Condoning Animal Suffering

“I love Animals”

“I rescue Animals”

“I do not want Animals to suffer”

Yep, we all have heard it…we all have said it……Animal Rescuers, Animal Lovers, Animal Activists….

However, HOW does one even begin to REALLY end the suffering, to really make a difference.

I have been “guilty” of just speaking these words myself…..even for all the 30 years I rescued and operated an Animal Rescue organization.

Yes, I WAS making a difference in the Animals I was rescuing first hand; and I know many of you are too! We have all heard the story of the Starfish and the little boy…..”I may not save them all, but it makes a difference to this one.”

Even with all that I was doing however, I could still FEEL and see the suffering taking place. I was even a vegetarian; however, I still blindlessly partook of cheese, eggs, and products made with Animals, all coming from the suffering of Animals.

I even went to the place of attempting to change laws in the State of Ohio that I was living in…..however, I realized quickly, that only created more resistance, with the human race itself. It only creates more conflict.

The realization that until someone decides that they themselves no longer want to suffer, there is nothing anyone else can do……They are ingesting, wearing,  and creating the suffering, themselves.

Then, it came to me, the understanding that until “we” as a human Animal realize that in order to save our planet, our earth, our real home as humans; only then will the human race be ready to change what is happening…..and we are reaching this point quickly.

Until then, there is a way for the Animal Activist/Rescuer  THEMSELVES to really change how they approach and heal the Animals… is a Universal approach, and I will share that more in another blog; however, I will share the one main point of that blog, “what is happening with the Animals….is happening inside of ourselves.”

I have been to Canada, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Costa Rica, South Africa and been with many from other countries. It holds true throughout the world.

We Love the Animals….and many even see the Animals as having Souls, or are a part of the Divine/God. I even “They are my Divine, I must take care of them.”

Yet, WE ALL STILL partake of the suffering…..

I have even shared with many when they purchase milk, drink the milk, they are “stating” that the Cow and her Calf’s suffering is okay…..they drink that milk and bring that suffering INSIDE their own body.

These same people will go out and save a Cow, try to save the Calf, condemn those mistreat them, but  yet still go PAY for the milk, and in that very process, CREATE….the suffering.

These very animal rescuers and activists purchase Chicken eggs from factory farms, purchase yogurt, curd, or chai…..or any other numerous products that have been created from the “raping” and suffering of the Cow, the raping of the Bulls for the semen, the Chickens locked in cages, or hung from their legs, and the list goes on……

Now, we all have hypocritical behaviors, I have done it all myself in the past; however, once you realize that what you pay for, creates a demand for the very thing that you are choosing to rescue, it really has you second guessing your own behaviors and how you yourself are contributing to the cycle.

If every animal activist/rescuer just said “no” and stopped, even when in the company of other people…….and for my Indian friends…..that includes Chai with milk!!…..using the opportunity to compassionately share and educate, without condemning the actions of those you are with, (remember, you have been there yourself!) that, in itself would begin a huge wave of honoring the real Sacred Mother.

Can you imagine how many Cows, Bulls, and Calves would be released of their suffering if we, as humans, chose to allow them to nurture their young, just as we do?  Then, how about the Chickens, the Pigs, The Lambs…..The Dogs?? If WE did not buy them, from those suffering conditions, there would be no demand for it.

I got to partake of milk from a truly happy Cow, it was unlike ANY milk I have ever tasted in all my years. I got to MEET this Cow, and I got to meet her Calf. Both were fat, happy, joyous….and even the Bull who “hung out” with them was fat, happy, and carefree……so I am NOT saying that we cannot partake of the Animals….It is HOW we partake, and WHERE it truly comes from…..honoring the Animal in Its natural environment.
I am currently living on a farm where the Chickens are running free, and they lay the eggs because they WANT to….they are the best eggs…..most of us have no idea. There truly is a HUGE difference.

With both the Milk and Eggs from honored happy Animals….One can even FEEL this difference of how your body processes it.

I could go on to leather, and other products; however, that is for another time also….

Love yourself and the Animals enough to not pay for and put that suffering in your body, not to mention all the hormones and chemicals…..and when you are with others, say, “With all due respect; I appreciate your offer, thank you, however, I choose to not partake.”

If they ask, “why not?” You can say, “Because I love Animals, and until we change how we treat them, I will not condone by partaking.”

Being Like Whale

“Affirmations are a way for the Human Animal to claim their Goodness, and feel It within their beingness.”  ICrow

“We cannot say that one thought is creative while another is not. We must say that all thought is creative, according to the nature, impulse, emotion or conviction behind the thought.” Ernest Holmes


When we speak with our voice, we are using vibrations. It is much like taking a pebble and dropping it into a pool of water. The Water creates a ripple goes out, then eventually ripples back toward us. The more we throw a pebble into the water, the more ripples that go out, and the more these ripples come back to us.

If we are standing in communion the Water, we can feel the ripples go out and come back to us. If, however, at the same time we throw a pebble into the Water, we move our body, the ripple becomes more of a Wave. If we throw our whole body into the Water, the more of a wave It creates, and the stronger the wave coming back to us.

The Water is the Creative Field, the Stone if our affirmation and movement of the Water is the emotional vibrations we feel when we think and speak our affirmation. As one can tell, the vibrations add to the waving action that will come back to us. This is how we need to speak our Truth of what it is we want to experience.

If, when we speak an affirmation of goodness and we are not feeling the goodness, then what is the vibration being sent out? It is much like tossing a stone into the water but not moving the body, or jumping in with it. The vibration is not very strong, it will ripple, but very weakly and it takes long time to come back us.

However, if we speak an affirmation of being joyous, and we feel that joy, then the vibration sent out is that of a stone and a moving body. The result becomes much stronger, and the ripple becomes a joyous wave that comes back much stronger.

Just imagine a Whale when it breeches the Ocean surface creates a huge wave that goes out. It uses Its entire body with full vitality. The stronger the breech, the stronger the wave. Be like a Whale and breech through your Consciousness to create the Wave of Life you want to come back to you.

This is how we speak our affirmations. We can choose to commune with Water, leap our entire body as the affirmation, and send tidal waves out of what we want to come back to us. Be the Whale, breeching through your Ocean with your entire body, and let the Ocean of Life bring you a Tsunami. Remember, the Ocean of Life can only bring you what you put in.


I speak my Goodness with my entire body vibrating at the Wave I wish to return to me.

MyShell #ICrow

Creating Dogs, Kittens and Deers

“That which you have will save you if you bring it forth from yourselves.”  The Gospel of Thomas


“There is the manner in which Nature creates-It contemplates. As a result of Its contemplation, It lets fall the seed of its thought into the Universal Subjective which being Law, produces the object thought about.”  Ernest Holmes

In the realm of Nature we live in, there are many Laws which govern us. For some, this can be overwhelming, so they choose to just live as if they are victims of these Laws. Many of us have for years, thought to ourselves.”This is just the way it is,”

It is true, it is the way it is; however, we were not created to be victims, we were created to be co-creators. All the Laws work equally no matter who we are.

We have the Law of Arithmetic, we use this Law either in a good creative way, or we can misuse it, it can be destructive. Have you ever “misused” it and found your checkbook a mess? We have a Law of Gravity, we use it every day and yet, if we misuse it, it can be destructive. The Law of electricity when used correctly is useful and if we misuse it, it is destructive. You get the idea.

There is a Law of cause and effect. Just like all Laws of Nature, we can use this Law to be a victim or a creator. It is our choice of Freewill we have been given. However, when we notice our lives are not where we want them to be, we can take a look at how we are using this Law. What are we giving the Universe to bring back to us. What are the primary thoughts, beliefs and feelings we are “dropping as seeds.”


Using an analogy of the Animals, let us say a Dog is pregnant and the seeds inside of her are growing. She has been nurturing them, feeding them, watering them, and allowing them to grow inside of her. She is ready to give birth. Will she give birth to a litter of Cats? No. Similarly, a pregnant Cat is not going to give birth to a Deer. What is placed in the Law is what is birthed

So, if you are walking around your life worrying or fearing something, what do you expect the Universe to bring to you? It is like impregnating a Dog and expecting to get Kittens.You are placing seeds of what you fear into the womb.

Our thoughts are the seeds of our life, If you do not like what you are harvesting, let us try using different thoughts, and send some different seeds into the womb, into the soil, into the Universe. It is a Law, we are using it everyday, we can choose to be creative, or destructive.


I choose to use the Creative Process wisely with thoughts of positive growth

MyShell #ICrow

One with All

“In the beginning, God” Bible

“There is One Infinite Mind which of necessity includes all that is, whether it is the intelligence of man, the life in the animal, or the invisible Presence which is God. In it we learn to have a spiritual sense of things.”  Dr. Ernest Holmes

There is only One Power, One Presence, One God. Every major religion agrees on this. God is not a person, a place, or a mountain top experience. God is the energy, the Intelligence that animates through and as all of Life. God is the perfect guidance of both the Owl and the Mouse and the experience of the catch. God is every planet, God is the Sun, and God is the experience of all of them rotating around. God is the Intelligence that is orchestrating it all.

Now, with all that being said, we can all agree on this and the beauty of feeling the Oneness. Now, what happens within you when I share that God is also the Spider, the Cockroach, the Flea or a blood-sucking Tick. God is also the hurricane, the tornado, the burglar and the drug addict.

There is only One Life, and that Life is Love, Life, and Spirit within each and every Animal, which includes the Human and non-Human Animals. God does not distinguish Itself from any living Animal whether we consider It Good, or Bad, whether we like it of dislike it or Love it or hate it.

What I ask you now is, what is it about the Animal that is making you feel uncomfortable. What I find is that is a part of yourself that you have not embraced and seen the True Beauty in. Do not get me wrong, I did not say you had to like it; however, I did say that you have not seen the beauty in it, or come to a full compassionate understanding of the demonstration of God that it is.

So, going back to the Cockroach, when I asked on lady, “What is it about the Cockroach that makes you uncomfortable. I hear, “They are dirty, and you can never seem to get rid of them” I ask her if she ever gets dirty? does she ever allow herself to get dirty? I ask her if she has embraced how resilient she truly is. Basically, I share the true Divine characteristics of the Cockroach, and asked her to take them inside of herself and become One with them.

If it is all God, and God does not exclude any part of Itself, then that is what Oneness is all about.


Please affirm with yourself: I am One with all of LIfe, I embrace all parts of myself, loving the beauty of what it demonstrates.

MyShell Howler RScP, OAC

18 Nov 2014/Sacred Cow and Dog

So as I go out onto the street of Mall Ave, here in Lucknow, of Uttar Pradesh, India to feed what I call a Prayerful Feeding for the Street Dogs, I hear a Cow “mooing”. It sounds almost distressful. I cannot help but walk down the street to “see” what is happening.
It is standing in the street, seeming to took for something. As I approach the Cow, It starts to walk toward me as if It knows I have food. It is sensing that I want to connect, and that I am of no harm.
Now, the “Queen” street dog of this territory, “Chameli” sees me, and knows I have food, and she come running to me. As I try to give the Cow a biscuit, she begins to bark in attack toward the Cow. I give her a gentle correction and offer her a biscuit, and then give the Cow a biscuit. I then begin walking back to the normal feeding sight. The Cow and Chameli begin following me. As I offer another biscuit to each this begin a game of offering to both. It become a offering of gratitude to both the Sacred Mother that nurtures us, and the Faithful Dog that offers us Father-like Protection, and the Unconditional Love that the balance of the two as One give us.
Just then, a motorcycle approaches. Upon this motorcycle is a man and boy. They stop next to us and the boy gets off, making loud noises toward Chameli to scare her off. I acknowledge them with a Namaste, and the boy approaches the Cow. I understand this is their Cow, and they are wanting her to return home so they can milk her very engorged teets. The man bows with a Yes and the boy walks over to the Cow smacking her across the face. The Cow closes her eyes in a wince and turns her head. The voice in me hollers out, “No, No….what is that for? Why do you smack her?” The man says some words to the boy and moves the motorcycle over by him, and passes the Cow toward the direction they need to travel. The boy looks at me, and then get on the motorcycle. The man then offers mooing noises to the Cow, and the Cow begins to follow them. As they go around the bend in the road, the boy keeps turning to look at me, in wonder.
I continue to set up the feeding mandala for the Dogs, calling Chameli back in, and contemplating the teaching lesson that we all just received through these Animals.
If one smacks the Sacred Cow, and scares off the Father Protector, they will run off or bite you. However, if you treat them kindly, with sacredness they will follow you anywhere, care for you, offering all they have.
We have a choice in what we teach our children. We have a choice in how we treat the Sacred Beings of our Creator. If we are kind, gentle, and offer in a sacred loving way, they will come and respond in this same way. If we are aggressive or scary, they get aggressive back or run away.
We are responsible to teach and more importantly demonstrate to our Children these Truths. Especially if we want them to live in a better world that we all keep “talking” about wanting.
What we put out to the world is what the world gives back to us. In this world, maybe some of us Adults need to learn and live them ourselves, the children will follow and the world will be a much better place for all Animals.
Myshell Howler, Outreach RScP, OAC

13 Nov 2014/Wasp and Butterfly

My husband, Ron, has been ill almost all of his stay in India. What they say about India, “It cannot give you what you do not already have inside you.” Also, “If there is anything inside you that you have not dealt with, it will come forward and, here in India, it will be intensified.
So, here we are, in Lucknow, India. My husband has gone back to the United States once already, where he got healthy, after contracting an illness he did not know he had till he got there. He just knew he could not take India any longer, and needed to go.
Upon his return, two months later, he immediately received a reoccurrence of the MRSA upon stepping into the Animal Ashram I had been volunteering at for several months. We leave, knowing that his health is more important, and that my work there is done.
Then, after just recovering from the MRSA, he contracts another illness. This time it is with a mosquito-borne illness, I had previously written about. (See Mosquito) Then, yet again, he contracts an illness now from the waters and food through poor hygiene. Amobeosis is the name. Once we touch base with what the Spiritual Cause is at that time, he gets better. He feels great for a day or two, then something irritates or angers him, it takes no time at all till his fever comes back and he is ill again, stomach cramps and all.
So, one can imagine, being his wife, and the Spiritual Leader of our non-profit organization, I can easily dip into the guilt of feeling “responsible” for his being here, “responsible” for his getting ill. Even when he tells me, “I’ve come willingly, and this is part of my journey.” At the same time, I feel the guilt emotions of, “Drop what you are doing, and go back to the States with him, you are his wife.”
So, with all this having been shared, we now go back to the Wasp and the Butterfly. The day before this latest strike of my husband’s illness, we were having a conversation about going to Varanasi. This is a trip we have been attempting to make for many months. for me, it is about fulfilling a promise to come back. As we are talking, a very large Wasp comes flying in the room. Ron begins to panic, and I calmly state……it will fly in, and fly right back out, please do not disturb it. The Wasp does exactly that, It flys by us, goes to the window, circles around and flys right back out the door. The Wasp is a symbol of independent feminine energy. and staying in determined focus on the task at hand. Er go right back to our task at hand, discussing about our trip, and our mission of carrying out the vision.
The very next day, Ron is back in the bed. I, however, instead of getting disappointed and reacting to the lower vibrations, stay positive in knowing his health and wholeness. I begin writing for prayer support from several prayer partners. As I leave the room, determined to stay positive, I step out of the room to see a beautiful orange Butterfly resting at the doorstep. Orange being the color or of Joy, and the Sacral Chakra; and the Butterfly begin a symbol of Transformative Flight, I know that I have come to a beautiful place in our journey here. I ask the Butterfly if I can take Its picture. Then, just after taking the picture, I hear the Butterfly share with me that I have received Its message, and It takes off to fly to the garden.
The more I stay in a positive uplighting feeling of Joy, keeping the vibrations in this higher state, the more quickly the illness will pass. Within several hours, my husband is back to feeling much better, and all the anger from before has completely dissipated.
So, instead of feeding the illness and giving it power, with our anger, disappointment, and worry, we have begun transforming it, and giving it Wings of Joy, sending it back to the garden to bring us fertile growth, beauty, and balance with our determination stay focused on the message it bring us.
MyShell Howler, RScP, OAC

6 Nov/Dachshund Distemper

This is a belated story; however, one I feel the pulsating desire to share. This Dachshund was brought to an Animal Ashram I was volunteering at in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. It was surrendered by an owner with illness called Distemper. This disease unfortunately is very prevalent here. Many of those affected do not survive; however, this particular Ashram has a very good success rate. They give very good compassionate care, check on the Animals very frequently, giving not only what is necessary for the physical body, in all ways, they also give what is necessary for the emotional body. They are very much at service to the Animals, and the Love radiates from them all.
I have even noticed, how when they catch the Dogs for Spay/Neutering, they offer a prayer and mark their third eyes with a blessing. This means they are even connecting with the Spiritual body. They are very tender, caring, compassionate Souls………and this plays out in the Animals they receive there, as well. There are very few that are attracted here that ever get aggressive.
That includes this one, even while it was receiving treatment.
As an Animal Chaplain, going in to pray and offer healing sessions to the Animals, I noticed this particular one healed very, very quickly, just as all of them do here. Distemper is a neurological disease that quickly effects the nervous system. So what does this mean about the Human Consciousness it is mirroring? And why does this particular Animal Ashram have such a high success rate in treating?
For me, it means they are very well balanced in their understanding of their own emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies. They do not allow the beliefs of the world to effect their nerves, and create disease in their neurological thinking, that in turn, can effect their brain to function their bodies.
In being fully balanced themselves, they have the capabilities to correct any imbalance quickly and give what is properly needed right away, not only to themselves, but those around them.
This means, when we are centered and balanced within ourselves, in all of our needs, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, we have the ability to see and hear our Divine for what is needed to help those around us without getting caught up in the Dis-ease process and provide the care needed for our fellow Animals, be it human or non-human.
I challenge every Animal Ashram to provide this type of training care to their staff, so that all the Animals win, and the suffering is eradicated in such a timely and humane way. In this way, we truly can, and will end suffering.
MyShell Howler, RScP, OAC

2 Nov/Hanuman Monkey

Hanuman, the great, powerful, protective Spirit. This Spirit is known as a bachelor, not “normal” for a woman to do; however, in my Soul, it has been coming to me to do. This “Monkey-God” has been coming to me for quite awhile, so I have embraced it. It came to me the first time I came to India as I was mesmerized by a Tribal Brass ornament, I purchased it and gifted it to a friend back in the States. The second time I came to India, I visit a Hanuman Temple. Then the Third time, I am befriended by a real Monkey who begins seeing me as his “mother”. It teaches me so much, as I am teaching and nurturing him, while doing volunteer work at an Animal Ashram.
It is time to release this Monkey, names “Spock” at a Wildlife Sanctuary, which upon our arrival, we find a Hanuman Temple. We do a ceremony for his release into the wild. This Hanuman is now in my heart forever.
As time goes on, I find myself wanting to learn this Hanuman Chant, I am gifted a Hanuman token by a “Brother”. Then the realization that I am getting ready to do a journey through India, performing Blessing ceremonies at Animals Ashrams, and children’s school is brought before me, and I must do it alone. My husband cannot come with me. So, I begin looking up this Chant, I realize the little stuffed animal I have been carrying with me since the USA, is a Monkey, and I have placed it on my Altar. I begin chanting to it, asking for protection for this journey, for the voice it carries to be mine.
Then, as if by Magic, Hanuman answers. The Brother who gifted me the Hanuman token, agrees to be my escort for the journey, he exemplifies the Hanuman Spirit, he is always been there with the right and perfect answers, a devout bachelor, and is eager to take the journey.
All the pieces fall into place, all the signs have been there. Thank you Hanuman, for you have known all along.
As I ponder how I am going to carry this man on the motorcycle with me, Hanuman reveals before me, another man who is willing to put me through the training that I am going to need.
Prayers are always answered, if we know and affirm our Good, listen and trust all the steps that are laid out before us.
It may seem odd to use Animal Energy as if it is a God; however, It is the Energy of the Spirit that we are really connecting with. It is our Own Energy, our Own God within us we are really listening to, that is guiding us on our Good and Right path. So I give my gratitude to this Divine Energy, My God, as this Hanuman for being with me, as me, in all the ways it shows Itself to me, for its journey, as me.
So, If an Animal comes to you, follow it, for the journey it takes you on, is once in a lifetime!
MyShell Howler, RScP, OAC

30 Oct/Mosquito Messenger

In this wondrous world of Oneness, there seems to be One Creature that gives of Itself in a way like no other, that seems to a major pest. In the world of looking at all of Life as the gift, the Mosquito is no exception. This little flying Animal feeds so much of Life, food for so many like the Bat, the Swallow, the Hummingbird, the Flycatcher, the Nighthawk, the Frog, and the list can go on. At the same time, it seems to be the irritation that literally will take our Life Force, our Blood, and even make us ill. It is very symbolic of how we allow the irritations of other Humans and situations eat on us, and even make us ill.
As I was talking with a fellow Human that is staying at the very same Homestay I am. He shares almost every morning how the Mosquitos in his room keep him up all night feeding on him. He has several Mosquito repellent canisters going in his room, keeps the fan running all night to “blow them away”, However, he is still being pestered by them. As I converse with him, you can hear how the very irritation of the Dogs barking, the behaviors of the people irritate him, even though he tries to share, “It is just how it is.”
Now, my husband and I have only one canister going in our room with a fan as well. When I get a bite, I immediately take a conscious look at what it is I am allowing to irritate me. I come to an understanding within myself, what is truly bothering me. In doing this, I are using the Mosquito as a Messenger. In this way, the Mosquito becomes a tool for me to use for my greater growth. It allows me to be grateful for the Messenger.
If the Mosquito carries a dis-ease with It, it the not the messenger that is at fault. It is actually the avoidance of being irritated, and the fear behind the cause of the irritation that causes dis-ease. The more we resist our own irritations, the greater the ailment the messenger will bring until we realize we are the cause. However, the Human Consciousness considers irritations and disease a bad thing, so we continue to try to avoid them.
If we become like the Swallow that uses the irritations as fuel for their growth, giving them flight to be a Higher Vibration, a Higher Consciousness, then we transcend them and come to a Greater Peace. We do this by using the irritations, and the ailments to see the underlying belief of our judgments on good, bad, or otherwise.
My husband recently, was so irritated by his belief of filth, getting sick, and his judgments of his surroundings that he is now experiencing Malaria, contracted by the irritating Mosquito. Instead of condemning the Mosquito and the illness, he looked inside of himself to see how he created this dis-ease in himself. He became responsible instead of “pointing the finger” and being a victim. In doing this, he saw how he has been resisting what has been irritating him and allowing it to infect his blood, his very Life Force. As he transcended this, the illness has naturally healed Itself. This included the very resistance and irritation of needing help from his fellow companions.
We can see them as a diseased irritant that must be avoided. Let’s face it, who wants to be irritated? Which, like in this case, has actually caused even more dis-ease. Or we can see the Mosquito is actually a messenger of all that the Human Animal considers irritations, accept it as that which feeds the beauty of all Nature around us, and use them as Fuel for our growth.
As I mentioned this to our fellow houseguest, he states, “I will go into a mental furry if I looked at all of that!”; and unfortunately, that is how much of the Human Race has seen it for decades, hence the growth of Mosquito-borne illnesses.
So, the next time a Mosquito is flying around you and wants to irritate you, “Don’t kill the Messenger”, instead thank the Messenger and look inside of yourself at what you are judging and allowing to irritate you. As each one of us does this, the Mosquito will naturally begin to transcend Itself, and we will no longer be affected. Our Higher Consciousness is the Natural Repellant.
MyShell Howler, RScP, OAC

28 Nov 2014/Animal Healing

As I came to terms with my need to defend my Truth, my need to feel as if I must protect my Truth, and take a “Hard Stance”, I found it was coming from a place of Angry at how the Animals were being treated. Then, I found I swung to the opposite side of the pendulum. I found It being mirrored to me by this shy, scared, yet “hungry to please” sweet Soul.
There is a Dog, Chameli, who is like a perfect Angel on this street in Lucknow. She is tough, sweet, loving, and yet stands in her Power. She is like the Queen Bee. This is the Truth of the Divine, and she mirrors it so well. This Dog resides on the Homestay street. A month ago, I had brought my “Daemon” out of the Ashram where I was living at. He is very much like Chameli; however, he loves being a more of a house-like Dog. I felt ready to begin integrating him back on the street. The mirror that was received in doing this, was that he does not want to live on the streets, he wants to live with me, he trusts me and is very connected to my me. In trying to defend him, it was causing a lot of anxiety and anger, it was “disturbing the Peace”. This was mirrored by Chameli attracting a very snarly Dog and her becoming passive to his aggressive tendencies. She decided to keep her distance from the Homestay, and even pretend she did not know any of us. As hard as I tried, as sweet as Cawa is, the anger continued to grow, and the harder I defended his right to stay, my need to bring him out. The tension and anger grew. As I came to terms, that this is not the right path, that attempting to defeat in Anger is only creating more anger, and the the Truth of the Animals will come out as I surrender to the Natural Process of Love, I surrendered Cawa back to the Ashram. I realized this is not the place and the way to bring my ‘Power” out.
The angry Dog that was shadowing Chameli went into hiding, and a new Dog appeared. This Dog is shy, scared, and sees Chameli as a mentor. I noticed how my Angry side went into hiding. In doing this, I became timid, I allowed myself to become shy in my Truth. As I began feeding Chameli, and making up to her, a shy Dog began coming around, seeing Chameli as the “mentor”, and as I fed her, the shy one decides to come up to me, and begins wanting to play. The confidence began growing, as I have become stronger in speaking my Truth in a much more Loving way.
This in turn, has also brought the aggressive Dog back, however, Chameli has put him in his place! He is no longer dominate, and the three of them are now living in harmony.
Cawa……now balanced in me, is navigating his way to where his street, his path will be to come out in the world to share his message.
Seeing my mirror through these Animals that play out our energies, was a hard truth for me to swallow……for it is easy to say, “I am not angry”……..”I have a right to defend what I believe to be true”. However, the Animals cannot lie, the energy must play out. In reality, the Truth needs no defense, and in trying to do so, with the energy of anger……it only creates more suffering, war, and resistance. When we realize and come to terms with our anger, it naturally subsides so the real message can come through, in the Spirit of Love and Peace.
MyShell Howler, RScP, OAC