What the Animals Taught Me This Week

Sunday, I am grateful for Cockroach having babies! A perfectly clean home in a tropical environment…..and out in the open. For me, this was a fascinating process to awaken to in the early morning as I get ready to do my morning spiritual practices…. Cockroach is about survival, in all environments. It is using resources, determination, and learning to get through and love our ‘dark, dirty self’ for a better understanding and handling of our spiritual selves with our ‘Napoleon.’

I feel the synchronicity, trust and beauty of this exotic Cockroach Mother having Her babies, sharing with me that my resilience is multiplying into the appropriate areas by allowing my resources and the determination I have for the Animals, the Animal Child Ashram, sharing the message of our Oneness with all Animals to direct my focus, no matter what challenge I face……and it is Great Spirit or Love, which gifts all that we get to experience, including ourselves and this moment with Cockroach Mother.

Monday I am grateful for Lizard literally ‘dropping from the sky’ as I finish my prayers for ‘What I am to ‘do’ next, since the recordings are complete and I am to begin editing…….As I listen, I hear….”Drop that for now, and shift gears to keep your ‘head up’ as you travel.” As I turn on my computer, that listening pops up on the screen! I must begin a process of shifting my documents/work to a ‘free’ and compatible format to use in the future! In other words….publisher, word are expiring and how can I work this, and with others……. and like magic the steps are revealed, fully taken care of through the afternoon….detach and rejuvenate….and I got a week or so to practice before going mobile again. Thank you Lizard for ‘dropping by’!!

Tuesday I am grateful for a long and full day of rain. Nature’s way of saying….take rest….get out for a drive, take a gander by the River, rejuvenate…..feel the cleanse, a renewed flow. The module and document/app work complete for now, the flow begins swooshing to logistics and gear.

Wednesday I am grateful for the Dogs,  for the story of Napoleon getting clearer and clearer, as it continues to write. I am grateful for the continuous reminder of the threes….a thriving, joyous Trinity, whether through Dog, Flower, Hawk, Vulture or otherwise……..and taking deep contemplation on how I allow the integrity of mine to balance, and how it has evolved….none of it bad, not of it good, it just is. I am grateful how every step has been absolutely necessary. I am grateful for “As above, so below…so below, as above.”

Thursday it is all about ‘Napoleon,’ my Animal companion (Dog). You see, I was told it would be best to leave him, to return him to the shelter even. A donation would be offered, and my travels would go so much easier. I heard it, and thought….okay, let’s see, I know I must give Him up to go to India; however, my ‘gut’ or Heart knows He will be gifted organically on the road over the next few months.

SO, I witness myself going through all those self-judgments of surrendering an Animal, all those judgments of ‘others and what they say,’ and I feel how, in doing that, I have turned my power over to those judgments. I was a master in that in the past, and even in knowing this truth, I sometimes have caught myself stewing in it for days. Today, I felt it, all those feelings, sat with them, and this time it became different. I felt those thoughts, those words, those feelings were mine completely…….both inward and outward…..as ‘others’ or as mine projected, it felt the same either way….as the rescuer and the rescued.

Interestingly enough, the ‘judgement’ part that came in halting the rescue, was when the one rescue group who did contact me back about Napoleon, asked about ‘heartworm preventative.’  And this whole thing began, on many levels, because I believed a suggestion given to me in the first place; instead of sticking to what my Heart ‘knew.’ His ‘rescue’ or new home, will happen organically on the next part of this Peregrination (Journey).

Friday it is the Butterfly……..

and the Butterfly even shows up in Trinity after I listen to getting the gear waterproofed, bugproofed, and configured for the motorcycle travel……..and to allow myself with being light and free by accepting the offer to leave the India gear behind till I am ready to actually depart in November……

Saturday the Ducks lure me in to caring for myself and my Heart-calling as I learn to navigate finding National/Federal campsites……..and, staying with where I am in the ‘now’…..I treat one of my Hosts to a ‘Thank you’ culinary experience…..and we take it to venture along a park’s lake.

First there is one baby chick with a dozen or so adult Ducks…..and the Turtles are noticeably awaiting for the young one to return to the water…..”It takes a village to raise a Child!” That is one thought, eh?

Then on the other side, of the lake….. there is two adults with about 3 dozen Chicks!! There are no Turtles over here either…… Hmmmm, it is like an orphanage, daycare, or school eh?

As the walk continues, there is a Duck couple with a group of Chicks……..another hmmmmm…..What we would call ‘normal,’ eh?

As I observe, there is one Chick who is ‘separate’ or not following the others and looks noticeably smaller, like a runt. This runt suddenly takes off paddling, passes the other Chicks and the Adult…….all the other Chicks and, even the two Adults begin following……. this Chick leads them to a new grazing sight……..Hmmmmm, shall we follow the Children?

Continuing to finish circling the lake, the last Duck is pure white, has a unique crown and a single chick……

There are many different ways; however, there is one pure Spirit who created them all, 

Rev Ahowan ICrow