PEACE with All Animals Peregrination 2022

Approx 6000 miles from June 20-July 31 (itinerary below)I am SO grateful to announce that we (Daymon, Jumanji, and I) will be facilitating our last cross country Iron Pony PEACE with all Animals Peregrination that will take place for the next 5 years (that I am aware of!) until the AHOWAN 501c3 has gotten “The Golden Sanctuary” up and running! The nonprofit has been a Federal Nonprofit since 2010; however, we now have our NM State ID and the property has been gifted for us to begin the Golden Sanctuary project!! ( Paperwork is all signed and the land is ready to begin! This now leaves me with my ministry free to offer one more Peregrination to unleash my ‘wild side’ 😂, meet board members in person, meet with an expert Elder, reset the Ministry, and be in Ceremony, all while taking one more long cross country! Feels like lots of stops to some spaces that have been a long time coming.
I will begin traveling with a couple of other SisStars riding to the Ozarks in Arkansas for a Women’s Rider Parade which is raising money for ‘Wives of Veterans,’ then off on my own to Hendersonville, NC to visit/pet/housesit for my Dad!! and to have a meeting or two about the Golden Sanctuary, (gotta soak up some wisdom while there aye?)
A stop in Virginia to meet up and ordain a chaplain of Apithan Ministries, a stop in Maryland to meet up with a board member of AHOWAN 501c3, and then off to Vermont for Ceremony with my beloved Emosewa Tribe!!
From there it’s off to Michigan to meet up with another board member of the nonprofit, have Ceremony, and join the Redrum/RedSPIRIT national gathering.
Once complete in Michigan, it’s making the journey back to Deming as the Raven flies… and to be back in Deming by the promised July 31st. This Peregrination is a perfect mixture of Nonprofit, Ministry, and a bit of wild spirit passivication lol 😂Thank you so much for your support, confidence, and compassionate understanding with the journey of the nonprofit, the ministry, and myself.

From my Heart to your Heart
Peace and Animal blessings

Rev Ahowan ICrow

“The Earth is a communion of subjects, not a collection of objects.” Thomas Berry

“Avoiding harm to all creatures…this is true knowledge. All else is ignorance.” Bhagavad Gita