Condoning Animal Suffering

“I love Animals”

“I rescue Animals”

“I do not want Animals to suffer”

Yep, we all have heard it…we all have said it……Animal Rescuers, Animal Lovers, Animal Activists….

However, HOW does one even begin to REALLY end the suffering, to really make a difference.

I have been “guilty” of just speaking these words myself…..even for all the 30 years I rescued and operated an Animal Rescue organization.

Yes, I WAS making a difference in the Animals I was rescuing first hand; and I know many of you are too! We have all heard the story of the Starfish and the little boy…..”I may not save them all, but it makes a difference to this one.”

Even with all that I was doing however, I could still FEEL and see the suffering taking place. I was even a vegetarian; however, I still blindlessly partook of cheese, eggs, and products made with Animals, all coming from the suffering of Animals.

I even went to the place of attempting to change laws in the State of Ohio that I was living in…..however, I realized quickly, that only created more resistance, with the human race itself. It only creates more conflict.

The realization that until someone decides that they themselves no longer want to suffer, there is nothing anyone else can do……They are ingesting, wearing,  and creating the suffering, themselves.

Then, it came to me, the understanding that until “we” as a human Animal realize that in order to save our planet, our earth, our real home as humans; only then will the human race be ready to change what is happening…..and we are reaching this point quickly.

Until then, there is a way for the Animal Activist/Rescuer  THEMSELVES to really change how they approach and heal the Animals… is a Universal approach, and I will share that more in another blog; however, I will share the one main point of that blog, “what is happening with the Animals….is happening inside of ourselves.”

I have been to Canada, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Costa Rica, South Africa and been with many from other countries. It holds true throughout the world.

We Love the Animals….and many even see the Animals as having Souls, or are a part of the Divine/God. I even “They are my Divine, I must take care of them.”

Yet, WE ALL STILL partake of the suffering…..

I have even shared with many when they purchase milk, drink the milk, they are “stating” that the Cow and her Calf’s suffering is okay…..they drink that milk and bring that suffering INSIDE their own body.

These same people will go out and save a Cow, try to save the Calf, condemn those mistreat them, but  yet still go PAY for the milk, and in that very process, CREATE….the suffering.

These very animal rescuers and activists purchase Chicken eggs from factory farms, purchase yogurt, curd, or chai…..or any other numerous products that have been created from the “raping” and suffering of the Cow, the raping of the Bulls for the semen, the Chickens locked in cages, or hung from their legs, and the list goes on……

Now, we all have hypocritical behaviors, I have done it all myself in the past; however, once you realize that what you pay for, creates a demand for the very thing that you are choosing to rescue, it really has you second guessing your own behaviors and how you yourself are contributing to the cycle.

If every animal activist/rescuer just said “no” and stopped, even when in the company of other people…….and for my Indian friends…..that includes Chai with milk!!…..using the opportunity to compassionately share and educate, without condemning the actions of those you are with, (remember, you have been there yourself!) that, in itself would begin a huge wave of honoring the real Sacred Mother.

Can you imagine how many Cows, Bulls, and Calves would be released of their suffering if we, as humans, chose to allow them to nurture their young, just as we do?  Then, how about the Chickens, the Pigs, The Lambs…..The Dogs?? If WE did not buy them, from those suffering conditions, there would be no demand for it.

I got to partake of milk from a truly happy Cow, it was unlike ANY milk I have ever tasted in all my years. I got to MEET this Cow, and I got to meet her Calf. Both were fat, happy, joyous….and even the Bull who “hung out” with them was fat, happy, and carefree……so I am NOT saying that we cannot partake of the Animals….It is HOW we partake, and WHERE it truly comes from…..honoring the Animal in Its natural environment.
I am currently living on a farm where the Chickens are running free, and they lay the eggs because they WANT to….they are the best eggs…..most of us have no idea. There truly is a HUGE difference.

With both the Milk and Eggs from honored happy Animals….One can even FEEL this difference of how your body processes it.

I could go on to leather, and other products; however, that is for another time also….

Love yourself and the Animals enough to not pay for and put that suffering in your body, not to mention all the hormones and chemicals…..and when you are with others, say, “With all due respect; I appreciate your offer, thank you, however, I choose to not partake.”

If they ask, “why not?” You can say, “Because I love Animals, and until we change how we treat them, I will not condone by partaking.”