MayaHara Meditation

“This combination of chanting, breathwork, and moving through 9 main Chakras is unlike any other. It will bring you to a focused surrendered passionate state of truly loving yourself, your body, and sending it out into the world.” 

Words from some who has experienced MayaHara Meditation:

“Ahowan’s MayaHara meditation opened up a new doorway for me to go through to experience my own life in a way that not only blesses me but my intimate relationship.”

This MayaHara Meditation is a self-love meditation which is all encompassing, and unlike any other; bringing together numerous forms of meditation, energy movement, and exercises into one powerful meditation, and it is more than “just another meditation.” During the video, I will instruct you through each section.

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The MayaHara Meditation was created by me through my own spiritual practices over a three year period, piece by piece as my own Divine shared with me. This includes the name ‘MayaHara’ and its chant. I have been practicing this meditation now for 9 years, and 5-7 days a week. I have shared this meditation with a partner (though it is a ‘solo’ experience) during a portion of these years and have instructed with several classes… the results are amazing, powerful, and I know for myself this meditation has taken me places, in numerous ways, that nothing else can do. It has truly brought me to an organic feeling and place of knowing that “I and the Father are one” and it really is a “me, myself, and I” experience… a place of confidence with my own body, not only my own physically, but the body of the world.


However, it is a process of beginning with oneself…and trust me…

Mmmm, It is SO totally worth it! YOU are worth it!

You cannot honestly love another unless you honestly love yourself.

The name MayaHara was also given to me as I was being guided in learning this meditation…It means supernatural (Maya) and destroying to show forth (Hara). The MayaHara Chant, “OM-Elu-MayaHara-MunayKi” sung during the first section of the third trinity means ‘original sound’ (OM) and one can feel the golden Kundalini rise through the spinal column.   The meaning of the name (Elu) is: “Full of Grace” and on can feel the Purple Flame transcend down and through. “Munay” in Quechua means “love and will”, together with “ki“, from the Chinese word for energy, combine to give the meaning: energy of love. Loosely translated it means “I love you.” So all together: “Original sound, full of Grace, Supernatural come forth, I love you.”

All together there are 7 parts or sections of the MayaHara Meditation, which includes invocation and two trinities. That in itself brings the sacred number 7, the number seven in the Bible represents divine perfection and 3 is representative of the sacred Trinity.

The MayaHara Meditation includes all the benefits of breathing, mantra, visioning, 9 chakras, tantra, and yoga. It invokes raising the Kundalini, drawing in the Purple Flame, balancing the two, and surrendering into loving one’s body in a sacred way.

  1. Breathing is a way of going internal, focusing on one’s own sensations, keeping one in the now moment, and when coupled with a mantra as we will be doing, it brings more oxygen into the body… again, these are just a few of the benefits and much more can be found on the internet and with one’s own experience.
  2. Mantra is a way of moving the breathe, soothing and focusing the mind, release neuroses, boost immunity, engenders compassion, and open intuition to name a few. There are three mantras which will be repeated 108 times. Mathematicians of Vedic culture viewed 108 as a number of the wholeness of existence.
  3. The visioning of this meditation is a focus on the energies (golden kundalini, purple flame, lavanic energy of the balanced feminine and masculine, and the 9 primary chakras.) during the first trinity portion of the meditation. It is not necessary, though at first it is helpful, to allow one to open and ‘build’ to feeling the vibrations of these energies.
  4. The meditation (as well as all the meditations I have been blessed lead) works with 9 primary chakras versus the traditional 7. We are in time of all 9 chakras being opened, cleared and healed for all of humanity, not just a select few. The 9 chakras create a Trinity within a Trinity, a full completion.
  5.  Tantra in Sanskrit means to “loom, warp, weave.” The essence of this meditation is to FALL IN LOVE with one’s one body, yourself… and organically build to a full Tantra. At its essence, tantra is a practice to assist the chakra energy system within the body to open. When beginning this meditation it is advised to first touch, embrace, and connect with one’s own body and allow the sexual stimulation to happen organically as you continue to practice the meditation, and fully fall in love with yourself. Once you are there, a vibrator is perfectly welcome. Tantra practices can strengthen the cardiovascular, nervous, and muscle systems. The orgasmic energy has many benefits such as restoring youthful functions, keeping your body supple and your mind alert. It is proven for great physical and mental vitality, as well as endless energy, and the hormones released help to boost health, appearance and to feel much younger.
  6. Yoga in this meditation is a set of very simple postures to provide an anchoring of the MayaHara energy which is released, while providing the benefit of added flexibility and focusing on moving the body WITH the breath, and ending us in a grounded, deep breathing state.


This MayaHara Meditation is best practiced first thing in the morning or early afternoon, and most definitely during or before sunset as it can and will fill you with a lot of energy.

Prior to beginning the invocation one can light a candle, incense, offer tobacco, sage, sweetgrass, or annoint with holy water/oil with the intention of self-love and/or raising oneself to the highest vibration.

The invocation is the sacred Moola Mantra (please click for full meaning) done in Sanskrit which is known as the ‘original language’ or ‘language of the gods.’


The first Trinity is three Mantras repeated 108 times:

  1. Om Gum Ganapateyei Namaha :   This mantra is said to have the power to remove all evil and obstacles for the obstacle remover and I will guide you through moving the Golden Mothering Nurturing Energy through all chakras
  2. Om Radha Krishnaya Namaha : This mantra is a bowing to a healthy relationship and I will guide you through moving the Father Grace/Wisdom Energy through the chakras
  3. Om Kama Pujitayei Namaha : This mantra is for sacred love making and I will guide you through drawing the Volcanic Lavanic Love Energy through chakras

The second trinity is:



  1. Love yourself….truly love yourself, love you body, respect and know how to listen, hear, heal and please your body, and to fully accept its joy!! If you cannot please your self and know what you enjoy how can you please or accept from another.
    This is about making love with your divine…not needing another to ‘please you”
    When you can fill and be confident with you own body, your own divinity then you can give and accept from another. The more I have done this with myself, the more I realize I do not need another, yes, sharing is awesome but I am complete with myself, my divine, and my divinity can take me places no other ‘man’ can take me. However, the fact that I can “go there” when I do share, it is of another dimension and those I attract are ‘of the same place.’
  2. Loving the world…After filling and being in this state….now comes loving the world and whatever comes. We share from this place of balanced lavanic unconditional place….the compassion, the love we have for our own body, we share with the ‘body’ outside of our personal physical borders… we continue cultivating the energy; however, anything and everything that comes to mind, we share this same energy with… It is a prayer time.
  3. Anchoring and Grounding…We will then bring our awareness from sharing it with others and the world to grounding and anchoring the energy in our bodies through some simple yogic postures. Then you are ready to go out into the world of your day


This meditation has healed many conditions including depression, anxiety, restless leg syndrome, allergies, sexual trauma and abuse, skin cancer, and relationships…just name a few. What is for sure, is one becomes quite confident with their own body, their own sacredness.

When one honestly, fully falls in love with one-self, is confident with one’s own body, physically, mentally, and spiritually, one can be giving and accepting of others.

So, love yourself….truly love yourself, love you body, respect and know how to listen, hear, heal and please your body, and to fully open to accept its joy.

So let us take the journey to honest sacred love with yourself..and be your best Valentine.

((Make a donation (suggested offering of $50) and be sure to state in the memo that you request the private link to the MayaHara Meditation. Be sure to include the email address you want me to send the link to! ))

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AHOWAN Sanctuary is a 501c3 … your donations are tax deductible.
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