Peregrination #5

Having been freshly back from India just before the Holidays, and have been House/Pet sitting for a Ranch for three months ‘working with my Napoleon’ in Georgia. 2017 presents with ‘The Napoleon’ rehabilitated and adopted. Then a blessed opportunity to commit to filming and finishing a promised teaching module. The Royal Enfield Bullet throws a rod going lame and Jumanji is recieved. (now I had been in India and did not know anything about the movie!) The 2004 Yamaha V-Star is named after a Black Panther … This peregrination becomes an opportunity to become a TrustedHousesitter, Wag Walker, and Rover! It was a blessed opportunity to re-rescue my Daymon! and for us to meet new ‘Family” while raising money for the Animal Child Ashram
Napoleon was practically given to me by the Animal Shelter in a slightly rough condition… we worked with each other (who really rescues who?) and he was healed, adopted and in his new home within 3 months.
It was a year of beginning to meet Iron Pony (or Biker) Family too! Talk about some amazing Souls and feels real good to be riding with Family instead of a ‘Lone Rider.’

And see Daymon!! Been quite a special year rerescuing him and getting Jumanji AND being able to raise funds for the ministries’ project.

Did a LOT of Wag Walking! So much fun, keeps my ‘skills’ up and every penny was donated to the AHOWAN 501c3’s Animal Child Ashram account…
Including my ‘aggressive dog’ behavioral training
Ahowan walked and raised $2,500 for “The Loving Child Ashram;” however, due to a passport/visa issue was unable to return right away.