Our Independant Unconditional Cat-Side

As I do “Closing Ceremony” for the day, contemplating on the Integrity of Ahowan’s mission…….here is an example of what our Mission is…….”to end and prevent the cruelty to Animals”…..how?….by showing it begins inside of ourselves.

see Justice for Nicholas
Each one of us is responsible. Responsible to not hate the perpetrators, but to send him/her Love, a prayer for the Awakening of their Heart, to open and release the immense pain and suffering they must be feeling in order to carry out an act like this…….if we close our hearts to them, and send hatred, we actually feed the suffering and allow for more to be done and created.

I know this suffering, I have been there, actually causing harm to the very Animals that I loved……..and it was two very special angelic women who opened their hearts to me, said prayers for me, took my hand and led me to places (a Drumming Ceremony and Spiritual Center) that began awakening my Heart. This is where all the other Animals then took over, teaching me.

As I began healing, the Animals around me began healing……there is much more to this story; however, my question to you is……if you were suffering and in so much pain….that you were harming others……would you want someone to hate you, turn their back on you, want to kill you, or would you want someone to awaken your heart, and help you see the errors of your ways, and teach you to Love again?

To awaken and free the criminal……is to awaken and free the criminal inside of us.

The criminal will have their own karma to work through with their own divine….that is God’s job…. Not ours.

This is not saying that we have to like the act, that it is either right or wrong; however, the suffering is Universal…… And if we are seeing it, then it is in us.

This is the GIFT the Cat has given Its Life for! This can be the Gift we can help nurture. The Cat being metaphysical for Independant Unconditional Love, and in this case, not being noticed, and then brutally injured and set on fire…..well, this is directly symbolic, by Spiritual Principle, of what is happening within this perpetrator……..So, how many of us, if you really go inside and take a deep look, have not noticed our own Independant Unconditionally Loving side, beat up on it when we did, and then tried to burn it away. We have not literally demonstrated it; however, being a thought in the One Mind, through someone who is severely suffering; it has played out..

This Angel, the Cat, is an Amazing Messenger for him and for us……and deserves to be honored by hearing the deeper message.

So, for myself, I sign this petition in the Spirit of Love and Gratitude, sending prayers of healing for the perpetrator, and Divine Honor for the Cat Messenger; who has taken me, deeper inside of myself, to heal the Independent Unconditionally Loving Self, I believed was unseen, that I “beat up” on because I thought nobody loved me, and I tried to burn away.

So, in Truth……..There is Only One Life, That Life is God’s Life, That Life is Independently Loving, totally Unconditional, and though it seems to hide behind all Eyes, It is seen through these very Eyes, seeing and knowing all it has Created. Therefore, I know the Truth of us all is Unconditional Love, and for that I am grateful.

MyShell #ICrow