The Golden Sanctuary

Where Ravens become Eagles and the Gold you find is you…



A Healing Sanctuary where the only rules are…

Ahimsa, Golden Rule, SDG’s, ‘Original Ways,’ Drug/Alcohol-free (medicinal marijuana with a medical card is okay)

Be & Share your Gift 

It’s an Animal Sanctuary (human and non!) that has been living in the heart of the nonprofit for a long time. A place where Animals (human and non) can live, play, learn, grow and heal together in service for the greater good of all in a non-denominational way.

The property has been found and secured!

The Golden Sanctuary’s intentions include adhering to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) established by the UN, the Golden Rule with all Living Beings including Mother Earth in every decision, the native sweetgrass path of kindness and do no harm (Ahimsa), and to live demonstrating the ‘Original Ways in our Modern World,’ all in a drug/alcohol-free environment.

The Golden Sanctuary’s Programs

  1. A specialized Animal Rescue for training PTSD Veteran Service Animals for our local Veterans free of charge. (We will be pulling Animals from our local Animal Shelter only)
  2. A Women w/o children Shelter Program
  3. A specialized Houseless, Veteran & Animal Companion Shelter Program
  4. Organic Gardening, Solar Power, Plant-based meals, Work-rehabilitation Program, Drug/Alcohol rehabilitation Program
  5. A Retreat, Fun-shop & Ceremonial Gathering Place

Thank you in advance for your donation & support.

Everyone led here is welcome to do what brings passion into their daily lives which also contributes to the whole of the community. We are all volunteers here, including our participants and residents. There will be volunteer requirements to reside and daily offerings to participate in.


  1. Land secured & Blessing Ceremony *completed*
  2. Medicine Wheel, Reiki Grid, and Fire Ring planted *completed*
  3. Water, Septic System, and Leechbed in place
  4. Land cleared for Project Manager’s residence
  5. Fenced pasture and stable for Mini Horses
  6. Land cleared for K-9 compound
  7. Kennels built and land fenced in
  8. Community Center installed
  9. Agility and training area built
  10. Doggie Manager’s residence cleared and established
  11. First K-9’s brought in
  12. Guard Shack and security cameras installed
  13. Tiny houses to be built and established
  14. Opening to first residents
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AHOWAN Sanctuary is a 501c3 … your donations are tax deductible.
 EIN: 27-3448199