What Today Taught Me

I am grateful for my awareness during my morning meditation run, in seeing how I feel much like this branch hanging onto a wire, with the new living arrangement. It has got me feeling shoved in a corner or trapped, hanging…..and there is only one thing to do.

This brings the morning events of….exactly what I had also begun feeling. The Pipe Bundle chooses to be bundled up, yet stay active.

I am gratefully blessed to follow the Guidance of complete simplicity to the honorable bare essentials ……

for a sweet, simple…….

Community Animal Blessing Pipe Bundle; Beautiful……

Everything else is rebagged if not in use. Loved the dresser; however, it is not me. Grateful to have had a second bluetooth keyboard, part of me knew it would be gifted here to one of my Hosts….and Wow, how perfect for us both. Perfect gift, and gifting for us both.

Perfect gift, perfect simplification of space, focused and aligned…..and much more open.

The Flute plays the Noon Deeksha through and into a solitary experience of just the East Direction of the YogaChi. I am so grateful for a fluid experience of a compassionate Fire literally like is a Volcano of the most fluid, warm, yet immensely engulfing Fire….almost watery…..for the entire 30-45 minutes.

I am so grateful for the next phase of my clothing first prototype. The new clothes configuration gets its next phase done….All I can say at this time….it gives “going commando” a whole new meaning.

I am so grateful for Salt Baths!! If you have not tried it yet….I highly recommend it! Take the whole box…..YES, the whole box…. pour into a bathtub with the hotest water you can handle, and soak for 20-30 minutes……….
Wednesday taught me…..Napoleon and I have taken another milestone in our relationship……or maybe it could be his way of demonstrating the effect of the open configuration, opening the energy and simplifying in my way….and what I know in Truth, it is both.

Napoleon will be starting his own journal….soon.

Today, I am grateful I heard, and listened to, “Turn on the video everyday for Noon Deeksha and whatever I guide you to do….. just record whatever happens.” Today, it was a solitary, airy, yet grounded North Direction.

Thursday taught me….through a beautiful online zoom call meeting representing Compassion for Animals, that when I got an opportunity to speak…speak it. Though I do not remember much of what I spoke, I do know that I faithfully pray myself in, turning myself over to Presence, for It knows what is perfect to be shared. I have faith in that.

What I have noticed afterwards, is all the ‘mind chatter’ afterwards of  “I could have said this or that.” I am grateful I am aware and stay witness to them passing by.

As I work with the gift from the Ocean again…………..

and the gifts of all the others represent…..which feel like pieces of a puzzle. When you put them together…..Hmmmm. From pieces to One.

So my piece today is almost complete….the 365 Animal Gratitude Book! Oh my, does it feel good! It was an absolute treat to go through all writings and pictures, fall in love and gratitude with where, who, and what all I have experienced….and experience the gratitude all over again….it is like a double-dose!

I am grateful to see the Eagle soar through at the completion of YogaChi….and hear the KingFisher rattle….a solitary dose of the South.

I am honored to serve one of my Hosts on Saturday…….as we drive and discuss, we attract beautiful displays of Crows, and a young Eagle standing tall on a Tree.

I am grateful to learn the actual ‘name’ of the gift from the Ocean….Whelk

I hear another book being put together….and which one is next to get ready.

I am so grateful for this day of serving….and how beautiful Napoleon “Blaze” did for our (his) day in a Mystic Arts Fair type of setting.

“There is a Divine plan for my Life, for me…. It is both personal and all around me, it is singular and collective, it serves and prospers both myself and others and I am living it here and now.” ICrow

What I Learned This Week

Meditation brought a sense of revisiting the Crab sign I have been born into and the Koala Bear, which I had a fascination with as a child…..only on a deeper, non-intellectual, experiential lay feeling the metaphysical characteristics. Something I have ‘known’ before, even experienced before; however, there is an added element now. Yet, it is something I cannot quite describe, at this time.

Been watching these Beauties prepare for blossoming, like the new awareness of my Self-discovery blossoming within me. It is auspicious to me how they chose to open today. I have also been witnessing how it seems the Altar makes shifts soon after a time like this, and it is now happening quicker and quicker.

It follows synchronistically that I am guided into first the first run through, with music, of my version of the Ananda Mandala. The magic continues later as Luna, the neighborhood rescue Horse, allows me to pet for the first time. (She does not normally allow) Then I am blessed with a gifted massage!


The next day, as I continue I feel in my meditation ‘how,’ the ‘why,’ the ‘now,’ of my, what I would call, a straying away of disciplined practices. What a HUGE difference a vision can take. I notice there is a new appreciation of the “Monkey mind” taming, and sliding into be-ing the meditation. With a deeper appreciation of how ‘re-beginning’ is part of the teaching and fully claiming them…as my own Divine’s ‘work.’


That’s right….ya gotta live it, to share it……to do it, ya gotta be it. The day is so filled with promising Joy….even the sunrise is filled with a glory.

The MayaHara Meditation recording is complete and a way of sharing it has also come…..whoohoo! I love the perfect guidance and following the steps…..a pathway is being made, this I keep in trust.

I love how everyday, the noon Deeksha and YogaChi practice, rejuvenates me, limbers me, and brings perfect clarity on my afternoon’s ‘work.’ Today, it is to begin 365 Animal Gratitude book

As I affirm and claim it….bring me the guidance to work it…..auspiciously the Crows come. I am loving my life!

Friday…..it is heading to Beach


Saturday……it is claiming some jean shorts at Salvation Army for another patent pending clothing idea!! I am so ready for shift in my attire which will honor all parts of me.

The shift was wonderful…it did not stop at the Altar……the entire apartment takes a shift, cleaning and furniture moving. Wow! What a blessed difference. When the Energy is flowing, keep it going.

Let it move through the layers and reach all the ‘players.’



What I Learned 

Today, I learned I am grateful to hear the Owl hoot out this morning during my early morning pray-in….She spoke this morning after what seems like a long silence and after a long first night in the new apartment configuration. It was night full of lucid dreaming states filled with positive affirming prayer work.

I listen to Her and as I began my morning practices, I am reminded to just be, relax, be gentle with myself, follow and feel the flow through this unknown time.

Meditation and spiritual practices becomes a time of platonic cuddling, just being held, which …. I am reminded. From my Inner Heart, is a beautiful healing practice in itself….nothing involved, just a willingness to hold and be held…..no strings attached.

So grateful for the ability to have Lemon Ginger water begin…..it is definitely time! Cleansing,   hydrating, alkalining, and disperses energies in the body…..besides tasting super nice.

I get a package delivered….so grateful to receive!!  Definitely more than I imagined.

Wow!! I had been asked by a special Friend “”What do you need?”…..Then a message, “There’s a package on its way.”

There was SO much more, and extremely thoughtful items I knew I need, but did not list….Spirit knew, and it arrived in abundance!

Grateful the large “Spine” gift from the Beach has got a team of Ants working it….to do anything alone is but impossible;  however, if you got a team with your Spirit….and you recognize your Spirit, through us all, now there is  a built-in team……

Grateful for a few more firsts today…..The song which plays on my Flute, turns out to be a mixture of the Moola Mantra and Navajo invoking prayers…..today, It asks to be recorded at the Noon Deeksha.

Apparently the Lucid dreaming work processed some energy within me……and I have been in and out of a nauseated state…..

One thing I have learned is, I acknowledge it, thank the sensation for what it is teaching me and as I keep affirming my health, and focus on whatever I am working on…..it seems to fade in the background.

I am grateful for my health, I am grateful for my guidance, I am grateful to hear my Heart and the Wisdom it shares with me.


What a Wild Ride

The pendulum, called Life, swings to experience it all

I am grateful I have :

been given all I need for every desire.

lived foolishly materialistic, learned what it taught me.

lived foolishly for survival, learned what it taught me.

lived foolishly for what I thought was love, learned differently.

met the most loving, peaceful, joyful Animals; and meet aggressive, sad, hurting Animals.

been to the most beautiful, adventurous places; and others in which finding the beauty is the adventure.


I am grateful I have:

savoured the most delicious foods; and some which are quite interesting.

consumed, swam, bathed in the purest of waters; been without water, and have experienced waters unworthy of the name.

experienced enticing and magical moments with Nature, and moments where I feared  Nature.

shared love with loveables, shared love with ‘untouchables,’ and shared love with unloveables.

felt orgasmic synchronicity with every passing cloud, every passing thought, every wonder in my heart; and experienced being totally blind to even seeing the clouds, my thoughts, my wonders.

experienced loving myself, my body, my mind and wanting to live endlessly, hating myself, my body, my mind and wanting to die, and I have even tried over and over.


I am grateful I have:

experienced living for myself and being selfish, living for others and being of service.

destroyed, killed, created, healed, cried, laughed, been deathly ill, with a home, without a home, over fed, starved to hospitalization, clothed lavishly, and clothed humbly.

I have seen, ignored, spoken, and been the most despicable; and seen, ignored, spoken and been the most peaceful.

meditated on wisdom, witnessed wisdom, been tethered, caged, drugged, stolen, raped, forgiven, and been forgiven.

a victim and a victor, the punisher and punished, the aggressor and the aggressed.

been married, divorced, pregnant, and lost it.

beaten, laughed at, adored, mocked, discouraged, inspired, danced, sung, played and been lazy, pushed myself beyond limits and procrastinated.


I am grateful I have:

loved and loving, hateful and hated, created drama and peace, hurtful and hurt.

I love and appreciate all of my path. I know if I had not experienced one part, I would not have known the other.

I carry it all in my heart…..and though there is so much more to experience, and I am grateful to do so, I can say I choose to experience and give only the best of what I know it all can be.

and yet, if I disconnect from this earthly plane at any time, I can say I am ‘saving’ the world by savoring the best of it all in my grateful heart.

Rev Ahowan ICrow