The Golden Sanctuary

Where Ravens becomes Eagles and the Gold you find is you…


A Healing Sanctuary where the only rules are…

Ahimsa, Golden Rule, SDG’s, ‘Original Ways,’ Be your Gift 

It has been living in the hearts for a long time; however, it has been found, prayed over and claimed by a Sisterhood during a two-month Ceremony. It will continue to establish, grow, and be lead in this same organic, sacred way by a community.

This Sanctuary’s intentions include adhering to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s),  the Golden Rule with all Living Beings in every decision, and to live and demonstrate the ‘Original Ways in our Modern World.’

All are welcome to contribute, be and do what brings that passion into their daily lives and contributes to the whole of the community. We are all volunteers here…

The Golden Sanctuary is where the wisdom and compassion of the Grandmothers, Grandfathers and the Heart of all who are lead here can be supported, heard and shared with each other in a sacred way for us all to benefit and uplift the

Highest Good of all Living Beings.

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AHOWAN Sanctuary is a 501c3 … your donations are tax deductible.
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