Please feel free to contact me to schedule a private session (via zoom, skype, or phone). Workshops, Ceremony/Blessings, Public speaking, Reiki/Deeksha, “Spiritual Boot Camp” or absolutely any questions. There are no set charges; my traditional beliefs do support “charging Spirit” so, all services are facilitated on a love offering basis.


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A Monthly Tithe is GREATLY Appreciated ………
It takes $500 USD a month to keep Ahowan ICrow on the road and sharing the message of Peace with All Animals.
Ahowan ICrow, and the Loving Child Ashram is supported by you!
I consider all of you family. I am grateful I am hands and feet on the ground in places many do not get to go; to share and demonstrate Compassion with all Animals.
I give you all a big THANK YOU HUG, a Blessing for your offering.
Apithan Ministries is a corporate sole/501c3 and your offerings are tax deductible.
All proceeds from books and videos go to the funding of Loving Child Ashram.
Stay tuned for more: upcoming books, videos, and all this part of
The Animal Spirit Teaching Module.