20 Oct 2014

Ron and I have been contemplating and listening for what our next adventure will be. What is our next mission as AHOWAN? We feel our mission with Jeev Aashraya has come to completion. We feel we are in a reorganization process, a holding pattern. Clearing up the last details. And shedding off some old Energy, like a Snake would. There are many ways we can go at this point, and we are awaiting for the flowing direction of Spirit. We have set our intentions to be of service, how ever this may look.
As we walk along the street in Hazratgang, I notice a Crow on the street. The Crow is deceased, and I know what a rarity this is. I immediately cross the pedestrian traffic to go pick it up, honor It move It out of the way to the side under a bush. As I do, I notice It’s eyes are completely white, and begin feeling how the Crow was blind. I feel how It begins sharing with me, I have been blind to the magic of what is happening in my life, right here, right now.
In my Heart, I know how Magic works in my life, but I am blinded in seeing it right now, numb to feeling it, with all the perceived death that I have been allowing my eyes to see. The end of working at the Animal Ashram, the end of being welcomed back over Christmas with my family, the end of the way we have always done ceremony, basically, the end of what life has been to this point.
However, because I am not seeing the magic of what is about to take place, the expansion of going beyond comfortable borders, the Faith of flying on, even though I cannot see. In this moment, the Crow became my messenger, my gift to wake up to what I am doing to myself.
As I laid the Crow gently under the bush, I have a surge of energy come through me to feel what could happen if I do not, I can hit a wall in my sorrow, so I give a prayer of gratitude for the vision, and begin feeling the magical possibilities of what truly lies ahead of me. The gift of magic to fly to new places, to share an expanded message, and become the Magical Presence that can give New Life. I may not see it in the here and now, but the Faith of feeling the heart of the Crow to fly anyway, knowing the Magic it possesses to be the Messenger, is all I truly need. Thank you Crow, for showing me, once again. Let us Fly together, with the Sight of Spirit in our Hearts, and give whatever Message is needed for those we come in contact, wherever that may lead.
MyShell Howler, RScP, OAC