Compassion Rides for 2020

2nd Annual Compassion Ride for All Animals


Benefiting the Deming-Luna County Humane Society/Animal Shelter … More details coming soon!

NM Women’s Ride to the SW Quest (Women’s Ride Only)


A ride with some SW Riding Sisters to Durango, CO for the Southwest Quest 2 (Women Only) on June 5th-Jun 7th (Camping). We are in process of reserving a Cabin for all us… (gratitude to a fellow SW Riding Sister) Details on the way!!

Marine Core Toys for Tots


This is a benefit ride up to the Gila National Forest where we bring truck loads of toys, have a camp out and fishing tournament which benefits the Marine Core Toys for Tots.

Sons and Animals of the Legion

August 1st-18th, 2020 ALTERED DUE TO COVID & included Marine Toy for Tots give-away

This is a benefit ride for the Sons of the Legion and their support/service Animals throughout the state of New Mexico. We will be riding throughout NM and stopping at various American Legions to offer our support, blessings and awareness to our Sons of the Legion and their support/service Animals.

Family Animal Compassion Ride for Peace

Sept 1st-Oct 7th, 2020 COMPLETED

This ride, the AHOWAN Sanctuary will be pulling out of Deming, NM on the 1st of Sept. Every stop along the way will be meeting, visiting, honoring, and celebrating “Soul Family” with ‘spontaneous ceremony’ with heart-calling intentions in preparations for fully initiating the upcoming groundbreaking for the Golden Sanctuary! The finale swing from Rapid City, ND begins the next Ride,,, see further below

Itinerary: Will reflect updated completed itinerary soon!!

Family Animal Compassion Ride

  1. 1 Sept 20 – Leave Deming, NM travel to Tucumcari, NM @ 369 miles 
  2. 2 Sept 20 – Leave Tucumcari, NM travel to Attica, KS @ 374 miles 
  3. 3 Sept 20 – Leave Attica, KS travel to Fort Riley, KS @ 185 miles 
  4. 5 Sept 20 – Leave Fort Riley, KS travel to Joplin, MO @ 267 miles 
  5. 6 Sept 20 – Leave Joplin, MO travel to Royal, AK @ 257 miles 
  6. 8 Sept 20 – Leave Royal, AK travel to Jackson/Brandon, MS @ 309 miles 
  7. 9 Sept 20 – Leave Jackson, MS travel to Dothan, AL @ 331 miles 
  8. 11 Sept 20 – Leave Dothan, AL travel to Grovetown, GA @  292 miles 
  9. 12 Sept 20 – Leave Grovetown, GA travel to Hendersonville, NC @ 175 miles 
  10. 17 Sept 20 – Leave Hendersonville travel to Charlottesville VA @ 375 miles 
  11. 18 Sept 20 – Leave Charlottesville VA travel to Shinnstown, WV @ 217 miles 
  12. 19 Sept 20 – Leave Shinnston, WV to travel to Xenia, OH @ 235 miles 
  13. 21 Sept 20 – Leave Xenia, OH travel to Arcola, IL @ 270 miles 
  14. 22 Sept 20 – Leave Arcola, IL travel to Cedar Rapids, IO @ 300 miles 
  15. 23 Sept 20 – Leave Cedar Rapids, IO travel to Sioux Falls, IA @ 353 miles 
  16. 24 Sept 20 – Leave Sioux Falls, SD travel to Rapid City, SD @ 348 miles 
  17. 27 Sept 20 – Leave Rapid City, SD travel to Cheyenne, WY @ 292 miles 
  18. 28 Sept 20 – Leave Cheyenne WY travel to Lamar, CO @ 328 miles 
  19. 29 Sept 20 – Leave Lamar, CO travel to Madrid, NM @ 351 miles 
  20. 30 Sept 20 – Leave Madrid, NM travel to Deming NM @ 278 miles

Approximately 6000 miles \ 45 miles per gallon = 133.3333 gallons x $2.50 gallon = $400

OR  Approx 6000 / 150 miles per tank / 40 tanks / @ $2.50 = $600

SO We’ll go with $500 each for fuel 

Golden Bear Compassion Ride

Sept 21st-30th (The second half of the Family Animal Compassion Ride) ALTERED DUE TO WEATHER AND FAMILY ANIMAL COMPASSION RIDE

This is a Golden Grandmother’s ‘Navigational Line’ Ride from South Dakota’s Mato Tipila to Deming, NM for the Women’s Gathering and groundbreaking for the Golden Sanctuary from Oct 1st-9th. Details coming… see below!

Grandmother’s Golden Sanctuary Gathering


The Golden Sanctuary… more details coming!! Grandmothers, you know who you are!!

2nd Annual LUNA County Animal Scavenger Hunt Ride


This is a scavenger hunt/pack ride that will be combined this year due to COVID and will benefit our neighbor’s by the border, the Columbus Animal Rescue, The Golden Sanctuary & Silver Linings Homeless Animal Companion Emergency Veterinarian Fund (HACEV Fund) which includes our Veteran’s Service/Emotional Support Animals. We had SO much fun last year! Be sure to join us this year!!