Whose Animals, Whose Way

“My way is the right way.”

Oh, how funny is that?!

It may be right for the one speaking it, and that is all. We all have “our right way.” Saying that one is right or one is wrong is like saying the Creator is wrong.


That being said, I share my ‘Vegan’ perspective now and then, or other animal-related, environmental, or otherwise now and then… (OK, you probably know I have and I will) … because I feel passionate about Peace, Animals, and Life. My passion is my life….. always has been, always will be. For me, it is what makes life worth living. Animals do that for me…including those Iron Ponies called motorcycles.





I trust my family of Human Animals will remember I am not telling you I know it all, that either of us is right or wrong, or attempting to change your mind….because you are one of those Animals, I do not intend to tell you what your truth is: I can only share you mine, and know that you may find something in it that brings you closer to yours.

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Rumi says: “out beyond ideas of right or wrong, there is a field…I will meet you there”.

Just as the non-human Animals are who they are…I am who I am, and you can be who you are. If our views do not appear to align with one or the other, we can just move along our lives, peacefully, to our next experience…Hakuna Matata


Just remember, I love you…

We are all Animals of the One Animal so remember the Golden Rule

“Do unto others as you would have done unto you.”

Rev Ahowan ICrow RScP, OAC OHM

Founder and Spiritual Leader of Apithan Ministries, Co-founder and President of 501C3 Ahowan Sanctuary



Gratitude Heals Peacefully

International Day of Peace, 8 representatives, on what is believed the oldest set of Petroglyphs in Deming, NM. A SouthWest High Desert which has seen many conflicts years ago. The Gathering was planned; however, the rest was “An Open Space Ceremony.” Our intention, honoring the Animals (both human and non), honoring the sacredness of these lands, which have been abandoned, turned over to the Bureau of Land Management for Cattle and been desecrated by looters. This is what came through us…


APITHAN Ministries brought together a representative of several cultures for honoring Mother Earth, Her Waters, and Creatures. Each of the 7 representatives, (Indigenous, Spanish, Pioneer, Military, Miner, Missionary), all spoke gratitude for what ‘they’ brought these lands.



Ahowan ICrow, the Ceremony leader, finished the gratitude (8th representative) with the non-human Animals which labored, traveled, taught, fed and supported Humans, then and now.



The Sacred Directions Invocation and gratitude organically started us drumming a meditation, followed by a chanting blessing, and some storytelling. A rich Indigenous Creation story, how a Spirit Animal presented itself, WWI and cattle ranching.



Our Ceremony ended honoring the Sunset and Moonrise with a personal Eagle Song, singing John Lennon’s ‘Imagine,’ and voicing one word, “One.” 


Rev Ahowan ICrow OAC, RScP, OHM

Founder and Spiritual Leader of APITHAN Ministries, Co-founder and President of AHOWAN Traveling Sanctuary      http://www.ahowan.org



The Benefits of a Wag Walker

You leave for your day with all intentions of making it back to care for your Animal Companion; however, the day takes another turn while you are away. It could be a list of numerous ‘things.’ What do you do? You know your “Buddy” needs to go potty, maybe go for a walk, needs fed, or even medication…

There is one solution that I have found in my many years, over 30 years of experience working with Animals. I could make a list; however, I have cared for Animals in numerous ways, including having my own petsitting service, offering home visits, dog walking, and a unique boarding/daycare. In 2011, I sold it and have been traveling on a motorcycle with my little Dog as an Animal Chaplain and Humane Minister.

I returned to USA from India recently needing to raise money for a dream, with no actual ‘house’ of my own, only the non-profit’s motorcycle, my gear, my little Dog, and blessed with what I call Soul Family to stay with till I got my footing. That is it.

I was familiar with Uber; however, that does not work with a motorcycle! I remembered something called Couchsurfing, but I really appreciate ‘being of service.’ It was not long before I had brought to my attention two beautiful programs…TrustedHouseSitters and Wag Walking. Perfect!

As far as TrustedHousesitters, (Feel free to use my referral code to get 20% off your membership  https://www.trustedhousesitters.com/su/fuayGqXF ) I know what it is like to make sure your home and your Animal Companions are taken care of, and on a budget. I know how important it is for Animals to stay in their familiar surroundings, as well. And, I also know what it is like to travel and appreciate a place to stay, with Animals around, and on a budget. It is a win, win for everyone. However, that is not what I want to discuss here.

I would like to share what I believe are some GREAT benefits of this program, Wag Walking! For the owners, the Dogs, and the Walkers themselves, so I will do my best to explain, short and clear…and maybe toss in a story or two.

  1. They meet a variety of people or Wag Walkers. Meeting these different Wag Walkers adds and helps with their socialization with people. This is because there is no guarantee who will be their Wag Walker. There is an option to save preferred Wag Walkers once you begin and it is good to have several preferred Wag Walkers. However, for a first time Wag Dog, those first few visits can be a bit confusing for them until they understand they are here for them, taking them on a walk, and returning them home. Some new Wag owners decide to be home for the first couple of Walks to be sure all goes smoothly. So everyone is gaining an experience and beginning a relationship.
  2. Once the relationship begins, there is a peace of mind for the owner, where they can order a Wag Walk in advance or in an emergency. I believe Wag Walkers can be a part of the Emergency plans.  While beyond the personal emergencies, there are all the “Natural Disaster” taking place. If one arrives one in your area, the Wag Dogs are accustomed to someone coming in, hooking them up on a leash, and taking them for a walk. I can see where Wag in situations like a larger scale emergency can be quite useful. One the Walkers side, Wag Walkers have learned to befriend the nervous ones and move slowly.
  3. All the walkers are background checked, there is video training and testing on line; however, what I will say is that with all my years experience, in many situations and conditions…there is not much that can prepare you for the first few times you walk into a home with a Dog that nervous, a bit timid or scared or protective. Also, there have been 2 reports about Wag being sued for a dog getting loose from a Walker. This can happen to even the best, and the responsibility is the one walking the Dog. We are required (not to mention a good idea) to check the collar and leash before leaving on the walk.
  4. The walker themselves learn a variety of personalities and situations when walking into a new clients. Ya never know what you are walking into. 
  5. Their is emergency support built into the app for the Walkers to use and some familiarity training.and if there are problems, Wag encourages communication via phone and/or text with the owner. This has definitely been a wonderful resource if the owner is available to respond and talk the walker through anything that might need clarification. 
  6. Dogs have an instinct if someone DOES have alterior motives, whether the Wag  Walker (highly unlikely) or with a break-in. Dogs know and will definetly respond accordingly, so I highly doubt that our beloved animal companions will be desensitized or confused by such a service. 

For these reasons, in these challenging times beyond COVID, I can personally see that it can be a wonderful benefit to have such a service available for both emergencies, socialization, and added ‘training’ for our beloved animal companions. 

Is Anger "Spiritual?"

We have all heard it, “You are a Spiritual person, you do Yoga, meditate and pray right? Then why do you get angry? Why you get angry with me? Why you show your anger with me?”  Maybe you have not; however, I have heard this myself.  For me, I have even heard the comparison (because I am an Animal Chaplain, a Humane Minister, ‘a holy person.’) “You say your a minister, a holy person, but Jesus never got angry…” Really? Yes,  Jesus and other holy people got and get angry and showed it. I get angry, raise my voice, and even ‘get depressed,’  I’ll give you an example, a story of my own.

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I am in India, three of the 5 times I went as a consultant for several Animal Ashrams. An Ashram is defined as ‘a hermitage, monastic community, or other place of religious retreat.’ These were Ashrams for Animals, where the Animals are considered part of the Divine. I am asked to help them organize the hospitality of the Animals, to define jobs, to ‘get good schedule’ for the Animals, to oversee these jobs and schedule and to get the Animal care ‘to more compassionate standards’ and ‘help us get more orderly.’ So I do, I watch what is taking place, make suggestions, and am told to instill or oversee them.

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When I first arrived in India, admittedly I was confused, angry, and most definitely a bit of sadness. I had some judgments about how I saw the Animals being treated, I was  angry and disappointed…a controlled wrath almost. I learned quickly my anger was my own judgment, especially from seeing the overwhelming misery and having expectations about what I heard or what is considered the “spiritual capital of the world.” I learned that standards of care are relative to the environment, religious beliefs, knowledge and caste systems. This is where I also learned a deepened sense of compassion and understanding not only for what the non-human Animals were demonstrating to us, but the human Animal as well. The words, “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do,” kept resounding through my mind.

I became no longer angry with the ‘other human,’ but a sense of gratitude and compassion deepened, for both the human and non-human. Just like me, they are all wanting to be better. That first consulting experience ended, and though I learned to speak, demonstrate, and witness some changes in the Ashram, the Animals and the people; when I returned for my next Ashram’s consultation, the anger from that point became an anger I directed at myself for feeling as if I have not ‘done enough,’ spoken up loudly and clearly enough. How come this message is not broadcast everywhere?

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You see, in all my visits I spoke up for the Animals’ care, how the Animals demonstrate what is going on in the human consciousness and by using the Golden Rule that is present in all religions, cultures, and faiths. I could see how it changed lives! Not just the non-human Animals, but it began with the human Animals’ lives.

With each instruction I gave, it was taken…”Yes, mam. Will do, mam;” however, not always implemented, or fully understood. Sometimes, Animals lives were at stake, or they were ‘suffering.’ I spoke harshly the second time I had to share, and if there was a third time I had to repeat myself, it came from a ‘not so pretty place,’ or resorted to doing/demonstrating myself. My justification was the Animals cannot speak for themselves. Then, I would get angry at myself for getting angry, and several times it took me to getting depressed. Sometimes, I would spend hours, days, or even weeks feeling as if there was ‘something wrong’ with me, my spirituality. One thing is for sure, a majority of the people I have met are angels who have taught me that their goodness, their determination that they want only the best for the Animals, and they want to be educated to do better to, and how we both can be better when we are willing to communicate openly from the heart,  setting our own judgments, assumptions, expectations and ‘shoulds’ aside.

Sometimes though, communication would stop. One of the humans would stop communicating with me. I would feel like a messenger who ‘got shot.’ Well, Jesus got crucified and Jesus did get angry . Actually, there are 7 moments when Jesus acted unlike what we call “Jesus” or “God-like.”  In an article written by Rational Christianity it states:

“Is such anger wrong? To say “God is never angry” or “God should never be angry” is to say that God shouldn’t be angry when innocent people are hurt or killed, or that he shouldn’t be angry that the Holocaust took place. There are different kinds of anger, as described in the Merriam-Webster dictionary:

ANGER, IRE, RAGE, FURY, INDIGNATION, WRATH mean an intense emotional state induced by displeasure. ANGER, the most general term, names the reaction but in itself conveys nothing about intensity or justification or manifestation of the emotional state <tried to hide his anger>. IRE, more frequent in literary contexts, may suggest greater intensity than anger, often with an evident display of feeling <cheeks flushed dark with ire>. RAGE suggests loss of self-control from violence of emotion <screaming with rage>. FURY is overmastering destructive rage that can verge on madness <in her fury she accused everyone around her of betrayal>. INDIGNATION stresses righteous anger at what one considers unfair, mean, or shameful <a refusal to listen that caused general indignation>. WRATH is likely to suggest a desire or intent to revenge or punish <rose in his wrath and struck his tormentor to the floor>.

Indignation, as described above, is what could be called righteous anger – anger at wrongdoing. This is Jesus’ anger, for Jesus is angered by wrongdoing. Clearly some forms of anger (such as fury as defined above) are wrong, and this is the anger that Jesus spoke out against in Matthew 5:22 – anger that is destructive and unnecessarily demeaning.”

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So, here is another statement I heard several times, “Give us the instructions, you are holy person. Let us get angry with them, you be like a Mother Teresa who never got angry…you just pray and give the instructions” Well, did she get angry? Yes, she did. And it is also noted she spent many years conquering her darkness.

As I read her story, even watched her movie, I can feel relate to her feelings, and this whole experience has brought me to a deeper awareness of myself, to what many of us who have come to an understanding of ‘letting go’ of what we believe it should be, and have faith in the “Power that be.” In other words, we ARE doing the will of our Inner God and if we have Faith in the one God that is leading us all, it is all good and as it shall be.  For who am I or any one of us to say, “What is good or bad, right or wrong.” It is these judgments and expectations that stir up our anger, rage, fury, and wrath.

So, What about the Buddha? Did the Buddha get angry? Yes, Buddha got angry, reprimanded, and even kicked a basin. Buddha’s anger was if you mistreat others, and though it was anger, it was shared constructively in a stern fashion, just as with Jesus and Mother Teresa, in a stern fashion so as to be heard.

So there is anger when we ‘do not get our way,’ our feelings are hurt, something touches our fear places, or we ‘think’ something should be different. These are ‘angers’ from our human ego. And, for myself, I will say that I felt that when I first went to India. However, when one is angry from a compassionate and empathetic place, a place from the heart while still authentically loving who they are working with, passionate about who they are working for, is it really anger? or is it more like Jesus, and Mother Teresa, an indignation and being a stern voice? However, does that make it right? Wrong? Spiritual? Non-spiritual? None of the above…it makes us compassionate humans.


So, just as St Francis…who, YES, also got angry, we all are learning to be aware of our emotions, where they are coming from, how to share our ‘indignation’ peacefully from a place within our hearts and with what calls our hearts.

I know for myself, the two most powerful emotions or feelings are gratitude and anger, and yet, at the core, they both are Love. This is the place I deepened into during that first consultation job. It grew with each consultation, and has continued to grow where I can I recognize it and transform it to a place of ‘compassionate apathy’ almost immediately. It is simple; however, it is not easy. However, the more you practice and surrender, the easier it can be.

Everything is what it is and it will be what it will be. Let your Heart lead the way.




World Religions and Animals

In honor of International Golden Rule Day…

Ahowan Speaks ICrow


by Ahowan ICrow
Though all religions and cultures do not have specific tenants which uphold a purely Vegan diet; they do uphold ethical, compassionate treatment of our fellow sentient beings, with full recognition all creatures are part of and created by our One Divine Power. For those religions or cultures which do acknowledge partaking of our fellow creatures, they are specific in the treating them with utmost sacredness and with the least amount of pain and/or suffering. All statements and commentary are direct quotingsfrom where they were referenced. The references for further information and reading is listed on the last page.

World Animal Religion

Official Statements on Animals
Human “dominion” is a call to serve creation as Christ serves us
Although the Bible states that humans have “dominion” over animals and the earth, this statement is not intended as “a license to dominate and exploit,” according to the…

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World Sentient Bill of Rights

For ALL Sentient Beings, not just human beings.

Until he extends his circle of compassion to include all living things, man will not himself find peace.” – Albert Schweitzer

I was introduced to a Global Bill of Rights. (follow link to see original)

When I heard of this Global Bill of Rights, I got excited. When I read the Global Bill of Rights, I was a bit disappointed that it did not extend to ALL Sentient Beings, for I know that what we do to others, we do to ourselves. Every religion, tradition, and culture at the core of their tenants has this “Golden Rule” and shares that it extends to all life forms.

There have been several countries which have extended “Rights” to Mother Earth and all Her creatures…Bolivia, Ecuador, New Zealand, to name just a few…

The CELDF (Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund) has introduced a Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth

I found myself writing, “I agree and believe in human rights; however, I believe and agree with the countries which have extended these same rights to all sentient beings and Mother Earth itself. These laws they have put into place are fostering and nurturing a degree of compassion and makes them mindful of the decisions they make to be beneficial not only to humans but the environment and non-human animals.”

So, I took the liberty to rewrite this Global Bill of Rights. Here is what came through… at this time…

I welcome your thoughts…


Article 1 Sentient Dignity

Sentient dignity is the source of all Universal rights, and every sentient being has the right to have enforced in court the rights stated herein, whether they are in their homeland, or any foreign land.

Article 2 Freedom of Speech and the Media

Every sentient being, through the media by the human, has the right to freedom of speech and their expression to be shared; this right includes freedom to see, receive and share information and ideas on public property, or private property that has been opened to the public such as shopping centers, wildlife sanctuaries, and zoos or private property which is in use for public inheritance such as animal agriculture, prisons, or laboratories, whether the ideas are popular or not, and to freely criticize government, religious or business leaders through any media and regardless of borders.

Article 3 Education

Everyone has the right to education, from preschool through college, for free or low cost, as defined by law. Parents have the responsibility to enroll their children in school, unless comparable schooling is offered at home.

All sentient beings have the right to nurture and care for their young they have born free of interference unless deemed harmful or neglective for the young, and has the right to compassionate help when deemed necessary.

Article 4 Freedom of Assembly and Association

All sentient beings have the right to gather and travel peacefully, in small groups or large ones, without weapons or the threat of weapons, be it for migration, watering holes, feeding, to hold meetings, rallies, demonstrations, marches and pickets on public lands and other public places. The Earth itself is a public land for all sentient beings.

Article 5 Health Care

All sentient beings have a right to free or low cost health care, including prenatal, vision, dental and mental care, as well as sufficient food necessary for good health as deemed by their species through scientific knowledge.

Article 6 Life

Nations may not practice capital punishment with any sentient being, and given that weapons of mass destruction entails a grave threat to the right of all sentient beings, the use of weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear, chemical, biological or other similar
types of weapons, is prohibited.

Article 7 Physical Integrity

Torture, cruel and degrading treatment of any sentient being is prohibited.

Article 8 Freedom of Worship

Every sentient being has the right to choose his or her own worship beliefs, way of life, or culture. For the human, government
and religion shall remain separate.

Article 9 Equality

Every sentient being is equal before the law and entitled to equal protection of the law, no sentient being shall be prejudiced or favored because of his or her species, race, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, age, color, disability, wealth, language, national origin, faith, religion or political opinion. In order to promote the achievement of equality, legislative and other measures designed to protect or advance a particular sentient being or categories thereof, shall be dismissed for the betterment of all life on Earth.

Article 10 Representative and Voting

All power to govern emanates from the voice of the human through their choice of representatives and not from military position, religion, caste, heredity or any non-elective title or position, therefore, anyone 18 years old, or older, has the right to run for office and to have the chance for election through a secret ballot. To ensure opportunities for widespread participation within the democratic process, and to protect against corruption, no political representative shall serve more than 18 years in one position. Only individuals, not corporations or other entities, shall be allowed to contribute money or other assets to candidates or ballot measures, but individuals may combine to contribute as a group. The total annual contribution by any individual, whether it is to one candidate or divided among several candidates and ballot measures, shall not exceed the median income for the country in which the person resides. Candidates must be willing to ensure the rights of all sentient beings with which we share this Earth with and cannot live here without.

Article 11 Environment

Every sentient being has the right to a clean and healthy environment deemed appropriate for their species, including water that is safe to drink, food that is safe to eat, and air that is safe to breathe. In addition, both for the benefit of future generations and all sentient beings, there is also a right to the preservation of all species’ habitats. All large scale development projects shall consider environmental impacts, including the opportunity for public review and comment.

Article 12 Shelter

Every sentient being has the right, along with his or her family, to shelter without disturbance or threat of harm and includes safe water, and sanitary conditions, as defined by law, electricity for the human. Every human or family given assistance with shelter has a responsibility to temporarily work at that shelter, or elsewhere to pay forward the assistance given.

Article 13 Physical and Intellectual Property

Every sentient being has the right to inhabit land, or own, buy and sell property. The government may not take lands inhabited or deemed sanctuaries for sentient beings without public vote and then it must pay market price for the property and provide an appropropriate alternative.The government must publish a public record showing precisely who owns the piece of property, the species affected, monetary value to be given and the appropriate alternatives. All sentient beings have the right to the protection of their property or lands. All humans have the right to their cultural, artistic, inventions, and ideas which is of their intellectual property.

Article 14 Labor

Every sentient being has the right to choose his or her occupation or profession and to be given a living wage for their work. All sentient beings also have a right to form, join, or have a voice (through a human) in a union and to participate in the activities and programs of a union, including the right to strike and collective bargaining. Every sentient being has the right to offer their services without force, punishment or be discard without due benefits, if they choose to not engage in the work willingly.

Article 15 Privacy and Information

Every sentient being shall have the right to privacy in his or her home, hotel room, vehicle, or vessel and to have interpersonal relations as they choose; therefore, eavesdropping or surveillance of private communications or relationships is forbidden without a court order as part of a criminal investigation, or in the case of the non-human, it shall be non-disruptive or harmful in any way and for scientific research purposes only. In addition, everyone has a right to access, obtain, and correct information collected about them by the government or private companies, unless such information is part of a criminal investigation or prosecution.

Article 16 Family Life

All sentient beings of full age have the right court, partner and engage with whom they choose. Humans have the right to marry and choose who they will marry. Men and women are entitled to equal rights at marriage, during marriage and at its dissolution.

Article 17 Children

Every sentient being’s child has the right to its Mother and/or parents and shall not be taken by force unless proven harmful to the child or has been given up due to death or disability. Every human child has a right to a name and a nationality from birth. No sentient child while under the explicit care of its parents or under the age of said given adulthood (human is 18) may be recruited as a soldier or otherwise used in armed conflict, even voluntarily. Human children 16 or younger shall not work full time during school hours unless provisions for homeschooling have been established, as defined by law.

Article 18 Citizenship and Movement

All sentient beings have the right to live, move, and migrate freely through any country or land. Sentient beings cannot be withheld from their movements given by their nature, or to protect themselves and have the right to travel freely without fences, borders, traps, or gunfire unless deemed unnecessarily harmful to themselves or others. Sentient beings have the right to bridges, tunnels, trails, roads, and pathways which can and shall be built and respected for all to travel safely.

Currently, as per countries and their boundaries, every human has the right to a document of citizenship. No citizen may have his or her citizenship revoked, nor may any citizen be denied the right to enter freely and leave his or her country. Citizens also have the responsibility to share the costs of public expenditures, including the payment of taxes. To prevent the misuse of taxes, every citizen has the right to present misuse of taxes and any person who presents evidence to their government of the improper use of government funds, and the government retrieves some or all of those funds, may receive 5%-20% of that amount, plus attorney’s fees and costs, as determined by the Court.

Article 19 Culture

Every sentient being has a right to his or her cultural identity, including the right to use his or her own language and engage in his or her own cultural traditions, provided that such exercise does not prevent the traditions of others, or violate the rights embodied in this Bill of Rights.

Article 20 Arrest and Fair Trial

No sentient being shall be killed, arrested or imprisoned without a judicial warrant, unless the arrest occurs during, or shortly after, the commission of a crime. Every arrestee has the right to counsel. Any charges shall be made in a courtroom open to the public, including the news media. The arrestee has the right to personally appear in court and have the validity of the arrest or detention determined within 72 hours by an independent judge, and to have their counsel and public present when this determination is made. Every human being who is charged with any criminal offense has the right to be released prior to trial absent a showing that they will flee or are a danger to others. Every trial includes a fair public hearing within three months from arrest by an independent and impartial court, or a jury of at least six of his or her fellow citizens, at the choice of the person arrested. All sentient beings charged have the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Article 21 Search and Seizure

Every sentient being is protected from unreasonable searches, invasions, and being seized, or violated in any way in their home or travels. Every human is protected from the same with their car and belongings such as a phone or computer, work, lockers, ect.

Therefore, a warrant must be obtained from the court prior to the search or seizure unless the search or seizure occurs during or shortly after the commission of a crime, there is a threat of danger to the officer or another person, and there is evidence linking the items seized to the crime.

Article 22 Due Process of Law

Every sentient being is entitled to fair procedures to safeguard his or her rights, therefore, no one may be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law. To insure the full realization of rights, every sentient being is entitled to counsel in a court of law when the rights listed in this Bill of Rights are at issue against the government, a government official, or a private individual acting closely with government officials or on behalf of the government. a court of law.

Article 23 Responsibility for Violation of Rights

Any private individual, private or public company, or public official, agent or employee of the government, as well as the government itself, that violates the rights set forth in this Bill of Rights, is not immune from liability, qualified or otherwise, and is responsible to pay damages, including attorney’s fees and costs, to the person or in the name of such sentient being whose rights have been violated.

Article 24 Trial for Violation of Rights

Any person, organization, or company who claims a violation of this Bill of Rights by government officials, agents, or employees, or any private individual or private or public company, shall have a right to a trial by a judge, or a jury of at least six of his or her fellow citizens, at their selection, to decide if these rights have been violated, and they may also obtain injunctive relief from the Court either stopping or requiring an act in accordance with the application of the rights herein. Whether the case is decided by the Court, or a jury, a written public decision will be issued, determining if these rights have been violated.

Article 25 Independent Judiciary

All judges are beholden to the fair and impartial interpretation of this Bill of Rights, and not the nation from which they were appointed, or any other nation, or private entity. Judges must be independent and impartial at all times, therefore, no person shall give a judge any money, gift or service other than the judge’s official salary, and no party to a case, nor any person acting on his or her behalf, may speak to a judge about a case without the presence of, or at least knowledge of, the other party. Judicial independence requires financial independence, and no judge shall earn less than three times the national median income in the country where they preside.

Article 26 Funding Rights and Courts

The rule of law and rights herein benefit the citizens and businesses of all countries, therefore, each ratifying country shall annually contribute one percent of its gross domestic product into an international fund for the creation, use and support of educational, healthcare and judicial facilities, and salaries internationally, including the Courts described in Articles 27-34. The funding shall be distributed by an independent international non-governmental organization comprised of leaders appointed in a similar manner to the judges on the International Court of Human Rights described below.

Article 27 Composition of the Court

An International Court of Sentient Rights shall be created. The Court shall be comprised of one judge from each country that has ratified this Bill of Rights in its entirety, without reservation. Regional courts, subject to review by the International Court, and composed of one judge from each country in the region, shall also be organized through the continued operation of existing regional courts, and the creation of new ones.

Article 28 Terms of Service for Justices

The judges’ terms for the International Court of Sentient Rights and the Regional Courts shall be six years and no judge may serve more than three terms. Each judge shall have four law clerks, selected by the judge, with at least two of the four coming from countries different than the country that nominated the judge.

Article 29 Application of the Bill of Rights in all Countries

The rights included in this Bill of Rights may be raised before the courts of all countries, as well as all regional courts, and the International Court of Sentient Rights.

Article 30 Supremacy of Rights

This Bill of Rights establishes a minimum standard to which all sentient beings are entitled, and is superior to any conflicting law. Any country may enact a law or interpret its own Constitution to provide for rights greater than those guaranteed by this Bill of Rights.

Article 31 Submissions of Claims in the Country of Origin

No claim for a violation of rights may be brought before the International Court of Sentient Rights until the claim has first been brought in the domestic courts of the country in which the claim arose, including an appeal to the highest domestic appellate court, as well as any Regional Court, however, a case may originate at the Regional Court if there is a showing of strong and convincing evidence that redress from the domestic court is untimely or impracticable.

Article 32 Hearings

Once a case has been admitted at either the Regional or International Court level, oral argument shall be the norm, and the public, including the media, shall be allowed to be present. Regional Courts shall establish their own hearing procedures, but Chambers must be subject to review by three quarters of the Regional Court, randomly selected, if a majority votes to review the decision of a Chamber. Cases before the International Court are heard by Chambers of 25 judges, 24 randomly selected, along with the judge from the country in which the case arose. A Chamber’s decision may be reviewed by three quarters of the Court, randomly selected, along with the judge from the country in which the case arose, if a majority of the judges on the Court agree to review it.

Article 33 Court Decisions

A written decision by the majority of the Chamber in either the Regional or International Court shall be published in an official reporter. Dissenting opinions shall also be published, and each judge may write separately or join in an opinion by a group. The same process shall be used for review of Chamber decisions at the Regional or International level.

Article 34 Enforcement of Decisions

Decisions of the International Court of Sentient Rights are enforceable through the domestic courts in the country from which the case arose. Failure of any government to comply with the decisions of the Court may result in expulsion from the International Bill of Rights treaty following a vote of two-thirds of the judges of the International Court.

Revised version by Ahowan ICrow

Gary Francione, “All sentient beings, humans or nonhuman, have one right: the basic right not to be treated as the property of others.”

Ghandi, ” “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

Animals and Human Children

I am volunteering at an Orphan Children’s Hostel in Varanasi, India. I hear the young girls begin to scream early in the morning before school is to begin. I go running up the stairs to see what all the ‘fuss’ is about. Several of the girls have long sticks and are poking under the lockers. One of the girls shares with me that their are kittens under the lockers. I look over at the next set of stairs to see the mother Cat looking and meowing for her kittens.

I ask the Girls to stop, bend down, and I pick up one of the kittens. They scream, “Didi (sister in Hindi) what are you doing?” I say, “You believe in God, yes?” “Yes, Didi.” “You believe all Animals are God, yes?” “Yes, Didi.” “Me too, and I love my God. I do not want to hit my God with sticks. These kittens are scared, just like you and see their Mother on the stairs who loves them. She is like your MotherJi who loves you.” Then, one of them asks to touch the kitten. “Oh, it is so soft! Oh, how sweet! How can we help?” and all the girls take turns, sharing they have never touched one before. The girls then bring me a box, we catch the others, and take them to room with the mother Cat following. Then, a lesson begins on the five basic things every Animal needs to live and thrive.

children with dogs

This experience awakened a dream I did not know I had. I knew I love Children, I knew I love Animals; however, I did not know I had laying dormant in me a dream to bring Orphan Children and Orphan Animals together to heal each other. Teaching Compassion with Animals I had been doing, it was part of the reason I was in India as an Animal Chaplain; however, to see Orphan Children on the streets competing for food scraps, witnessing Children being taught to be cruel to the Animals or to ignore their conditions, even witnessing the homeless Children themselves being ignored, solicited into gangs,  broke my heart open to a degree which I have never experienced before.

child on railroad track

I knew then where my Soul was or IS leading me.

India UN Childrens Rights

Many of us have heard, maybe have experienced, or we intuitively know that Animals have the ability to heal. However, let us dig into the “science.”


Here is a list of 20 reasons (in a simple, and fun list) for benefits with Animals, which includes better health, having a friend and playmate, a cuddling companion, building higher self-esteem, lowering blood pressure, better communication skills, just to name a few from this simple list. Take a look at the list of 20 reasons for yourself.

girl hugging Lamb

Now, in the New York Times back in 1990, there are several studies showing some “unexpected psychological benefits” for Children. The Animals were significant in reaching emotionally traumatized Children, ones that are hard-to-reach, stating how the qualities which make pets beneficial to children also help in psychotherapy with building a rapport, bolstering the self-esteem of traumatized children, helping with social skills, more socially competent, feeling better about themselves, and buffering loneliness.

child bunny teaching consideration

”It made the children more cooperative and sharing,” said Dr. Sue Doescher, a psychologist involved in the study. ”Having a pet improves children’s role-taking skills because they have to put themselves in the pet’s position and try to feel how the pet feels. And that transfers to how other kids feel.”


In the article it shares a study of done with Farm Animals where 100 Children were part of an innovative treatment program. These Children were severely neglected or had experienced extreme physical or emotional abuse. The daily contact and responsibilities with the Animals gave them a sense of worth.

Dr Ross stated, “For many children whose nurturing has been faulty, taking care of an animal can interrupt the cycle of abuse repeating itself over generations. They can learn to be care-givers, even if they haven’t been well cared for themselves.”


child bowing with cow

The article also shares the study done with the tending of injured Animals was shown to be extremely powerful in teaching resilience, showing the Children an even deeper compassion and the feeling that if the Animals can do it with one leg missing, I can do it too. Please see the full New York Times article here.

youth doctoring puppy

In the Huffington Post, Dr. Gail Gross shares, “My very dear friend is a horse whisperer, who has helped many children with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) heal. One day while having lunch together, I asked her to explain to me why animals, and horses in particular, help children with PTSD recover. She explained to me that children of abuse and domestic violence, as well as children who have physical and emotional challenges, respond to horses (and other animals) because they intuitively recognize that they can trust them.”

She goes on to share how Children can naturally feel how Animals do not judge or criticize them, they love them unconditionally. See full article here.

Homeless Indian children play with puppi

Here is another source from the BlueDog.org with a clear list of benefits.

And another from School is Easy here adding Autism, helping with reading, and exercise.

The Pet Health Network shares, “This extraordinary relationship has been scientifically evaluated and a 2008 study published in Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatryby Nancy Parish-Plass showed that abused or neglected children responded better to therapy if an animal was present. The therapists reported that nervous, withdrawn, or frightened children became more relaxed and engaged when a pet was present.”

The article goes on to share, “Families considering adopting a child should seriously consider adopting a pet. Dr. Deanna Linville conducted a study and followed 20 American families who adopted children from Russia or Romania. She found it interesting that all 20 families had pets, most of them rescues.”

child loving chicken buddha quote

What do all of these benefits have in common……Compassion. The Children learn to nurture their Compassion. The Animals bring it out because they give it naturally. We want a more compassionate world, then we need to live it, give it, share it, TEACH it, and most of all demonstrate it with our Children. That is what Animals do.

children see magic

Many children, just as I did, have a natural awe and love of Animals; however, are taught to fear them, for many reasons. We as Children we are taught to ‘use’ them, whether for food, protection, clothing, entertainment, or otherwise. Basically, that some Animals are good and some Animals are bad or that we are superior to them.

child with cow buddha quote

So, my favorite benefit……compassion. And compassion leads to Peace.

caterpillar quote with child

When a Child’s natural compassion is nurtured, we create more compassionate adults.

child feeding puppies

When we create more compassionate adults, we create a more compassionate world.

children want to love





International Peace Begins With All Animals

not just humans…….



Apithan Ministries traveled approximately 250 miles to several Animal facilities near Asheville, NC facilitating six meditation blessing ceremonies for ‘Peace with all Animals.’

The Sentience of all Animals has been proven by science, theologians, and philosophers, as well as the 7 Universal Laws applying to all species. “Until he extends his circle of compassion to include all living things, man will not himself find peace.”  Albert Schweitzer

Apithan Ministries went to some of the places where Animals are exploited with cruel practices that, if these were human beings, there would be such an outcry for justice.

The first destination, a Milk Dairy Farm where Bulls are forced to give semen, Cows are continuously impregnated, milked by machines and Calves are taken away at birth.

Dairy Farm

Dairy Farm Calves

The second location, a Meat Farm where Animals are beyond where the public can see unless they pay an admission fee. They are then loaded onto trucks for a two hour drive to a slaughterhouse to be processed for their meat.

Meat Farm (2)

Meat Farm Cow on hill

See Blessing Ceremony at: https://www.facebook.com/ahowan.howlerlandau/videos/1582010468526389/

The third location, a Lamb slaughterhouse claiming to kill them in a ‘humane and sacred way;’ and though this may be true, the access to this slaughterhouse is an impossible rough driveway for any vehicle to access.

Lamb Slaughterhouse

See Slaughterhouse Blessing Ceremony at here:

The fourth and fifth locations, two zoos. One with 4 Grizzly Bears held in small concrete pits. The other zoo had numerous Animals in small enclosures. Both locations, they are on display for a fee and kept hungry so they interact with the public for profitable gain.

Grizzly Bear Zoo

Backside of Bear Zoo

Even the human workers are under immense stress and must become uncompassionate to do their ‘job.’ (more info coming soon @ compassion4alllivingbeings.org)

The Meditation Blessing Ceremonies’ intention was for the Humans, to awaken humanity’s Hearts and Minds to the unnecessary cruelty we cause by ‘using’ Animals like commodities.


Each Ceremony contained elements from several traditions, including Religious Science, Native American, Hindu, Buddhism, Christianity and Reiki.

The day ended with the sixth Ceremony facilitated through a Whatsapp Call with the LIFE Farm Animal Sanctuary in Mapoli, India. The President of LIFE gave a “Blessing of the Animals;” however, this was not done live or recorded due to technological difficulties.

Meditation for the Ceremony with Mapoli, India is available here.

Prep for Slaughterhouse Ceremony

Peace on Earth begins with Peace with all Animals. Peace with all Animals begins with Peace in OneSelf.


“Veganism is a call for us to unite in seeing that as long as we oppress other living beings, we will inevitably create and live in a culture of oppression. Class struggle is a result of the herding culture’s mentality of domination and exclusion, and is just part of the misery that is inevitably connected with eating animal foods.” World Peace Diet

What The Animals Taught Me This Week

Sunday, Napoleon’s new home manifested so organically after ME coming to the place of letting go how, when, and where this ‘organically’ would take place, that I would not leave Him, unless I felt it was right……I spend the day processing my ‘fear’ of traveling and camping without Him. I witness my feelings and emotions, and realign with my Divine Knowing that no matter what takes place, it is not about my fears, it is about what is right for Him. I get clear with my intention, my prayer, and before I could even release it to the Ethers……I get a call, it is His new home. I witness myself gathering His belongings, and borrowing a vehicle to take Him. He slides right into the Home, meets the other Dogs, and I walk away. Napoleon taught me; we have organically found His forever home. It was so graceful Spirit, and even the names of the roads, the other Dogs, and Humans were so synchronistic!! Cardinal is about seeing the Divinity in even dark times, Wild Turkey is about giving and sharing abundance, and Dove is about peace of mind with Divine Law. After I leave, I feel my awe in the smoothness of how it all took place………Then, the next morning I am processing my grief on my morning meditation run and when I have the ……. Wow, I am SO happy for Him, His new family, all is well, A Pileated Woodpecker rattles out. I look over, and in all the times I have been blessed to see a Pileated, I have never seen one so close AND on the ground. I receive a call when I return to where I am staying. It is Napoleon’s new Caretaker, and I get the report of how well they are doing. I am also told His new name…..Napoleon Blaze is now Napoleon Dynamite!! LOL! I cannot wait to share the full story of Napoleon and all that He has taught me since He began entering my dreams to find Him and finding His forever home.


Monday I am grateful to reveal the Trinity once again……The Trinity has been catching my awareness for about two weeks, and at most auspicious moments when I feel ‘off balance’ by questioning myself. These ‘questions’ come for me as I hear comments, questions, and judgments from others about decisions……some of these ‘questions’ even coming in the form of…..”You should be doing this or this.”

I begin noticing how these comments, questions, and judgmental perspectives have actually crossed my mind…..and are actually ‘vibrations’ I AM putting out, and they are being spoken back to me……I am the one questioning myself, and these people are speaking my thoughts back to me. I notice how I can allow these thoughts to plummet my emotions and vibration, or I can take the opportunity to re-evaluate with my Inner Voice as to what I know in my Heart is the real Truth.

Today, because the Royal Enfield is STILL not complete in getting a new starter cylinoid, (the part has not even shown up at the mechanic and it has been a MONTH waiting)….I am told, by a trusted fellow human Animal that I have not handled this situation correctly, that I should have done this or that…….I should have ‘taken charge’ and gotten angry…….taken the matter into my own hands.

And yet, as I commune with the Marigold, I KNOW, without a doubt, that I followed every Stone in my path. I have been kind, compassionate, and I do not know ‘how’ Spirit will bring the magic of having the part and Bullet ready; but, I have Faith it will be complete. (PS the part was found, next day shipped, and the Bullet was ready! The mechanic said, “I don’t know how this happened, we have never seen anything like this before, but we got your part and she is ready for you!) Now THAT is the Magic of God that I know!

Tuesday, I am gifted with a vehicle for the day to ‘just get out” beyond where I can walk. I am headed back to the living quarters and at the last second decide to pull into a gas station. I am singing “Jesus take the Wheel,” so appropriate with letting go of what happens with the Royal Enfield.

A Lady walks up to my vehicle asking if I could give Her a ride. “Give me just a minute to get a cold drink.” She is Homeless. It begins to downpour…….and our discussion as we drive is all around gratitude, trust, taking things one step at a time, that I am ‘houseless’ too, and grateful I could have this vehicle and be here for her today.

What also felt SO beautiful…..is she wanted to cash a check and give me part of it just for helping Her so much…….She even teared up numerous times. For me, it was all about being grateful I was here to help someone, and knowing there is no way ‘She’ could pay me back.

A ride to one place, turns into a ride to another, and then She asks, “Can you help me cash a check?” (through me) Now, I had just been doing a LOT of prayerful affirming on being “guided, guarded and protected,” for the Compassion Ride coming up and camping……alone. Part of me can feel this check cashing is a scam; however, I stay in Trust that this ‘could’ be real and I do want to help Her.

Spirit affirmed the ‘scam’ by setting up ‘blocks’ at each place we stopped, including my own Credit Union. The ‘REAL’ bank finally surfaces. It is just around the corner…..(the bank on the check!), and She declines to go saying…..”No, they are not open, just take me to my camp, you have done enough…..I cannot ask you to do this, please mam.” I call the bank, “They are open. We have come this far, are you sure? They ARE open.” She insists on NOT going, and taking Her to the camp.

I drop Her off and inside, I hear…..”It was a scam.” I am SO Grateful to Spirit for demonstrating “Guided, Guarded, and Protected” in a natural, loving, peaceful and joyous way. As I walk through the woods sharing in my voice journal……I feel like this joyous, orange, blossomy Mushroom…..just popped out of the ground overnight.

Wednesday the Magic takes flight!! As I take rest, align my gear, and feel aligned to take flight……..even though I know that I will not get a test ride on the Royal Enfield with all the gear………As I watch this pair of Butterflies flying synchronistically together from Flower to Flower…..I feel the Harmony with what is taking place. For me, 2 is a number of harmony…..and Butterfly is all about resurrection. My only part, is to follow the “Lead Butterfly” in my Heart and witness where the winds are taking me.

My gear is ready. I am rested. The part is on its way. Tomorrow, I pick up the RE Bullet, load Her up and pull out on Friday……even though my gut is wrenching, no test ride, or gear balance check. Does a Butterfly get a test ride? Does a Butterfly fear the winds or the journey? Hmmmm. What I do know is, there is a promise in my Heart with the Animals, I made a promise with several Animal Organizations and Spirit Family……and God-willing, I keep them…..I have given my word.


Thursday……as I am loading up my gear onto the RE Bullet at 6:00 at night ……Spider appears. It is a jumping Spider. As I watch and listen, admiring the agility….I hear, “There going to be some hopping around, keep your eyes focused on the white.”  What I begin to feel is…..there is a big change happening; however, it feels real exciting. (Now part of me is going, ‘Duh.’) My gut wrenching is gone, yet I still have this well….”unknown;” however, I am so ready to launch out and ‘see’ what it is…….besides the obvious! LOL

Friday……..6:30 am……the promised pulling out takes place. Before leaving town, I turn back to pick up an item off the helmet I was guided to leave behind. I take off again……

Before reaching the end of town, there is a loud “snap” and the engine stops. I coast to the side of the road. She will not start back up. After an hour, the tow truck comes. Another hour the mechanic shows up……..”I got bad news for ya, the engine dropped a valve and slammed your spark plug shut. You are not going anywhere, anytime soon.” At this time, I am SO grateful I listened to turn back to pick up an item, (Inner voice) instead of calling to have it mailed (My mind)…..I would have been out in the countryside.

Now, I have been hearing Spirit share “A new ride is on the way.” And, it has actually has been offered several times; however, it has just not materialized for different reasons…..even though I have been saying, “YES, I’m ready!”

8 hours later…….by the Grace of Spirit…..She is towed, a second time and by the best, ‘down-home’ mechanic, with the most loving little Dog, and in the pouring rain. “I will call you tomorrow after I open Her up and tell you what you are in for.”

The hardest part for me in this whole day…..swallowing my ‘ego’ to call my Host and ask if I can return……………… What Animal taught me today? The most gracious, generously compassionate human Animals.

From Roadside assistance, to the Tow Truck driver, to the garage ‘boys’ with my ‘gotta step outside and have a ‘female’ moment (good cry and making recommendations), to the generosity of the next mechanic AND coming to pick her up! and my Host retrieving me……and then, I am handed the most delicious home-cooked meal with all my favorites!


Saturday….the human Animal continues to amaze me. I am brought a magazine I adore…..and the reading is absolutely perfect, along with a carafe of coffee.

Great Spirit is not letting me leave Tallahassee until the “New Ride” is demonstrated……and I am now ready. All the pieces have come together…….including the call from the mechanic with the full extent of the damage.

The Royal Enfield Bullet is complete. I remember when I got Her, the song “Shot to the Heart” (with my own words by the way) was like a theme…..and as I look back, I can see how these words manifested so clearly with what all took place during the journey with Her……….priceless, abundantly priceless…….and has brought me to this point of cocooning as I have been doing these past few months, and getting ready for this next launch. Now, Great Spirit, let the magic of the intended ride reveal.