“We have known ICrow for many years — first as a Practitioner, then as an Animal Chaplain student and ordained graduate — then as an instructor in her own right. Our School is overseen by the Positive Living Center in California and under that umbrella operates the ENTC — which is a “church without walls.” This is absolutely perfect for those of us who typically do not inhabit a pulpit for our work. The planet is our pulpit ( :

ICrow has accumulated a body of work so spectacular and significant — and has executed it so broadly………..The word “Humane” is the perfect one — as it is that tiny “e” at its end that makes a “human” >>> “humanE” — and that E has great significance as we feel that it stands for Empathy — something of which ICrow has an unending supply.
Let us share our observations with you, if we may. ICrow’s life work, to date, more than qualifies her………………..She is a Peace Pioneer, for all species…she can see into the heart of a situation and determine the precise course of action needed to resolve it — heart to heart — and intuitively. She is tireless — unrelenting — thorough — inspiring — uncompromising. She is, in a word, extraordinary…….. inspiring students with her accomplishments.”

  • Drs Revs Kris and Craig Haley, Emerson Theological Institue


ICrow came to Jeev Aashraya, as a consultant. Her massive experience of about twenty years of working with the animals in the field of animal rescue and animal welfare, has been extremely helpful in organizing the animal hospital and taking it forward towards making it a world class working unit.
She not only helped in organising the hospital in a better manner but also taught us better handling of the animals. ICrow also did regular blessing ceremonies for the animals to maintain a positive flow of energy, thereby helping them cope better with their suffering.
It has always been great to witness the way the animals respond to her. The way she handles the animals reflects the immense experience she has had.
ICrow is an amazing human being. Working with her was an experience, great enough in itself to help me throughout my life, both personally and professionally.
Thank you for being with us.

  • Shakti Suri
    Jeev Aashraya Hospital Manager (2014)