We are the Animals

We all love Animals, many of us want to help the Animals; however, we want to instill Laws and demand good treatment.

However, as Abraham stated,  “Laws are to make one feel better about what the other person is doing”…….it does not bring about true and lasting change.

What really happens is an unconscious feeding of anger and hostility, by those who feel their “rights” have been stepped on.

For real change, it must come from inside one’s own Heart, when we begin to FEEL that what is happening to the other Animals.

Basically, What is happening with the Animals is really what is happening within our OWN Consciousness……our OWN minds.  Even plainer, “If we see it, we got it.”

I teach and demonstrate how what we think, feel, and most of all, BELIEVE is what is mirrored to us throughout the Animal Kingdom…….including all the Human Animals. 

My own experience of transforming my Canine Bed and Breakfast and Animal Rescue through learning and putting into action Spiritual Principles is the foundation of AHOWAN and APITHAN.

The numerous Animals around me literally saved my Life, by demonstrating what I REALLY believed…..non-human Animals cannot lie or hide anything… Their lives transformed, as I changed my thinking. I changed my beliefs from the Human Competitive Mind to the Creative Peaceful Truth.

As I traveled the 50 states on my Harley Road King during the first and second Peregrination, this further demonstrated throughout the USA in every Ceremonial Workshop, in every Campground, Gas Station, in every State. I could not stop there, Spirit sent me to India. 

So after a second Peregrination, these Truths completely transformed a several thousand Animal Rescue or “Animal Ashram”  in less than 6 months in Lucknow, India while volunteering as the Animal Chaplain and Ashram Consultant. I provided consulting work on a 24/7 basis. I have witnessed it over and over again. Does not matter the age, race, species, country, religion……

The Spiritual Principles of  Life, or Divine Laws is the only true way to create lasting change and has been demonstrated over and over throughout Ahowan’s peregrinations across the USA, Canada, Costa Rica, India, Singapore, and Sri Lanka.

These Spiritual principles are applied and utilized throughout the Human experience by many highly respected Wisdom teachers; however, APITHAN chooses to challenge ALL Animal Lovers to put these Laws into action with ALL Species and in their work.

APITHAN chooses to show, worldwide, how when we open and accept within our Hearts the energy, behavior, and characteristics of the Animals before us…..HONESTLY, WITH FULL INTEGRITY…..Peace can and will reign.  A level of respect, gratitude, and love brings harmony into the relationship.

It is through Conscious Awareness of these Spiritual Laws being applied in a positive, uplifting way that we can all live in Peace or Peacefully Encompass All Creations Energies.

It becomes hard to deny our Oneness with any Animal when we awaken to the realization what they are mirroring to us……It IS coming from our own minds, our own beliefs.

What is really awesome……is WE HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE THE MIRROR!! Just imagine how this changes the LIVES of ALL the Animals in a LOVING and PEACEFUL way.

As each one of us awakens to our Oneness, we automatically begin healing the Animals, in a lasting permanent way that propels us into the Golden Age…… “WE ARE THE ANIMALS” LIFTING THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE WORLD…………Each One of US!! 

Indigenous Wisdom in the Modern World brings Peaceful Oneness for All

Rev MyShell Howler of http://www.ahowan.org

The Bear and the Self-Mirror

Several years back, my partner and I are staying at a house in Colorado. We are being hosted by a lovely couple in a huge “mansion” type house several miles back a gravel lane in the mountainous woods.
The wife is a soft, loving, artist, on the verge of being successful; however, must keep nursing to support them. The husband had quit his job, and is making attempts to be a motivational speaker.
We begin discussing what Ahowan teaches in our Ceremonial Workshops. How basically how ALL Animals mirror to us what we think, feel, believe, and vibrate at, whether we are conscious of it or not.
The man begins sharing with us how he had gone hunting in Alaska with a friend of his. He said witnessed a Bear swatting Its Cub ferociously, drawing blood, and that Bears are not good Mothers, they are vicious, aggressive, and very bossy. The Bear Cub had just wandered off a ways from the Mother, and was giving an unnecessary scolding, in his opinion. He asked, “What does that say about me?”

Before answering, his wife spoke up, sharing how she believes they are very caring, loving, and not at all threatening. She proceeds to tell us her story of walking in the woods, without a gun, (stopping to apologize to her husband for not listening to him) and came upon two Cubs. The one Cub climbed up a Tree, while the other ran towards Its Mother. As the Mother came approaching, she slowly back up a distance from the Tree. The Mother called out. The Cub climbed down and ran towards Its Mother.

She stated she never felt threaten, that it felt very peaceful and caring. She was glad she did not have the gun because it may have been a different experience with that energy. She showed us her brass statue of the Bear and Cubs that she was inspired to create from the experience, the very intention of why she went into the woods.

After her husband scolded her, for going into the woods without the gun, my partner and I spoke three simple words, “There you go.”

The discussion came to halt, and was not mentioned again the entire week, unless the husband was not around.

Does that make either of them bad or good? NO, it just means that is how Spirit is role-playing through them at this time. And if we see something that we do not like, when we awaken to it, we can change it.

Nature mirrors to us, exactly what we need to see about ourselves. That is how the Laws of the Universe work……..That is how the Animals are “Man’s Best Friend.” They cannot lie, put on false faces, they are simply Pure.

They do what they do because that is how much the Animals love us and want to Awaken to our True Self.

So, the question goes to you, “What do you think of Bear?”

MyShell ICrow

Our Independant Unconditional Cat-Side

As I do “Closing Ceremony” for the day, contemplating on the Integrity of Ahowan’s mission…….here is an example of what our Mission is…….”to end and prevent the cruelty to Animals”…..how?….by showing it begins inside of ourselves.

see Justice for Nicholas
Each one of us is responsible. Responsible to not hate the perpetrators, but to send him/her Love, a prayer for the Awakening of their Heart, to open and release the immense pain and suffering they must be feeling in order to carry out an act like this…….if we close our hearts to them, and send hatred, we actually feed the suffering and allow for more to be done and created.

I know this suffering, I have been there, actually causing harm to the very Animals that I loved……..and it was two very special angelic women who opened their hearts to me, said prayers for me, took my hand and led me to places (a Drumming Ceremony and Spiritual Center) that began awakening my Heart. This is where all the other Animals then took over, teaching me.

As I began healing, the Animals around me began healing……there is much more to this story; however, my question to you is……if you were suffering and in so much pain….that you were harming others……would you want someone to hate you, turn their back on you, want to kill you, or would you want someone to awaken your heart, and help you see the errors of your ways, and teach you to Love again?

To awaken and free the criminal……is to awaken and free the criminal inside of us.

The criminal will have their own karma to work through with their own divine….that is God’s job…. Not ours.

This is not saying that we have to like the act, that it is either right or wrong; however, the suffering is Universal…… And if we are seeing it, then it is in us.

This is the GIFT the Cat has given Its Life for! This can be the Gift we can help nurture. The Cat being metaphysical for Independant Unconditional Love, and in this case, not being noticed, and then brutally injured and set on fire…..well, this is directly symbolic, by Spiritual Principle, of what is happening within this perpetrator……..So, how many of us, if you really go inside and take a deep look, have not noticed our own Independant Unconditionally Loving side, beat up on it when we did, and then tried to burn it away. We have not literally demonstrated it; however, being a thought in the One Mind, through someone who is severely suffering; it has played out..

This Angel, the Cat, is an Amazing Messenger for him and for us……and deserves to be honored by hearing the deeper message.

So, for myself, I sign this petition in the Spirit of Love and Gratitude, sending prayers of healing for the perpetrator, and Divine Honor for the Cat Messenger; who has taken me, deeper inside of myself, to heal the Independent Unconditionally Loving Self, I believed was unseen, that I “beat up” on because I thought nobody loved me, and I tried to burn away.

So, in Truth……..There is Only One Life, That Life is God’s Life, That Life is Independently Loving, totally Unconditional, and though it seems to hide behind all Eyes, It is seen through these very Eyes, seeing and knowing all it has Created. Therefore, I know the Truth of us all is Unconditional Love, and for that I am grateful.

MyShell #ICrow