Compassion Rides for 2020

2nd Annual Compassion Ride for All Animals


Benefiting the Deming-Luna County Humane Society/Animal Shelter … More details coming soon!

NM Women’s Ride to the SW Quest (Women’s Ride Only)


A ride with some SW Riding Sisters to Durango, CO for the Southwest Quest 2 (Women Only) on June 5th-Jun 7th (Camping). We are in process of reserving a Cabin for all us… (gratitude to a fellow SW Riding Sister) Details on the way!!

Marine Core Toys for Tots

July 1-8, 2020

This is a benefit ride up to the Gila National Forest where we bring truck loads of toys, have a camp out and fishing tournament which benefits the Marine Core Toys for Tots.

Sons and Animals of the Legion

August (select dates) , 2020

This is a benefit ride for the Sons of the Legion and their support/service Animals throughout the state of New Mexico. We will be riding throughout NM and stopping at various American Legions to offer our support, blessings and awareness to our Sons of the Legion and their support/service Animals.

Animal Compassion Ride for Peace

Sept 1st-18th, 2020

This ride, the AHOWAN Sanctuary will be pulling out of Deming, NM on the 1st of Sept. The first stop will be in Arkansas for a Compassion Ride with an Animal Facility on the 5th, a pit stop in Dothan, AL. Second Compassion Ride will be in Florida on the 12th, with a pit stop in Hendersonville, NC. Third stop will be in Virginia on 19th. and then a swing over to ND to begin:

Golden Bear Compassion Ride

Sept 21st-30th

This is a Golden Grandmother’s ‘Navigational Line’ Ride/Drive from South Dakota’s Mato Tipila to Deming, NM for the Women’s Gathering. Details coming!

Grandmother’s Golden Sanctuary Gathering

October 1-9th

Hidden Valley Ranch and The Golden Sanctuary… more details coming!! Grandmothers, you know who you are!!

2nd Annual LUNA County Animal Scavenger Hunt Ride

(Columbus and Compassion Ride combined this year!!)

October 24th

This is a scavenger hunt/pack ride is combined this year due to COVID and will benefit The Luna County Animal Shelter/Humane Society, our neighbor’s Columbus Animal Rescue, The Golden Sanctuary & Silver Linings Homeless Animal Companion Emergency Veterinarian Fund (HACEV Fund) which includes our Veteran’s Service/Emotional Support Animals. We had SO much fun last year! Be sure to join us this year!!