28 Nov 2014/Animal Healing

As I came to terms with my need to defend my Truth, my need to feel as if I must protect my Truth, and take a “Hard Stance”, I found it was coming from a place of Angry at how the Animals were being treated. Then, I found I swung to the opposite side of the pendulum. I found It being mirrored to me by this shy, scared, yet “hungry to please” sweet Soul.
There is a Dog, Chameli, who is like a perfect Angel on this street in Lucknow. She is tough, sweet, loving, and yet stands in her Power. She is like the Queen Bee. This is the Truth of the Divine, and she mirrors it so well. This Dog resides on the Homestay street. A month ago, I had brought my “Daemon” out of the Ashram where I was living at. He is very much like Chameli; however, he loves being a more of a house-like Dog. I felt ready to begin integrating him back on the street. The mirror that was received in doing this, was that he does not want to live on the streets, he wants to live with me, he trusts me and is very connected to my me. In trying to defend him, it was causing a lot of anxiety and anger, it was “disturbing the Peace”. This was mirrored by Chameli attracting a very snarly Dog and her becoming passive to his aggressive tendencies. She decided to keep her distance from the Homestay, and even pretend she did not know any of us. As hard as I tried, as sweet as Cawa is, the anger continued to grow, and the harder I defended his right to stay, my need to bring him out. The tension and anger grew. As I came to terms, that this is not the right path, that attempting to defeat in Anger is only creating more anger, and the the Truth of the Animals will come out as I surrender to the Natural Process of Love, I surrendered Cawa back to the Ashram. I realized this is not the place and the way to bring my ‘Power” out.
The angry Dog that was shadowing Chameli went into hiding, and a new Dog appeared. This Dog is shy, scared, and sees Chameli as a mentor. I noticed how my Angry side went into hiding. In doing this, I became timid, I allowed myself to become shy in my Truth. As I began feeding Chameli, and making up to her, a shy Dog began coming around, seeing Chameli as the “mentor”, and as I fed her, the shy one decides to come up to me, and begins wanting to play. The confidence began growing, as I have become stronger in speaking my Truth in a much more Loving way.
This in turn, has also brought the aggressive Dog back, however, Chameli has put him in his place! He is no longer dominate, and the three of them are now living in harmony.
Cawa……now balanced in me, is navigating his way to where his street, his path will be to come out in the world to share his message.
Seeing my mirror through these Animals that play out our energies, was a hard truth for me to swallow……for it is easy to say, “I am not angry”……..”I have a right to defend what I believe to be true”. However, the Animals cannot lie, the energy must play out. In reality, the Truth needs no defense, and in trying to do so, with the energy of anger……it only creates more suffering, war, and resistance. When we realize and come to terms with our anger, it naturally subsides so the real message can come through, in the Spirit of Love and Peace.
MyShell Howler, RScP, OAC

27 Oct 2014/Animal Healing

Today, I go to a home, an endearing home, where a little Human Animal is infatuated with looking into my eyes as I hum for her. She is getting her bandage changed for her 2 and 3rd degree burn. She is a very blessed little girl that carries the energy of a Swan. I actually gifted her a little golden one……I felt the need to pick it up from my altar before I even met her.
The family was lighting fireworks, the night of the Firework Diwali. Now, I have never met her before; however, the man I have been working in Reiki Healing, Spiritual MInd Treatment, Kundalini Meditations and getting ready to attune him to Karuna Reiki has. He was actually at the home when it happened.
This is the consciousness my husband and I felt when we were on the roof of our Homestay. We had just gotten up to the roof and stepped out. The daughter of the Homestay MadamJi yells, “look out!”, just as her friends begin to light a firework.
We hop back and move to the other end of the roof.
As we do, a flashing thought comes through my mind about a little girl, a dress, a fire, and our good friend. Immediately, I dismiss the thought to my Divine and ask for all Animals to be safe.
Later, my husband shares, he had a vision of a girl’s dress going up in flames.
The next day, at breakfast, this friend comes to table and says, “I got to go, my friend’s little girl’s dress went up in flames , I have to go change her dressing.” The absolute beauty that night is, he was the Calm in the storm, all the training he had been doing, paid off in a flash…….literally.
As the family is in panic, and the little girl goes into shock, his Reiki, and healing treatments went into full gear.
He asks me to come to help with the treatments; however, he has already done an incredible job. Just after 40 hours, there is no evidence of third degree burns. Then, today, there is no evidence of second degree burn.
The even greater beauty, is the girl is playing, resting comfortably, soaking up the energy, understanding without words, and the family is now open to embracing Spiritual Energy work beyond Western Medicine.
This little Human Animal was guided, and protected (It really could/should have been a lot worse) and is being the Swan Soul to heal the entire family.
Sometimes, what appears to be a bad situation, is actually a Golden Opportunity designed in the Mind Of God to bring about a Healing which ripples out to demonstrate the Power of God in so many ways, for many years to come. Just imagine, the Magic this family has witnessed, through her, and what she will do with this in the years to come!!
MyShell Howler, RScP, OAC

22 Oct/Fruit Bat and Ebola

The Bat, maneuvers through the darkness without sight. The Fruit Bat, or Megabat is the largest of all Bats. It feeds on the Fruit of Life. The Natural Sweetness. Metaphysically speaking, is about transformation, using the Sweetness of Life that It ingests to fuel Itself.
Many of the illnesses that have come through the human race have been localized, or special in their transmission, targeting certain groups, or transmitted in special ways, for special reasons. Many of the disasters that have happened, are also local, though they affect all of us, in some way, they are still very local.
This particular disease, has the potential to reach us all worldwide very quickly. Crossing borders of all countries, all classes of people. This makes Ebola having the potential to be a worldwide phenomenon. The potential to create a worldwide response.
The fact that a Fruit Bat, affected a child first, the innocence of Life, and created a worldwide response makes It a very special Life Transforming call to our Oneness with all of Life. The Animals have always been a pure example of how Consciousness effects us all. The Animals have always been the message givers if we but listen to them.
The Bat, demonstrates how going through the Darkness of the Night, when One uses their Inner Hearing for the way of Truth, one can navigate into the Rising Sunrise.
The Darkness of this Illness will pull all of our resources as a World Consciousness together to remind us that loving and caring for each other, no matter the country, no matter the race, is the Sweetness of Life, the Love, we need with each other, to survive as One Planet, as One Loving, Compassionate Consciousness. This is very auspicious in a time of the Golden Age, a time of a Oneness Global Consciousness. May we all, not as separate ourselves in isolation as races, or countries, come together in our Oneness and demonstrate the Purity of our Hearts and use the Fruit in our Hearts to be Earthlings of Love in this World.
Rev MyShell Howler, RScP, OAC

20 Oct 2014

Ron and I have been contemplating and listening for what our next adventure will be. What is our next mission as AHOWAN? We feel our mission with Jeev Aashraya has come to completion. We feel we are in a reorganization process, a holding pattern. Clearing up the last details. And shedding off some old Energy, like a Snake would. There are many ways we can go at this point, and we are awaiting for the flowing direction of Spirit. We have set our intentions to be of service, how ever this may look.
As we walk along the street in Hazratgang, I notice a Crow on the street. The Crow is deceased, and I know what a rarity this is. I immediately cross the pedestrian traffic to go pick it up, honor It move It out of the way to the side under a bush. As I do, I notice It’s eyes are completely white, and begin feeling how the Crow was blind. I feel how It begins sharing with me, I have been blind to the magic of what is happening in my life, right here, right now.
In my Heart, I know how Magic works in my life, but I am blinded in seeing it right now, numb to feeling it, with all the perceived death that I have been allowing my eyes to see. The end of working at the Animal Ashram, the end of being welcomed back over Christmas with my family, the end of the way we have always done ceremony, basically, the end of what life has been to this point.
However, because I am not seeing the magic of what is about to take place, the expansion of going beyond comfortable borders, the Faith of flying on, even though I cannot see. In this moment, the Crow became my messenger, my gift to wake up to what I am doing to myself.
As I laid the Crow gently under the bush, I have a surge of energy come through me to feel what could happen if I do not, I can hit a wall in my sorrow, so I give a prayer of gratitude for the vision, and begin feeling the magical possibilities of what truly lies ahead of me. The gift of magic to fly to new places, to share an expanded message, and become the Magical Presence that can give New Life. I may not see it in the here and now, but the Faith of feeling the heart of the Crow to fly anyway, knowing the Magic it possesses to be the Messenger, is all I truly need. Thank you Crow, for showing me, once again. Let us Fly together, with the Sight of Spirit in our Hearts, and give whatever Message is needed for those we come in contact, wherever that may lead.
MyShell Howler, RScP, OAC

Tryin out this blog sight posting

I am new at this blogging sight and blogging in general; many have asked me to start a blogging sight so that can keep track of my travels. I have ridden my motorcycle through all 50 states in 52 weeks gifting ceremonial workshops that is centered around our Oneness with all the Animals and Nature. This launched off my ministry of AHOWAN.
My partner, Ron Landau is a HUGE intregal part of the ministry as a wonderful support!
We travelled to India and have been back on the road across the United States again. We are currently in Ohio and going to be travel down the East Coast again!!
So let’s see how this works and I will continue to share more as I go.