H.A.C.E.V. Fund (Houseless Animal Companion Emergency Veterinary Fund)

We began the fund shortly after meeting one of the houseless animal companions in our county who needed some veterinary care while Ahowan ICrow was volunteering at the Deming Silver Linings Resource Center and Camp Silver. We are blessed to have been able to begin this grassroots fund with a canine named Luna.

H.A.C.E.V. Fund was created by AHOWAN in partnership with Deming Silver Linings (Homeless Shelter & Resource Center) to provide emergency veterinary care for the Houseless Animal Companions in Luna County, New Mexico.

I, Ahowan ICrow, have been houseless with my little service dog, Daymon, who became ill and needed emergency care. I was unable to find any organization that would help, or a veterinarian who would assist me. I am an Animal Chaplain, a veteran, been houseless and have a service dog, so I know the importance of having an animal companion despite the judgments that can be made.

Many times they are the reason a houseless has the will to continue living, gives purpose, helps with PTSD, provides that much needed companionship and even provides protection by alerting them which allows for much needed sleep, especially when living on the streets. AND there is one thing I know for sure…any one of us and every one of us has the potential to become houseless at any time.

The HACEV Fund pays directly to the Veterinarian who is treating the animal companion and a representative of AHOWAN or Silver Linings is there with them for the emergency if possible, transports to follow-up appts and does personal checks afterwards. The Fund only covers emergency care. No vaccines, heartworm, preventative, spay/neuter, ect. only what is needed for the emergency and to get the animal companion into a stable condition. If the animal companion is not spayed/neutered, we highly recommend and will assist them contacting another organization for vouchers. We inform them that they must be altered for the program to assist in/if another emergency. Vaccines are taken care through our Deming Vaccine Clinics.

Helps us help them. This fund is currently only for Luna County houseless in New Mexico. One can donate either through AHOWAN on this website or PayPal through Deming Silver Linings.

With either please be sure to specify that your donation is for the HACEV Fund. Thank you in advance for helping us, help our Houseless Animal Companions in emergencies.

Please use link, not the button till we discover how to correct. Thank you🙏🏻

A follow-up visit with Luna and her human companion. It turned out that Luna’s condition was bone cancer and not treatable. We were able to start this HACEV Fund in her honor. Thank you Luna for being such a sweetheart and giving this opportunity to create a ‘grassroots program’ here in the desert of New Mexico.