Spiritual Boot Camp

Want to set your life on a new course? Have you wanted to go on a spiritual retreat, or you have gone and have not been able to implement into your daily life? Have you ever thought…”I want a spiritual retreat in my home, with my daily life!? I want to bump my life up a notch or two! How do I shift from putting out fires to creating new ones!? And if you have Any Animals at home…all the BETTER with my extensive Animal experience.20160120_141346000_iOSWell, I have the answer for you. Invite the ‘Spiritual Boot Camp Sergeant’ into your home for 28 days and receive a “Daily Life Spiritual Boot Camp” that works for you. I will tailor-make a program which is both disciplined and flexible, gears up your ‘typical’ daily routine and I implement it with you, put you through it, in your settings, in your home, with your schedule, and your religious (or not)/cultural background…

Spiritual Boot Camp begins with me as a witness observing of your normal routine for the first 7 days. That seventh day we will go over what I have witnessed, how improvements can be made, and us agreeing on a program.

The next 21 days I am like a drill sergeant or counselor (in a loving and gentle way!) as we put the program into action. It takes 21 days to implement a new habit, and I am at your service, like an alarm clock…there to help you implement it, to empower you to take the steps necessary to embrace the new life you want to create, while leaving you with tools and new habits for having it, claiming it.

“Spiritual Boot Camp” is about balancing all areas of yourself, of your life…Mind, Body, and Spirit while incorporating our basic intellectual, social, spiritual, and physical needs.


  1. We take a look at the Universal Laws and how they are operating in your life
  2. We look at incorporating meditation and your spiritual beliefs
  3. Cultivating GratitudeIMG_3619


  1. We will incorporate daily exercise enjoyable for you and your body. Exercise gets your body moving, releases endorphins, improves your health, and combat illnesses.
  2. We will take a look at your diet. Yep…We get what we put in…
  3. How you are loving and caring for your bodyIMG_1971


  1. We will look at what you are feeding your mind each day.
  2. How are you exercising your mind each day (yes, it needs exercise too!)20160426_154131198_iOS

So, you ready to shift your life from running you…to you running it? Creating it instead of it creating you? Feeding, nurturing and balancing all areas of your life?

Then, let’s do it! Invite the Spiritual Boot Camp Sergeant into your home…

Everything I do, I do for you.

All I ask is that you give a donation for my travels expenses to get to you…and leave your email address to begin our communication on all the rest of the details.

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