race, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, age, color, disability, wealth, language, national origin, faith, religion or political opinion. In order to promote the achievement of equality, legislative and other measures designed to protect or advance a particular sentient being or categories thereof, shall be dismissed for the betterment of all life on Earth.

Article 10 Representative and Voting

All power to govern emanates from the voice of the human through their choice of representatives and not from military position, religion, caste, heredity or any non-elective title or position, therefore, anyone 18 years old, or older, has the right to run for office and to have the chance for election through a secret ballot. To ensure opportunities for widespread participation within the democratic process, and to protect against corruption, no political representative shall serve more than 18 years in one position. Only individuals, not corporations or other entities, shall be allowed to contribute money or other assets to candidates or ballot measures, but individuals may combine to contribute as a group. The total annual contribution by any individual, whether it is to one candidate or divided among several candidates and ballot measures, shall not exceed the median income for the country in which the person resides. Candidates must be willing to ensure the rights of all sentient beings with which we share this Earth with and cannot live here without.

Article 11 Environment

Every sentient being has the right to a clean and healthy environment deemed appropriate for their species, including water that is safe to drink, food that is safe to eat, and air that is safe to breathe. In addition, both for the benefit of future generations and all sentient beings, there is also a right to the preservation of all species’ habitats. All large scale development projects shall consider environmental impacts, including the opportunity for public review and comment.

Article 12 Shelter

Every sentient being has the right, along with his or her family, to shelter without disturbance or threat of harm and includes safe water, and sanitary conditions, as defined by law, electricity for the human. Every human or family given assistance with shelter has a responsibility to temporarily work at that shelter, or elsewhere to pay forward the assistance given.

Article 13 Physical and Intellectual Property

Every sentient being has the right to inhabit land, or own, buy and sell property. The government may not take lands inhabited or deemed sanctuaries for sentient beings without public vote and then it must pay market price for the property and provide an appropropriate alternative.The government must publish a public record showing precisely who owns the piece of property, the species affected, monetary value to be given and the appropriate alternatives. All sentient beings have the right to the protection of their property or lands. All humans have the right to their cultural, artistic, inventions, and ideas which is of their intellectual property.

Article 14 Labor

Every sentient being has the right to choose his or her occupation or profession and to be given a living wage for their work. All sentient beings also have a right to form, join, or have a voice (through a human) in a union and to participate in the activities and programs of a union, including the right to strike and collective bargaining. Every sentient being has the right to offer their services without force, punishment or be discard without due benefits, if they choose to not engage in the work willingly.

Article 15 Privacy and Information

Every sentient being shall have the right to privacy in his or her home, hotel room, vehicle, or vessel and to have interpersonal relations as they choose; therefore, eavesdropping or surveillance of private communications or relationships is forbidden without a court order as part of a criminal investigation, or in the case of the non-human, it shall be non-disruptive or harmful in any way and for scientific research purposes only. In addition, everyone has a right to access, obtain, and correct information collected about them by the government or private companies, unless such information is part of a criminal investigation or prosecution.

Article 16 Family Life

All sentient beings of full age have the right court, partner and engage with whom they choose. Humans have the right to marry and choose who they will marry. Men and women are entitled to equal rights at marriage, during marriage and at its dissolution.

Article 17 Children

Every sentient being’s child has the right to its Mother and/or parents and shall not be taken by force unless proven harmful to the child or has been given up due to death or disability. Every human child has a right to a name and a nationality from birth. No sentient child while under the explicit care of its parents or under the age of said given adulthood (human is 18) may be recruited as a soldier or otherwise used in armed conflict, even voluntarily. Human children 16 or younger shall not work full time during school hours unless provisions for homeschooling have been established, as defined by law.

Article 18 Citizenship and Movement

All sentient beings have the right to live, move, and migrate freely through any country or land. Sentient beings cannot be withheld from their movements given by their nature, or to protect themselves and have the right to travel freely without fences, borders, traps, or gunfire unless deemed unnecessarily harmful to themselves or others. Sentient beings have the right to bridges, tunnels, trails, roads, and pathways which can and shall be built and respected for all to travel safely.

Currently, as per countries and their boundaries, every human has the right to a document of citizenship. No citizen may have his or her citizenship revoked, nor may any citizen be denied the right to enter freely and leave his or her country. Citizens also have the responsibility to share the costs of public expenditures, including the payment of taxes. To prevent the misuse of taxes, every citizen has the right to present misuse of taxes and any person who presents evidence to their government of the improper use of government funds, and the government retrieves some or all of those funds, may receive 5%-20% of that amount, plus attorney’s fees and costs, as determined by the Court.

Article 19 Culture

Every sentient being has a right to his or her cultural identity, including the right to use his or her own language and engage in his or her own cultural traditions, provided that such exercise does not prevent the traditions of others, or violate the rights embodied in this Bill of Rights.

Article 20 Arrest and Fair Trial

No sentient being shall be killed, arrested or imprisoned without a judicial warrant, unless the arrest occurs during, or shortly after, the commission of a crime. Every arrestee has the right to counsel. Any charges shall be made in a courtroom open to the public, including the news media. The arrestee has the right to personally appear in court and have the validity of the arrest or detention determined within 72 hours by an independent judge, and to have their counsel and public present when this determination is made. Every human being who is charged with any criminal offense has the right to be released prior to trial absent a showing that they will flee or are a danger to others. Every trial includes a fair public hearing within three months from arrest by an independent and impartial court, or a jury of at least six of his or her fellow citizens, at the choice of the person arrested. All sentient beings charged have the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Article 21 Search and Seizure

Every sentient being is protected from unreasonable searches, invasions, and being seized, or violated in any way in their home or travels. Every human is protected from the same with their car and belongings such as a phone or computer, work, lockers, ect.

Therefore, a warrant must be obtained from the court prior to the search or seizure unless the search or seizure occurs during or shortly after the commission of a crime, there is a threat of danger to the officer or another person, and there is evidence linking the items seized to the crime.

Article 22 Due Process of Law

Every sentient being is entitled to fair procedures to safeguard his or her rights, therefore, no one may be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law. To insure the full realization of rights, every sentient being is entitled to counsel in a court of law when the rights listed in this Bill of Rights are at issue against the government, a government official, or a private individual acting closely with government officials or on behalf of the government. a court of law.

Article 23 Responsibility for Violation of Rights

Any private individual, private or public company, or public official, agent or employee of the government, as well as the government itself, that violates the rights set forth in this Bill of Rights, is not immune from liability, qualified or otherwise, and is responsible to pay damages, including attorney’s fees and costs, to the person or in the name of such sentient being whose rights have been violated.

Article 24 Trial for Violation of Rights

Any person, organization, or company who claims a violation of this Bill of Rights by government officials, agents, or employees, or any private individual or private or public company, shall have a right to a trial by a judge, or a jury of at least six of his or her fellow citizens, at their selection, to decide if these rights have been violated, and they may also obtain injunctive relief from the Court either stopping or requiring an act in accordance with the application of the rights herein. Whether the case is decided by the Court, or a jury, a written public decision will be issued, determining if these rights have been violated.

Article 25 Independent Judiciary

All judges are beholden to the fair and impartial interpretation of this Bill of Rights, and not the nation from which they were appointed, or any other nation, or private entity. Judges must be independent and impartial at all times, therefore, no person shall give a judge any money, gift or service other than the judge’s official salary, and no party to a case, nor any person acting on his or her behalf, may speak to a judge about a case without the presence of, or at least knowledge of, the other party. Judicial independence requires financial independence, and no judge shall earn less than three times the national median income in the country where they preside.

Article 26 Funding Rights and Courts

The rule of law and rights herein benefit the citizens and businesses of all countries, therefore, each ratifying country shall annually contribute one percent of its gross domestic product into an international fund for the creation, use and support of educational, healthcare and judicial facilities, and salaries internationally, including the Courts described in Articles 27-34. The funding shall be distributed by an independent international non-governmental organization comprised of leaders appointed in a similar manner to the judges on the International Court of Human Rights described below.

Article 27 Composition of the Court

An International Court of Sentient Rights shall be created. The Court shall be comprised of one judge from each country that has ratified this Bill of Rights in its entirety, without reservation. Regional courts, subject to review by the International Court, and composed of one judge from each country in the region, shall also be organized through the continued operation of existing regional courts, and the creation of new ones.

Article 28 Terms of Service for Justices

The judges’ terms for the International Court of Sentient Rights and the Regional Courts shall be six years and no judge may serve more than three terms. Each judge shall have four law clerks, selected by the judge, with at least two of the four coming from countries different than the country that nominated the judge.

Article 29 Application of the Bill of Rights in all Countries

The rights included in this Bill of Rights may be raised before the courts of all countries, as well as all regional courts, and the International Court of Sentient Rights.

Article 30 Supremacy of Rights

This Bill of Rights establishes a minimum standard to which all sentient beings are entitled, and is superior to any conflicting law. Any country may enact a law or interpret its own Constitution to provide for rights greater than those guaranteed by this Bill of Rights.

Article 31 Submissions of Claims in the Country of Origin

No claim for a violation of rights may be brought before the International Court of Sentient Rights until the claim has first been brought in the domestic courts of the country in which the claim arose, including an appeal to the highest domestic appellate court, as well as any Regional Court, however, a case may originate at the Regional Court if there is a showing of strong and convincing evidence that redress from the domestic court is untimely or impracticable.

Article 32 Hearings

Once a case has been admitted at either the Regional or International Court level, oral argument shall be the norm, and the public, including the media, shall be allowed to be present. Regional Courts shall establish their own hearing procedures, but Chambers must be subject to review by three quarters of the Regional Court, randomly selected, if a majority votes to review the decision of a Chamber. Cases before the International Court are heard by Chambers of 25 judges, 24 randomly selected, along with the judge from the country in which the case arose. A Chamber’s decision may be reviewed by three quarters of the Court, randomly selected, along with the judge from the country in which the case arose, if a majority of the judges on the Court agree to review it.

Article 33 Court Decisions

A written decision by the majority of the Chamber in either the Regional or International Court shall be published in an official reporter. Dissenting opinions shall also be published, and each judge may write separately or join in an opinion by a group. The same process shall be used for review of Chamber decisions at the Regional or International level.

Article 34 Enforcement of Decisions

Decisions of the International Court of Sentient Rights are enforceable through the domestic courts in the country from which the case arose. Failure of any government to comply with the decisions of the Court may result in expulsion from the International Bill of Rights treaty following a vote of two-thirds of the judges of the International Court.

Revised version by Ahowan ICrow

Gary Francione, “All sentient beings, humans or nonhuman, have one right: the basic right not to be treated as the property of others.”

Ghandi, ” “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”