MayaHara Meditation

“This combination of chanting, breathwork, and moving through 9 main Chakras is unlike any other. It will bring you to a focused surrendered passionate state of truly loving yourself, your body, and sending it out into the world.” 

Words from some who has experienced MayaHara Meditation:

“Ahowan’s MayaHara meditation opened up a new doorway for me to go through to experience my own life in a way that not only blesses me but my intimate relationship.”

This MayaHara Meditation is a self-love meditation which is all encompassing, and unlike any other; bringing together numerous forms of meditation, energy movement, and exercises into one powerful meditation, and it is more than “just another meditation.” During the video, I will instruct you through each section.

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The MayaHara Meditation was created through my own spiritual practices over a three year period, piece by piece. This includes the name ‘MayaHara’ and its chant. I have been practicing this meditation now for 14 years, 5-7 days a week. The results are amazing, powerful, and I know for myself this meditation has taken me places, in numerous ways, that nothing else has done. It has brought me to an organic feeling and place of knowing “I and the Father are one” and life really is a “me, myself, and I” experience… a place of confidence with my own body.

This meditation has healed many conditions including depression, anxiety, restless leg syndrome, allergies, sexual trauma and abuse, skin cancer, and relationships…just name a few. What is for sure, is one becomes quite confident with their own body, their own sacredness.

So let us take the journey to honest sacred love with yourself.

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