17 Oct 2014

On the streets of Lucknow, specifically Mall Ave near Congress, there is an Indian Street Dog, a Female, named Chameli. She is one tough Female and is considered the Queen of her territory.
Pretty much, what she says, goes.
Now, having lived at Jeev Aashraya for five months, I fell in love with an Indian Male Dog, Cawa. He has the same loving, compassionate, get along with everyone attitude. He is tough, like Chameli, but has a bit of surrender to him. Another words, when he is challenged by another Dog, he rolls over in surrender.
So when Ron returned from the US at the end of Sept and AHOWAN’s work became complete at the Ashram, we decided to move back to Mall Ave. Leaving Cawa was very difficult; however, in my Heart I knew it was the best thing to do for many reasons. first and foremost, my husband could not return to the Ashram, and Cawa is not allowed in the Homestay.
Ten or so days pass, and it is learned that all the “permanent stay” Dogs at the Ashram must be rehabilitated back to the streets, I volunteer to accept Cawa. Where best to integrate him and give him his freedom than here with Chameli?
Now, the Homestay Madam agreed to the integration; however, would not share with her husband this was taking place, it was to be kept a secret…..I was reluctant to this “secret keeping” however, for the best interest of Cawa in giving this a try, I agreed.
One could feel the tensions rise almost immediately, Though Cawa was happy to be free, and walk the streets again, he has become more “Housey”, he is in love with me, he trusts me completely and only wants to be with me.
This began a three-four day process of where Cawa eventually made it into our room. The neighborhood was happy, because he stopped crying and howling. However, the tensions of the Homestay grew.
Now Chameli made friends with him, however, because this is her Energy Domain, and she is connected with the Homestay Madam’s Energy…..the nervousness about the whole situation, and her husband’s “well-being” brought an angry, aggressive, protective energy that did not show with the Madam; however, showed it attracted an aggressive, protective Indian Street Dog that “claimed” Chameli as his own. Chameli began bowing to him, not being her normal friendly self, and even keeping her distance from the Homestay.
We made a decision as soon as possible to get Cawa back to the Ashram, it is evident he needs a home not street. Upon Cawa’s departure, and some forgiveness work with Chameli, Homestay Madam, and Sir……..Chameli is now happily, peacefully, tailwagging her way around the streets again, and has got the aggressive Male…….pretty much hiding under the car. She has become the Queen of the street again.
Basically, the Animals around us cannot lie, they display exactly what is happening in the emotional and spiritual body, no matter how much someone tries to hide their true feelings. They must play out. So when Chameli is bowing to an Aggressive Male Dog……and this Dog is lunging at me…….I know that is what was really wanting to play out in the human roles, but could not. It was truly our two sides conflicting with each other. When the threat left, the sweet loving true angelic side could come back in full measure.
It is a Law, of Cause and Effect, and must play out. Does not make any of us good or bad, it just is.
MyShell Howler, RScP, OAC