The Golden Sanctuary

Where Ravens become Eagles and the Gold you find is you…


A Healing Sanctuary where the only rules are…

Ahimsa, Golden Rule, SDG’s, ‘Original Ways,’ Drug/Alcohol free (medicinal marijuana is okay) Be & share your Gift 

An Animal Ashram (Sanctuary) has been living in the heart of the nonprofit for a long time. A place where Animals (human and non) can live, play, learn, grow and heal together in service with others for the greater good of all. The property has been found, prayed over and claimed by a Grandmother Sisterhood over a two-month long Ceremony. The Golden Sanctuary is to be established, grow, and lead in the same organic, sacred way.

The Golden Sanctuary’s intentions include adhering to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) established by the UN,  the Golden Rule with all Living Beings including Mother Earth in every decision, the sweetgrass path of kindness (Ahimsa), and to live demonstrating the ‘Original Ways in our Modern World,’ all in a drug/alcohol free environment.

All who are lead here are welcome to be and do what brings that passion into their daily lives to contribute to the whole of the community. We are all volunteers here and that includes our participants/residents. There will be some volunteer requirements or voluntary offerings to reside/participate.

We actually have 2 possible locations! AND till Jan 2023 to secure either one which is in full alignment with the intention.

  1. 10 acres with water, 2 septics, three liveable structures with fencing, and we are ready to begin as soon as we raise the monies to secure the property. The spiritual leader, Ahowan ICrow is currently residing on this property. This property already has potential to bring income.
  2. 5 acres of vacant land ready to develop once monies are raised and an approved engineer drawing/blueprint is made for state/county approval.

For either property we need to $40,000 to get started.

Golden Sanctuary Service Programs

  1. A specialized Animal Rescue & PTSD/Veteran Service Animals
  2. A Women w/children and animal companion-friendly Shelter Program
  3. A Houseless’ and Veteran Animal Companion Shelter Program
  4. Organic Gardening, Solar Power, Plant-based meals, Work-rehabilitation Program, Drug/Alcohol rehabilitation Program
  5. A Spiritual Retreat, Funshops and Gathering Place

The Golden Sanctuary is where the wisdom and compassion of all the Hearts who are lead here can be supported, heard and rejuvenate in a sacred way for us all to benefit and uplift the Highest Good of all Living Beings. We are non-denominational realizing all paths lead to God.

Thank you in advance for your donation & support.

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AHOWAN Sanctuary is a 501c3 … your donations are tax deductible.
 EIN: 27-3448199